Start, Interlagos, 2014

F1 Fanatic Calendar

The 2016 F1 race dates have been added to the F1 Fanatic Calendar. Add it to your mobile device to see all the grands prix at a glance.

Start, Interlagos, 2014Keep up-to-date with future F1 races, test sessions and other events using the F1 Fanatic calendar for Google Calendars.

You can also add the calendar to your own website (click the Google button on the calendar for more) and you can use it in Microsoft Outlook as well.

Get the F1 Fanatic Calendar in your preferred format:

Get calendars for other racing series:

208 comments on “F1 Fanatic Calendar”

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  1. Perfect!

    Much love for this site – come to it 2x a day

    Great Calendar

    Thanks Keith!

  2. How about the in-season testing?

  3. The ‘F1 Fanatic Calendar – iCal format for Microsoft Outlook’ for 2015 appears to be empty, anyone else? :(

  4. Thanks guy! nice work

  5. How about a FE calendar? :)

  6. Keith, I know you must be itching for the new season to start but you have both winter tests down a month too early!

  7. Great work again Keith, only issue is Monza is not showing on my calendars, all other events are fine.

  8. How do I subscribe on OS X’s Calendar?

  9. Thanks for the F1 calendar, I’ve added it to the browser version in my Google account. However, when I do it from my Android phone I get a warning that this is a desktop version and will not work on mobile Google Calendar.

    Any ideas on how to make it work on a phone?

    1. Not sure why you’re getting that – I also use it on an Android phone with no problems at all.

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