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Start, Interlagos, 2014Keep up-to-date with future F1 races, test sessions and other events using the F1 Fanatic calendar for Google Calendars.

You can also add the calendar to your own website (click the Google button on the calendar for more) and you can use it in Microsoft Outlook as well.

Get the F1 Fanatic Calendar in your preferred format:

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201 comments on F1 Fanatic Calendar

  1. thank you for the calendar like – love that i can keep so up to date!

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Scott said on 10th April 2012, 19:58

    I’m not seeing a qualy session for China. But other than that awesome calendar.

  4. Brilliant, just what i needed and integrated perfectly with my own Google calendar. Hopefully by the end of the season there will be a big space for adding “Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes” World Champions :-)

  5. Estesark (@estesark) said on 15th April 2012, 9:45

    For some reason Google displayed an old version of this calendar for me, which has the Chinese race starting at 09:00 instead of 08:00. I know it’s not a daylight savings issue because the qualifying time was correct. Incredibly annoying, as I set my alarm for 08:50 only to find out I’d already missed nearly an hour of it :( Now I’m going to have to avoid seeing the results until it’s available on the iPlayer later.

    Deleting and re-adding the calendar seems to have fixed it. I just hope it doesn’t happen again!

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 15th April 2012, 9:49

      I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what could have happened there. I check the calendar on several devices and all are showing the correct time. I will have a look into it.

  6. Frans (@frans) said on 22nd April 2012, 5:48

    Keith, is the Bahrain race starts at 12pm or 1pm? I saw in autosport that the Bahrain race starts 1 hour later (at the next day of course) compared to qualifying. I’m counting on F1 Fanatic Calendar (integrated into my Google Calendar of course) for all my F1 scheduling needs.

  7. Svyatoslav said on 3rd May 2012, 14:00

    For some reason Google Calendar is displaying schedule an hour later than it’s actually is.
    For example, Spain’s race starts 13:00 GMT+0, but in calendar it is 14:00 GMT+0

    • thecorium said on 10th May 2012, 16:23

      I think that’s because of the calendar’s default timezone being without DST – “(GMT+00:00) GMT (no daylight saving)”.

      • goofy (@goofy) said on 28th June 2012, 10:16

        i think @thecorium is right

        Could you please change the default timezone of your Google calendar to “UK GMT+00:00, London” so Google will convert the times correctly for people living in other timezones. ATM Google adds an extra hour when your living in a timezone with daylight saving.

        • SoLiDG (@solidg) said on 5th July 2012, 0:23

          @keithcollantine indeed there seems to be a problem with the timings.
          It’s an hour late probably because as mentioned above because of the daylight saving.
          Other than that love the calandre, been using it for a long time!


  8. P King said on 11th May 2012, 8:01

    I found this calendar from the article

    my question is, where is the direct link to the google-calendar? I just cannot see one from the home-page.

    • thecorium said on 11th May 2012, 12:34

      You can click on the button(+GoogleCalendar) in the bottom right corner of the embedded calendar.

  9. Simon G said on 5th July 2012, 18:40


    could you sort the times for the British GP, all are wrong except FP1, thanks.

  10. calin said on 7th July 2012, 18:34

    the time is not ok on the calendar, it has an 1h offset.
    please solve it, otherwise is misguiding and almost useles, I lost a race start because I was using it

  11. F1antics (@f1antics) said on 26th November 2012, 11:53

    Thank you for the 2012 calendar. Can the 2013 one be added to our own google calendars yet, or am I too keen for the next season to start? :)

  12. Paul Cronin (@scouserpc) said on 15th December 2012, 10:11

    I recently bought a new tablet with the Google Calendar and have just added the F1 Fanatic Calendar. Fantastic …. Many thanks, any idea when the 2013 will be added?
    Great F1 site too.

  13. Russell Gould (@russellgould) said on 2nd January 2013, 16:34

    Thanks to Keith for making sure we never miss a session.

    Happy New Year to all!

  14. Ben (@dirtyscarab) said on 3rd January 2013, 16:45

    Cheers Keith. Was just about to add race and testing dates to my own Google calendar but you’ve saved me the trouble. Top man :)

  15. F1antics (@f1antics) said on 3rd January 2013, 17:06


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