2010 F1 calendar

This is the official 2010 F1 calendar:

Round Dates Race Circuit
1 March 12-14th Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit
2 March 26-28th Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Melbourne
3 April 2nd-4th Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit
4 April 16-18th Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit
5 May 7-9th Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya
6 May 13-16th Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo
7 May 28-30th Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park
8 June 11-13th Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal
9 June 25-27th European Grand Prix Valencia Street Circuit
10 July 9-11th British Grand Prix Silverstone
11 July 23-25th German Grand Prix Hockenheimring
12 July 30th-August 1st Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring
13 August 27-29th Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps
14 September 10-12th Italian Grand Prix Monza
15 September 24-26th Singapore Grand Prix Singapore
16 October 8-10th Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka
17 October 22-24th Korean Grand Prix Korean International Circuit*
18 November 5-7th Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos
19 November 12-14th Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Island

*Subject to approval of new circuit

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  1. Does anyone kow of the folliwng please
    – Is the 2010 Britich GP at Donnington or Silverstone ? trying to organise a trip for the 3 day race event any ideas ? Also date
    – Date of 2010 Spanish Grand Prix, again trying to organise a trip..
    Any help would be appreciated

    1. Back the Brits
      2nd September 2009, 18:52

      Hi Sandi,

      We also are thinking of doing the same two races. Have you progressed any further?

  2. Just spent the weekend at donington at the moto gp, about 60,000 people there and it was chaos getting around, and especially out of the place! Seems a lot still to do. If they have it sorted for next year I will be very surprised…

  3. Debbie & les
    31st July 2009, 19:28

    Hi there does anyone know the dates of the |Turksih and Singapore GP? Thanks Debbie & Les.

    1. There is also this one. Im more willing to believe the link below, as it includes Montreal, and Bernie just went on record saying MTL was back in.

      But it should be said that both your link, and this link ARE PROVISIONAL.



      1. this link includes montreal aswell

  4. Errrr………Tim, I think you may find that that calendar was for the proposed breakaway series!!!!!! You can ignore that now!!

  5. Younger Hamilton
    11th August 2009, 23:58

    I heard that bernie ecclestone promised that there will be a Canadian Grand prix in 2010

  6. Moscow 2010 ?

  7. Montreal is a fantastic place for the F1 they usually put on a great show

  8. Will F1 be in Valencia for 2010 if not what year will it be?

  9. I thought Canada was in 2010, if so, will it still be at Montreal

  10. I’ve hear rumors around here (Portugal) that Autodromo Internacional do Algarve (http://www.autodromodoalgarve.com/) could hold a Formula One GP already in 2010. It was not the main target to the owners – they had the Superbikes and GP2 (in a couple of weeks it’s the last races of the season here in Portugal), but after all the positive talking by FIA, Bernie, teams and drivers, there was a news article some weeks ago mentioning that they are expecting to hold a GP right away in 2010. I know I didn’t saw anything around the net and in the calendars out by FIA, but… we never know…

  11. Formula One 2010 calendar
    Mar 14 – Bahrain (Sakhir)
    Mar 28 – Australia (Melbourne, starting at 1700 local time)
    Apr 4 – Malaysia (Sepang, starting at 1600 local time)
    Apr 18 – China (Shanghai)
    May 9 – Spain (Barcelona)
    May 23 – Monaco (Monte Carlo)
    May 30 – Turkey (Istanbul)
    Jun 13 – Canada (Montreal, provisional)
    Jun 27 – Europe (Valencia)
    Jul 11 – Great Britain (Donington Park)
    Jul 25 – Germany (Hockenheim)
    Aug 1 – Hungary (Budapest)
    Aug 29 – Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
    Sep 12 – Italy (Monza)
    Sep 26 – Singapore (starting at 2000 local time)
    Oct 3 – Japan (Suzuka)
    Oct 17 – South Korea (Yongam)
    Oct 31 – Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina, starting at 1700 local time)
    Nov 14 – Brazil (Interlagos)

  12. Korea on October 17th? What happens when the track isn’t ready? There is almost nothing, and they have only secured about half of the financing for the track and race. The economy here is flat for most, and there aren’t any major facilities to accomodate staff, crew, and fans ANYWHERE nearby the track. (I live here in Korea) I’m not buying tickets yet…

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Korean legislature pass an “F1 Act” committing the state to picking up whatever costs the promoters couldn’t cover? If they can get a move on, I think construction could conceivably proceed quite rapidly–Abu Dhabi was built in a similar timeframe, IIRC. And as far as there being no facilities, I don’t think there are many near Fuji, either; that didn’t seem to faze Bernie much.

