2010 F1 calendar

This is the official 2010 F1 calendar:

Round Dates Race Circuit
1 March 12-14th Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit
2 March 26-28th Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Melbourne
3 April 2nd-4th Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit
4 April 16-18th Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit
5 May 7-9th Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya
6 May 13-16th Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo
7 May 28-30th Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park
8 June 11-13th Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal
9 June 25-27th European Grand Prix Valencia Street Circuit
10 July 9-11th British Grand Prix Silverstone
11 July 23-25th German Grand Prix Hockenheimring
12 July 30th-August 1st Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring
13 August 27-29th Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps
14 September 10-12th Italian Grand Prix Monza
15 September 24-26th Singapore Grand Prix Singapore
16 October 8-10th Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka
17 October 22-24th Korean Grand Prix Korean International Circuit*
18 November 5-7th Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos
19 November 12-14th Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Island

*Subject to approval of new circuit

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  1. Apparently the new date is set in stone according to the automobile club de monaco, although there has been no confirmation from the FIA as of yet. Apparently the inclusion of the Canadian GP on the 13th meant that the Turkish GP had to be held on the 30th May to give the teams enough time for the flyaway to Montreal. Then the teams expressed concerns that Turkey was too soon after Monaco and hence it has been moved forward. My guess is that behind the scenes the FIA have finally come to a contract agreement with the promoters of the Montreal and so have had to arrange the calendar around that. Perhaps if Montreal doesn’t happen then Turkey and Monaco would move back a week, but the fact that they have already changed the date suggests to me that an agreement had been reached. Try ringing your hotel to explain. I originally had a non-cancellable hotel booking in Nice that could not be modified. When I called, they knew all about the change of the Monaco GP and so offerred to move my booking at no extra cost!! I just hope Bernie doesn’t change his mind again now!!

  2. Its not the hotel we are concerned about atm, according
    To the t&c of our flights they can’t be changed.

  3. Mmmmm, if I were you scud, I would send the airline company an email or phone them explaining the situation. Lay it on a bit, say that you have been impressed with their service in the past and that you wouldn’t want your impression to change because of this!! They are within their rights to refuse, but if you give it a go I think you might be lucky. You are letting them know 8 months in advance afterall!! Let me know how you get on, I have got to make the call to my airline too!! All this effort!!! Could have been so easily avoided if the FIA had got it sorted the first time round!

  4. How has the offical F1 site not changed their calendar ?

    1. Until the FIA WCouncil will have the offical meeting on 21 or 23 octb.

  5. Overall a very good calendar

    Why Barhrain first? & Brazil Last AGAIN!!!!!

    Great that we have a korenn grand prix

    I Am inded a big f1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Now Im Scared
      19th October 2009, 13:00

      Don’t hold your breath on the Korean Grand Prix. I haven’t seen any progress yet…

  6. john d brownlie
    31st October 2009, 13:37

    does anyone know dates and location for f1 testing in 2010

    1. Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona
      25-28 february

  7. lewis hamilton to be the world champion in 2010 and button 2nd is gonna be sick season next year.

    also i thought indian grand prix will be held in 2010

  8. Brian LeVoguer
    5th November 2009, 1:54

    Does anyone know if Canada is confirmed? Thanks

    1. Yes canada confirmed :D

  9. DO we hav any chance having F1 race in INDIA in coming future seasons???

    8th November 2009, 16:50

    GOOD DAY F1 FANATICS! as a certified f1 marshall,( ABU DHABI GP) with the help of the BRMC guys., my chief flag marshall, KEVIN PUTMAN, incident marshalls, JAMES YOUNG,TONY BANKS,JOHN GAYTON, RICK VAUX & TIM GENTLE., this guys thought me the the DO’S & DONT’S in marshalling. a deserved applause for you guys! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!

      5th January 2010, 15:38

      thanks kieth, yes i’ll be very happy to answer your questions regarding Abu Dhabi GP. sorry for the long overdue reply, just busy with my regular work ( salesman., cheetos, doritos,Lay’s )MORE POWER & GOD BLESS.

  11. Hi, looking to go to the Barcelona GP 2010, does anyone know the best place to buy tickets? Seems to be lots of websites offering them but unsure which are genuine..


