2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix discussion

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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Island.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  1. Having shot myself in the foot in the past and taken my husband previously to Monaco for his Christmas present, I am now having to think about casting my net wider for his 50th birthday present.

    As he has expressed a wish that at some point we go to Yas, it appears I have drawn an even shorter straw than waiting to take him to Monaco until now!

    Can anyone give me any tips on how easy it is to get to the circuit from Abu Dhabi, or even Dubai? Does anyone know if there are shuttle buses to transport fans from Dubia to Abu Dhabi if we opted to stay in Dubai? Or if there is transport from Abu Dhabi to Yas on the 3 days F1 are in town. Also, if we buy a 3 day ticket, does this allow us access to the concerts/Ferrari World etc or is that extra?

    Also, whilst the circuit appears to have been designed in such a way that fans can see a large percentage of the track, has anyone any recommendations as to the best grandstand to sit in?

    1. It’s probably 90 minutes plus for the trip from Dubai. I don’t know if there are any shuttle buses doing the trip. One thing that is sure, is that there are probably 100’s of shuttle buses to take you from the car parks to and from the circuit.
      Ferrari World is only accessible by buying a separate ticket. But your race ticket will get you into the evening concerts. But be warned. Don’t take your camera to the circuit and then expect to take it into the concerts.You will not be allowed.
      West Grandstand is very good. You see the cars down the main straight, through the left right and away towards the harbour, then they reappear after coming under the hotel and go down the pit straight.

    2. I have just read your note on F1fanatic.co.uk and can help you out on a couple of the points.
      I have been to Dubai and travelled to Abu Dhabi only once but if you hire a car for about Β£50 for the 3 days you cant go wrong. Petrol is about 30p per ltr. YAs Island is sign posted very well on the main road from Dubai.

      I have planned my first trip for my wife’s Birthday to this Grand Prix and plan on hiring a car and driving from Dubai.

      I hope this has been on help.


  2. Tom, Dick & Harry
    7th April 2011, 10:56

    My Dad and I are looking at attending our first GP this and Abu Dhabi is one of our strong possibilities.
    Tickets aren’t on sale at present, but I was wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark figure of what they cost last year?
    Also, being that the track is situated in a marina complex, my assumption is that general admission standing tickets don’t exist for this race and that one is restricted to viewing the action from the grandstand seats rather than being able to stand at random areas in the way one could at Silverstone or Spa for instance.
    Could anyone tell me if these assumptions are correct?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  3. Nick In Dubai
    7th April 2011, 11:20

    Hi Tom,

    From memory the earlybird tickets last year were about 1,200-1,300 Dhs (about 200-220 GBP)

    I think they then went up to 30% more after the end of July

    All the grandstand seats were that price regardless of location (hospitality seats are more)

    And you are correct, there are no gerneral admission viewing areas, you have to buy a seat (although the grandstands do have viewing terraces at each end if you want to get out of your seat)

  4. Hi,

    I went to the 2009 Abu Dhabi GP.

    – There are shuttle buses from the centre of Abu Dhabi, from the water front (corniche) close to the Abu Dhabi Hilton.

    – Any of the grand stands are easily accessible, for the F1 I viewed the race from the south grandstand, for the OZ V8 Supercars I viewed it from the West Grandstand. Both had excellent viewing of the track, however I would choose the South Grandstand over the West…

    – From Dubai by car – 60mins, From Abu Dhabi by car – 25mins. The road (motorway) from Abu Dhabi is about 6 lanes with hardly any traffic on it, even for the GP it was still light traffic compared to the UK.

    – I purchased a 3 day ticket for the 2009 GP, however there was a 4th ticket in the envelope I received. This ticket was a pit walk on the Thursday, a chance to see the teams practice pit stops and spot some drivers up close. (this was a great surprise as it didn’t cost any extra!)

    Yas Island has great facilities, Beer tents (although behind closed doors for obvious reasons), cooling off areas, stewards handing out free water bottles, fully covered grandstands…


  5. Tom, Dick & Harry
    7th April 2011, 13:26

    Thanks for your quick and informative replies, guys!
    If the prices are around the same as what you’ve said Nick, this sounds agreeable. My Dad knows a couple who live in Dubai, so if we can stay with them, that will save a few pounds too!

