Reporting a technical problem

Have you experienced a technical problem on F1 Fanatic?

Here’s how to report the problem and supply the information we need to address it:

  • Check if your problem is already on the list of known problems. If so, there is no need to report it
  • Describe the problem you experienced in as much detail as possible
  • Describe which browser you used (e.g. Internet Explorer) and which version
  • Describe whether the problem happened only once or on multiple occasions
  • Describe whether the problem happened on a particular page or throughout the site
  • If you are able to take a screengrab showing the problem, please do so
  • After emailling if you notice a change in the problem, please send a follow-up email explaining what changed.

Send your description of the problem via the contact form only. Please do not post comments on the site describing the problem:

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