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2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

52 comments on 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix discussion

  1. sato113 said on 9th December 2009, 14:56

    Malaysia tends to have the cheapest race tickets around.

  2. Jay Menon said on 10th December 2009, 1:30

    Yeah…it isn’t too bad.

    The best seat on the track is on the KI stand, which is facing the first corner. It cost 700 Ringgit which is roughly 200 USD/150 GBP.

    Good compared to Silverstone, where you have to more than a 100 Pounds just to sit on the grass!!!

  3. j fitch said on 10th December 2009, 3:52

    I am going to a Grand Prix for the first time (Malaysia 2010). Does any one have any tips regarding the Malaysian Grand Prix or just attending a Grand Prix in general.

    • Jay Menon said on 10th December 2009, 5:16

      There a few things you should watch out for.

      Depending on your budget, as I’ve already mentioned, K1 stand has the best seat in the house.

      Don’t buy the merchandise at the race, they are ridiculously over priced, better off buying them from Singapore.

      If you’re sitting on the hill…bring an umbrella.

      • Hi, I’m going to the Malaysian Grand Prix too, you mentioned the K1 stand, looks a great view – worth spending a bit extra for it. I was about to but my ticket but wondered what row do i want to be on, ie… row 1 or 10??? (I think it A,B,C) any advice would be appreciated

      • Journeyer said on 25th January 2010, 7:23

        I went to Singapore 2008 and Malaysia 2009. The merch was cheaper in Malaysia than Singapore. I guess it depends what kind of products you’re looking for.

        And bring an umbrella and raincoat – even if you’re in the covered stands. The covered stands leak now (and you’ll need the raincoat for that). And you’ll need the umbrella to get to the bus or cab that will bring you home…

  4. I attended Malaysian GP three times already and it every time was better. The first time I bought cheap tickets (100 RM/20 EUR) and sat on the grass throughout the race. You don’t want to do that to yourself cause you may expect a very hot race day. If you get a cheap tickets outside grand stands make sure you bring an umbrella, lots of water and earplugs. Too much noise and hot temepratures may cause headaches. Another thing is that Sepang circuit is strangely shaped and the track itself is very long so you don’t get to see more than 20% of the track no matter where you stand. Other than that, Malaysian GP will fill you with immense joy and fun. Hope to be there this year.

  5. roberttty said on 8th January 2010, 13:32

    Hi, I’m going to Sepang in 2010 and have bought the tickets at RM102 each.

    However, the ticketing agent is quoting me RM200 per pax per day for a return trip from KL to Sepang. Does anyone know if the taxi companies charge cheaper?


    • @roberttty

      I went to Sepang in 2008 and got from KL to the circuit by bus, it was cheap (something like RM8 per journey).

      You can get the bus outside the KL Sentral train station. The bus’s had A/C and took about an hour.

      If you try and catch a taxi while you are there then expect to pay upwards of RM60 per journey.

      Have a good time, I really enjoyed it and wish I was going again!

    • Journeyer said on 25th January 2010, 7:29

      In a word: no. Taxis are likely to ask for a contracted flat-rate price, rather than using the meter.

      You’re much better off doing the SkyBus package, which they had last year and will probably have this year too. Details here:


  6. Hi….my first time at Malaysia this year too..

    Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get from the track to the airport after the race?

    @robertty – did you find out any more info on taxis??!


  7. roberttty said on 20th January 2010, 5:30

    @CW – apparently the airport is quite near to the circuit, less than 20 mins drive away for sure.

    I will be going to Sentral Station to grab a bus to the circuit, as suggested by jb.

  8. Rachel said on 20th January 2010, 14:38


    the airport is indeed less than 20 mins away but do expect to be caught in a massive traffic jam on raceday. the last time i took a bus to the LCCT it took me about an hour and a half, and it usually just takes 10 minutes.

    Also, you can take buses from 1 Utama in Bandar Utama and PuduRaya as well if i’m not wrong. they usually advertise the bus services on the newspapers about a week from raceday. But again, there will be a massive jam so i suggest you leave early? like around 10 – 11 am to make it in time for the driver’s parade.

    • Journeyer said on 25th January 2010, 7:32

      Leaving early is important, I agree. There are a lot of transfers (in our case, we took 2 trains, then another 2 buses before we got to the circuit entrance itself), and that will add to the travel time.