      I live in Korea, too, and I’m not under any illusions as to the obstacles facing F1’s long-term viability here–just trying to inject some optimism! :) If we got a race for a couple of years, I’d be happy! I suppose that’s a bit selfish of me, really, haha…

  13. Great. Another private boondoggle rescued at the expense of Korean taxpayers (and all of us expats who suffer 40%+ duty on stuff we want to bring in to Korea) The airport subway is a prime example (http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/opinon/2009/05/137_44912.html)
    Abu Dhabi is an oil-rich nation flush with cash and they have a western mentality with regards to modernization and development, so building a racetrack quickly wasn’t a problem for them. “If they get a move on…” says it all. As to Fuji, facilities aren’t an issue because of the quantity, it’s the quality. Can you imagine F1 fans staying in Min-baks? (민박) I bring my own bedding when I have to stay at a min-bak.
    I too am concerned about F1’s long-term viability here. Done right, it is feasible. But if they try to do it rush-rush and cut corners, we may (probably will) have only one year of F1, and Korea will get another black eye.

    1. Yes, you’re right. I have little doubt it will be built in time, rush job or not, but it certainly would be a shame for all these resources to go towards a track that sits in disuse after a few years, and the location choice does it no favors. I suppose we shall find out in a year! I, for one, am more than willing to stay in a minbak to go. :)

      1. We are more than willing to stay in a Min bak, but what about all of the crews, F1 support staff, and fans that have $$$? Anything less than a Hyatt to them would be slumming it.
        And where are they going to eat, Kim Bap Na Ra? Again, Korea just missed it. Like having only two traffic cameras for a four lane freeway (I have seen this all over Korea).
        They came in and talked big, but had little planning or reality on their side. It makes me wonder who’s in charge of big projects like this? Do they have a clue (상식 있어?)? I wonder how much this screw-up is going to end up costing…If it’s finished, at least we’ll have another track besides the one at Lotte World – which isn’t even acceptable safety-wise for SCCA events.

        1. Haha, the thought of Alonso or Kimi in a kimbap shop makes me giggle. I suppose they’d have to eat it like the rest of us!

          In all seriousness though, I was under the impression that the teams and VIPs would stay in the Monte Carlo-style town they were going to build inside the circuit. I don’t see any buildings going up in the pictures HJ posted, but I guess there is another year…

          1. Like I said in my previous posts, all that construction in side the track will be privately funded. NO ONE is going to build that many buildings in that area for two reasons: 1. It’s not a commercially viable location and 2. There is no demand for commercial space. This track is going to be like the International school in Songdo-built to accomodate 2,100 students, but to-date I only know of 26 or 27 applicants. Oops!

  14. Oops indeed! I guess we’ll have to pin our hopes on the drivers enjoying kimbap and kimchi! I hear Flav’s not busy these days–maybe we could rope him into opening a restaurant for everyone there in return for lifting his ban! :)

  15. why is south korea on the calendar it seems that they don’t have a track. in my opinion Finland should have a grand prix. i mean the Fins do know how to drive unlike the koreans.

    1. I can attest to the driving part-I live in Korea. They supposedly will have a track by the race time next year, but if you look at the picture links I posted WAY above, you can see there hasn’t been much done. they only have about 50% of the funding approved, and the location is in the middle of nowhere at the southernmost part of Korea. Without traffic, it takes 5 hours to drive there from Seoul. With traffic? You don’t want to know. The 15 freeway is horrendous at times, and when you get near the track area, there are only highways. I wonder what idiot picked this location. Anyways, the English version of the official Korean F1 webpage STILL doesn’t work, and everything on it seems to be from 2007 at the latest…
      I wonder what Bernie will do come July when this thing still isn’t close to being finished.

  16. I have today 9th Oct. received email from Automobile Club of Monaco advising that the 2010 race has been changed to 13-16th May,but even the official F1 website still shows original dates . Any other information or confirmation please,don’t want to re-arrange flights or hotels – expensive enough already !

  17. I received the same email today from the automobile club of Monaco. I’m gutted because I booked my hotel and flights!! I read that Ecclestone had said back in September that the only change to the provisional calendar would be where the British GP is, and whether or not Canada would be included. Apparently the Monaco GP has been moved forward a week because the teams were concerned of the logistics of having the Turkish GP just a week after. If anyone fancies a weekend in Nice a week after the Monaco GP, let me know!!! Lol!

  18. what happen to 2010 indian f 1 ?

  19. Has the change for monaco been set in stone yet ? My
    Misses booked last week to go for my 30th then they decied to pull this stunt.

    Not ammused tbh.

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