  6. Hi Has anyone booked F1 via bookf1.com ?

    1. Yes we have used them to buy tickets for a couple of races.

      1. Hi Caroline

        Thanks very much

  7. Chris Ridehalgh
    28th April 2011, 17:54

    Hi All

    Wheres the best place to party on the Saturday and Sunday evening at the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? or is there nowhere to party??? Ive heard of the Amber Lounge, but at Β£600 at ticket, its quite expensive!! Has anyone been seated in the main grandstand?? if so, any good??

    Thoughts appreciated.


  8. Matt Walker
    8th May 2011, 17:38


    I am planning to go this year, do you know how much a taxi will be from downtown Abu Dhabi to Yas Island? Also what is the best way to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

    M Walker

    1. Matt,

      I’ve been to the last two Abu Dhabi GPs and am going this year. There is no need for a taxi from downtown to the circuit as there are a number of free buses, the main two being at Abu Dhabi Mall and Sports City (Sports City is closer to the circuit). Taxis are very cheap in all of the middle east and I would recommend getting a taxi and wouldn’t expect to pay any more than about Dhms 120 – 150 (approx. Β£20 – Β£25).

      Hope this helps.


      1. Where is sports City and how long does bus take to get there?

  9. Just booked flight and hotel for Abu Dhabi with my Dad, just after general advice?
    -Getting from Abu Dhabi to Yas Island circuit, I’ve heard mention of shuttle buses, anyone know the cost and how busy is it on race day?
    -Not booked tickets for race yet, which stand is best, do you see a lot on Start/Finish straight?
    – I have read that cameras aren’t allowed to the concert/after party? Why is this, obviously want to take it to the grand prix so what would you do?

    Any tips appreciated, Thanks!

    1. Hi Gav,

      From experience of last two years…

      – Shuttle buses are free and go on a very regular basis from three separate places but if you’re staying in Abu Dhabi then you’re best with Sports City and Abu Dhabi Mall (Other one is between airport and Yas Island but should tell you directions when you get your tickets)

      – I have had tickets in both North and South stand… North stand is convenient for concerts but nothing else there, and no beer tents!!!!, also only one side offers shade all day long because so you could end up a bit sunburnt. South stand is very good as you see them coming down past the support paddock and into a couple of chicanes so you see them for quite a while. No race day experience of start/finish but from what I’ve seen on pit walk you don’t see too much.

      – SLR and D-SLR cameras are not allowed (or anything that resembles a D-SLR) but small compacts are allowed. This is something that is put in place by the concert organisers. If you have one of the cameras above there are ‘camera cloakrooms’ you can leave them whilst you attend the concerts.

      Hope this helps but feel free to ask any other questions.


  10. Hi Gav,
    I was there for 2010 GP, 3 day ticket plus Thursday pitlane walk. On the Thursday there were no shuttle buses but free water was available inside the circuit.
    Fri, Sat, & Sun shuttle buses run every 15mins from Abu Dhabi but, although it had been advertised, they were with drawn from running to Dubai. Free water was not available Fri-Sun but a plentiful supply to buy.
    We stayed in Dubai for 3 nights, hotel was great but congestion getting back made it a long trip. The following 3 nights we stayed at the Centro on Yas Island which was great as we could pop back from the circuit any time we wanted. Sadly the cost for one night this year is more than the total cost last year so we are staying in Abu Dhabi.
    We booked out tickets through bookF1.com both last and this year, efficient good service and prices are slightly less than last year though early booking discount has now ended so price for 2 X 3 day tickets is Β£684.
    Admission to all the evening concerts is included with the 3 day tickets.
    We had a wonderful time last year and looking forward to November, have a great time.

    1. Hi Dot

      We are looking at options at the moment. Is there any location in Abu Dhabi that is better to access the shuttle buses? Looking at the Etihad package but may be that it is cheaper for us to do it ourselves if shuttle buses are free.

