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2010 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. Nearest MRT staion will be City Hall

    • Journeyer said on 8th September 2010, 8:05

      …if it’s not congested to death, of course. You can also get to the track via the Esplanade and Promenade MRT stations (do note that they are on the yellow Circle Line, whereas City Hall is on the red North-South line).

      There should also be minibuses bringing ticketholders to other public areas in the city.

      • roberttty said on 8th September 2010, 9:21

        Looks like Journeyer has already done his homework :)

        Yes, the trains (or MRT as we locals call it) will be slightly congested during race day but it will be not be as congested as those seen in Japan, China or India.

        I took the train last year and it was OK.

  2. hey robertty..uve nt replied to my query..

  3. Typhoon said on 9th September 2010, 9:45

    The only mini bus will be from Gate 1 to Lavender MRT for those that want to use the Green East West MRT line. The Nicol Highway MRT station is next to Gate 1 (for Zone 1) is on the short circle line. There is alot of entertainment lined up after the ontrack activities finish which will attract a lot of the crowd so there will be no big rush for the exits.
    the shopping mall of Raffles City (City Hall MRT), City Link Mall (the underground connector mall), Marina Sq Shopping Centre (Esplande and Promenade MRT stations) and SunTec City Mall are all connected and airconditioned. These are to places to head for shelter from the weather and much cheaper food and drink than onsite. Entry and re-rentry to the circuit is permitted and these malls are right by the various gates. This is also the a good way to get from 1 end of the sircuit to the other as there is an underground walk way from City Link Mall all the way to the Esplande Theatres (for Bay/waterfront Grandstands and cheaper hawker street food at Glutton Bay).
    I an going to be staying in the Pan Pacific (booked in January when prices were less than half what they afre charging now) and going to be in Turn 2 (Was in Pit the fist year and Stamford last year), and it will be just as quick to walk than it would be to take the MRT 1 stop.
    This year Zone 1 tickets holders get unlimited free rides on the Singapore Flyer – largest Observation Wheel in the world! I have been to the last 2 Singapore GPs and used to live in Singapore for 15yrs – so if you have any last minute questions feel free to ask.

  4. Hi Typhoon
    we are also staying at Pan Pacific and thankfully booked our rooms is December :)
    Any idea about the best way to get from airport to hotel?
    i think Raffles Boulevard will be part of the track!! Will taxis be able to get us there?

    • Typhoon said on 14th September 2010, 10:01

      Taxi is the best way about 25-30min with the diversions.Yes there is no problems with taxi to the PanPacific through out the weekend as the taxi’s will use the service road at the back from SunTecC City to the Hotel entrance which is just just next to the tack barriers. On this part of the track they use advertising/tapaulin to cover the fences so people dont get a free view!

  5. listensea said on 19th September 2010, 9:44

    I am in Singapore and have a pair of Bay Grandstand tix which I need to sell as I cant attend it. Anyone who is keen, please e-mail me ur best price to listensea@yahoo.com.

    Willing to consider daily passes.

  6. adaptalis said on 20th September 2010, 16:48

    See you guys there! I’m going as a track marshall at Turn16. :)

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 20th September 2010, 16:52

      Fantastic! Make sure you tell us all about it. Good job you’re not one corner further on, that’s a bit of an accident blackspot – for Renaults anyway…

      • adaptalis said on 20th September 2010, 17:00

        Sure! Hoping to do my job and recover some cars come the weekend. Will try to share some bits from a marshall perspective. Cheers!

    • If you can, please keep an eye on Massa at the turn 16.

      There rumors saying that Briatore visited Ferrari last week. We never know…


      • adaptalis said on 20th September 2010, 17:04

        Not a ferrari fan, but i sure hope it isn’t Massa that i have to recover. But he (and Alguersuari) will be pleased that there’s no more refueling this time round. :p

      • I think that he doesn’t need him…. Alonso will win anyway! ;)

    • roberttty said on 20th September 2010, 17:05

      Lets hope you dont have to rush out and retrieve some debris like that bloke last year!

      Balls of steel!

    • That’s great Adaptails! Try take some pics if ur job permits you to :) We’ll look out for you on tv

  7. steven82 said on 20th September 2010, 17:28

    Hi, does anyone know where to meet the driver outside the track? Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella were at Ion Orchard last year. Thx

  8. Hi, been to British GP last few years and tying Singapore GP on to our holiday tis year. We get there at 5pm on Thursday then have tickets for the full weekend then we fly to Thailand on the Monday.
    What do people recommend doing in the short spare (none track) time available?



    • codesurge said on 20th September 2010, 20:19

      If you’re into clubs and partying, definitely check out the Clarke Quay area and the numerous F1-related events held over the race weekend.

      If you’re into cheap electronics/computer hardware/software, you can visit Funan Mall or Sim Lim Square. The latter isn’t as tourist-friendly though – you need to do your research and be willing to drive a hard bargain to get your money’s worth.

      Then there’s Orchard Road for general shopping. Not sure if it’ll get really packed during the race weekend, especially with all the visitors in town. Worth a look if you’re into that.

  9. Oh… We are staying at the Fort Canning lodge if anyone else is :)

  10. Hi,

    I will be attending the 2010 Singapore Grand Prix. This is my third year attending the F1 event here, in 2008 I was seated at Bay Grandstand, and at Turn 1 Grandstand for 2009. This year I will be at Turn 2 Grandstand, with a view of the start.

    My selected entries for my photos from last year can be found at:

  11. roberttty said on 21st September 2010, 15:30


    I have just passed by the circuit near Turn 7 and have taken some pictures:


  12. Nico Rosberg is signing autographs at the Paragon shopping centre [in Orchrd road] today [ Wednesday] at 5.30 pm , if anyone is interested.

  13. i need tickets! it’s sold out! just for the concert on Sunday. anyone going and does not want to stay for the concert that starts at 10.30pm? anyone? really really really appreciate it. thanks

  14. hi guys it’s me again. I forgot to mention if anyone has tickets for SUNDAY only i would like to buy them. 2 or 3.Please sell me your tickets. *very desperate*

  15. Apparently Alonso was on Class 95FM this morning, did anyone catch the interview?

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