      The race starts at 4 PM this year, so the driver parade should be an hour before that. If you’re coming from KL, I suggest you have an early lunch, then leave at around 11-1130.

  9. Journeyer said on 25th January 2010, 7:33

    One last tip: last year, Friday admission was free, so you could sit anywhere regardless of your ticket. Take full advantage of it. ;)

  10. Petronas rules said on 4th February 2010, 18:59

    Hey guys, It’s my first time of attending this kinda things, but I’m very fond of F1 races ang good fan of it. I’m wondering where can i get those cheap ticet cos I wanted to from Sepang site but there are only tickets of premium class, the cheapest was 500rm. and the second thing:Is there any offers for dtuddents on ticket prices, I would be very appreciated if get any information.

    • @Petronas rules, u can go http://www.malaysiangp.com.my/eticket/f1/index-hs.html for the ticket prices information. actually, the cheapest is the hillstand non-covered ticket cost RM 100 per person(but please bear in mind the hot weather). I’m waiting the student ticket also but so far, the student ticket price haven’t out yet, should be release soon maybe in march? u just on and off checking the website for the student price

      • @ying
        for students price tickets, (as of last year) there’ll be two types 1; hillstand RM50 2: citrine (the other side of main gstand) RM100
        go check at nearest sic office even though they havent uploaded any info about that yet ‘cos student tix r limited n they sell out fast

        • @meow @Petronas rules
          yeah, i bought student ticket last year too. i checked with them yesterday. The student tickets (>12 years old) is out now, this year there will be 2 type – Citrine RM 150 & Topaz RM 250. i think i’m going to buy the topaz area.

          • do we need to show our student ID when entering?
            or we just need to show it when we buy the ticket?

  11. MercedesGPPetronasFan said on 9th February 2010, 0:43

    Transport: You should consider the ERL, SIC (Sepang International Circuit)has package for this and they have arranged coaches from KLIA to SIC. Fast and convenient and reasonably prices. Dontnthink they have the skybus this year. Check with SIC.
    Merchandise: Malaysia is cheapest and as its the 3rd race you get the merchandise in early April, why wait for September and pay in Sing$
    Go to all 3 days and enjoy the practise, qualifying and support races, value for money.
    2010 promises to be a great year for F1 with Michael Schumacher, the new teams, no refuelling, no double diffuser, new points system. See you in Sepang!

    • roberttty said on 19th February 2010, 15:18


      can you suggest a budget hotel for me and my family to stay for 1 night after the race, ie 4 Apr 2010?

      My flight to Singapore is 0830hrs on 5 apr 2010.

      Looks like Tune Hotel LCCT is the cheapest at around RM200/night.



  12. Samad said on 22nd February 2010, 9:41

    HI all.
    I am from South Africa,first time out to Malaysia,and hoping a for a good race.
    Anyone looking for a companion please let me know as i dont have any frineds in Malaysia.Looking fro friends to go with to the race if possible,please.
    will be staying in KL for the week.
    I was told the F Granstand is about the best beacause you see 60% of the race,any comments.

    • Call me at +60195766649 shamismailtom and i am providing cab services perffered cab by Petrona grand prix malaysia 2010 and let me know what you need all will be manage by our company.www.awanalimocab.com

  13. Guillaume said on 23rd February 2010, 2:30

    Hi all,
    I’m french and I’ll go to the Malaysian GP 2010.
    I’ll come from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. I think the best way to go from Kuala Lumpur to the Airport is the express train (ERL) but when should I buy a ticket ? Is it better to book now or to buy a ticket when I’m in Kuala Lumpur ?
    And how to go from Airport to Sepang Circuit ? Taxi ?
    Last question : Somebody know what time is the GP ?
    Thank you !!

  14. Hi Guillaume,

    you can buy ticket when in KL, no problem, sepang circuit has never been sold out.
    You can take a cab from the KLIA airport to Sepang; it is about 20km away and it shouldn’t cost more than 10 Euros. As for the race time it should be at 3PM local time, but you better check the official f1 website,


    Ed, Bosnia

  15. @yuan u need to show the student ID to purchase the ticket, according the sales officer 1 student ID for 1 F1 student ticket. And u need to bring the student ID upon enter the circuit, in case they might check. Enjoy~

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