      1. Caroline

        There are a couple of locations in Abu dhabi where the shuttles run from – we got ours from the main sports complex/stadium and the hotel then ran a shuttle to the stadium. Doesn’t really matter where you stay in the city as taxis are inexpensive and will get you to the shuttle pick up zones. Shuttles are frequent and free …. Also run after the concerts each evening which again are free.

        There is a large f1 zone on the main beach/corniche which also had concerts each evening.


  11. Ps Shuttle buses were free last year on production of your circuit entry ticket and run until the end of the concerts.

    1. If you fly with Etihad into Abu Dhabi Int, keep hold of your boarding pass as they provide free transfer buses to both down-town Abu Dhabi and Dubai and you will get return transport on production of your outward bound boarding pass, we have used it a number of times. Is anyone booked to stay at Yas Rotana, Yas Island via Laterooms or Asia rooms .com?

  12. Thanks for your tips and advice. Booked flights with Etihad, hotel in Abu Dhabi and tickets all with F1.com.

    Thanks for your help.


  13. Does anybody know who will be performing at the concerts this year?

    Can you visit the concerts with a 2 day ticket?



    1. Have you heard any rumours about concerts yet? I can’t find out anything!

  14. Hi Jay,

    I looked yesterday and the support races and times have been published on the Yas site but it says to check again for concert line-up at the end of August. From memory we found out in September last year.

    Race goers can attend concerts in the evening by presenting that days ticket so as I presume you have Sat/Sun tickets you will be able to attend those.

    There will also be free concerts some evenings on the corniche, Abu Dhabi. Hope that helps.


  15. Dot!

    Thanks very much for this! Are the event details to be posted on the Yas site when they do finally announce the line up?

    Yes, Sat/Sun tickets in the North Stand.

    Just hoping the title isn’t already decided by then!


  16. Hey all!

    Another quick question regarding tickets. I have purchased through the official F1 website, f1.com, which then goes through WWTE. We have not been given tickets per say rather vouchers which have to be presented to redeem tickets. However it says the tickets are to be redeemed at a location which is to later be announced. I have searched the web and this appears to be at the ticket office next to the Etihad headquarters near Abu Dhabi International airport.

    Is this the case with all ticket buyers or just the select few who book via F1.com? Also, I have noticed that a selection of other ticket sites offer allocated seating, we have yet to receive any seating numbers. Does this mean we will not receive an allocated ticket and have to fight for a spot?

    Any help would be really appreciated!


  17. Hi Jason,

    I book through bookF1.com and they send out the actual tickets by registered 1st class post about 2 weeks prior to the event. The tickets are plastic (like a credit card), one for each day and have to be scanned to get you in. On the reverse is your grandstand, row and seat number. Organisation at AUD is excellent and all tickets have seat numbers so you wont be fighting for a seat.

    People with the vouchers were given two placed to exchange for tickets last year, one in central Abu Dhabi and the other by the airport.

    They are very proud to have the GP and go out of their way to make everything easy so don’t worry and enjoy the event. It will be late October before I get my tickets but looking at last years still gives me a thrill.

    Hope that helps,
    Kind regards,

  18. Hi Dot

    Thanks for your help!

    It looks as though we have to collect ours locally. No problem there, just wanted to know if we could chose our seat locations. Im guessing not.

    Thanks again!


  19. Could some one please advise me on what time the qaulifying on the saturday starts and the main race starts on the Sunday please?

    This will be my first trip to a Grand Prix and not sure what time we should be there. I have had a look on http://www.yasmarinacircuit.com/en/Events_Detail.aspx?gid=13 but no times are displayed as of yet. I am planning on landing in Dubai on Firday night but would like to take my wife for a ride around and do some sight seeing before driving across to Abu Dhabi on the Saturday.



  20. Hi Andy,

    Free practice 3 starts at 14.00 hrs local time and qualifying at 17.00. The race starts at 17.00 but the drivers parade is around 15.30. There are also support races each day but as it should be warm and sunny its also a good time for sight seeing. The concerts started at 21.00 last year but names won’t be published until the end of August.

    Have a great time,
    Best wishes,

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