    1. Andy, I’ve been to 8 grand prix’s and always get my tickets from http://www.Bookf1.com. Never a problem and ticket prices are the cheapest I can find on the net. If you don’t want to pay big money for Grandstand tickets, then Bacelona is a great circuit to go to – general admission tickets allow great viewing and easy movement around the circuit. Been to Barcelona twice and bought general admin tickets both times. Enjoy!!

      1. Thanks.. ending up getting them on formula1.com. Got general admission, can’t wait for the race.. come on Jenson!!

  12. british gp? where are they holding it 2010???

  13. Hi!
    I’m heading to Montreal for the 2010 race.
    What are the best seats if you are a tight budget?
    What are the best seats if have good amount to spend?
    Where is the best place to go after the race? After party etc.?
    Thanks and I’m sooooooooooooooo excited that F1 is back. How could they not be back? Canadians are super sweet!
    Peace n luv
    Miss B

  14. It says the korean track is on pace to run in 2010. The layout looks odd. I hope theres gonna be passing at it. Most of these modern tracks don’t provide a lot of that like the old ones :I .

    1. Now Im Scared
      7th January 2010, 15:14

      Where does it say that? I live in Korea, and haven’t seen anything anywhere, either in English or in Korean!

      1. Now Im Scared
        7th January 2010, 15:19

        Here’s an automatic google translation of a post on the Korean F1 website dated December 17, 2009:

        ‘F1 Grand Prix of Korea’ is 10 Next Year 22, its spectacular curtain rises at Chonnam Yeongam International Automobile Federation (FIA) under the World Motor Sport Council (World Motor Sport Council: WMSC) the last 11 (Fri) evening (local time), Monaco In the General Assembly to open the 2010 F1 championship schedule, announced the (Table 1) according to the World Motor Sport Council announced, 2010 F1 Grand Prix of Korea announced last September, compared to the provisional schedule next week, said the setback October 22 (Fri.) from the Sun, the 24th driving to the practice, qualifying, followed by the final three days will be held in Chonnam Yeongam. Korea F1 Suzuka Japan F1 race competition before the tournament, opening with 10.1 to 10.8 this week, while South Korea neutchwoji F1 race will also automatically sunyeondoen week. The F1 race in Japan is sunyeondoen week, toured the world and the deadly nature of F1 championship match digest enough to need the rest, even though the competition from Singapore, one week before the free period of only a couple of players and teams do not have the strength of heavy losses of the F1 teams accepted opinion boils down to is known in addition to the traditional season finale last September and released a provisional schedule for the final round in Brazil sasuhae jikyeotdeon pride for the first time this year after participating in F1 Abu Darby to the season opener by passing the place (Bahrain) until after the finale for himself to be part of the Middle East, oil, dollar strength will once again have occasion to determine. The World Motor Sport Council confirmed in the next F1 race calendar, Jeollanam-introduction of competition to prepare the next year was able to further accelerate. Construction of the current F1 racecourse in 65% of the entire process yireumyeo, F1 Act enacted last September, and 1,980 billion won a year’s minjayuchi, F1 racing circuit in the building and enter the open road to take a government sponsored support such competitions in the National Assembly is ready to pass before because geupmulsaleul ride. Jeollanam-ready F1 championship yunjinbo captain planning the “next F1 Grand Prix calendar confirmed doeme been held on whether the controversy has been off at the be, ticket sales, sponsorships and aggressive marketing efforts to attract the acceleration was able to pay,” he says, ” F1 racecourse construction early next year in June to pick up the checkers and the FIA says the scheduled competition held in October in the first issue without a hitch so I’m ready. “he said. Meanwhile, the coming 15 days, Jeollanam-do 10:00, National Assembly Hall in the 3rd International Forum of Korea held F1 and 12:00 on the same day, the Lexington Hotel in Seoul 110 people in all circles to join “F1 Competition Organizing Committee,” officially launched Preparation and he said with a full-fledged competition.

        Sorry about the bad English, I just don’t have time to correct all of the mis-translations.

  15. thought the GP race was totally boring this season. What posest them to try to kill off our entertainment of this sport. I hope it gos back to the way it was yours
    Mr S.J.Stevens

  16. Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol. thanks for a great blog!

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