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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 British Grand Prix.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 British Grand Prix

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  1. Adam Smith said on 6th October 2010, 11:08

    I am going to the 2011 British Grand Prix. It will be my first experience of Formula 1 and I can NOT wait!

    I’ve been a long term fan of the sport and have been waiting for my chance to go!

    I have general admission so was wondering where the best place to go is.

    Many thanks

    • Adam,

      Silverstone has some great views from all round the circuit, but Copse corner is a really good place to watch the cars from.

    • danny said on 20th March 2011, 14:00

      this year will be my third at Silverstone. My recommendation is to get a three day general admission ticket with camping. On the friday, just wander around the circuit and find the place which you enjoy the most and watch from there. Then on saturday and sunday, get up early (like realllllly early) and take your folding chair, and set up camp for the day.

      First year I watched from quali from stowe, that was awesome. then race from copse, which wasn’t as good as i’d hoped because the cars seemed miles away.

      second year i watched from club corner. that was really good, and gave a long view of the cars.

      Hope this helps

      • Ted Garland said on 13th April 2011, 0:08

        Going in 2011 from London. Just bought the day ticket for me and the wife. We thought of arriving by train from London to Milton Keynes and then catch a cab down to the track. Is this the correct thing to do since we don’t have a car? We plan on getting there early sunday and posting up somewhere. What is the best location for gen. adm?
        Thanks so much and go F1!

  2. Teamblair said on 21st October 2010, 14:27

    Well we reckon that if you get on the inside of the circuit you can move around freely and enjoy the view.

    Of course the pits complex moves next year to the Hangar Strait so that will change the viewing…. We love Stowe Out.

    We speak as long term race goers and are now flag marshals – why not join the marshals club and start marshalling at events – you can enjoy a v close view for free then in 2012

    • the problem is everything will change next year due to the pits moving but to clarify one or two points above. Copse has had no GA access over the last few years. The terrace in front of the grandstands has been bronze+ in the last few years and needs a specific ticket. Access to the inside of the track is not possible on a GA ticket either.
      If still available Vale is one of the best GA areas but you need to get there real early.

      • danny said on 20th March 2011, 14:02

        copse does have general admission. I watched in 2009 when Vettel won from there. However, it’s a tiny little area that unless you’re there from gates opening, you’re not getting in.

        • Ted Garland said on 13th April 2011, 0:09

          what time to the gates open on sunday?

          • danny said on 2nd May 2011, 0:02

            Really early. Like, You’ll be up before the sun if you dont have a grand stand spot, and you want a decent spot.

  3. Ginjaman said on 5th November 2010, 9:45

    I am planning to do Silverstone next year, been an F1 fan since I was a toddler in the mid-70’s, but never been to watch a race.
    Money is tight so I’m thinking either a GA fri-sun or Silver fri-sun ticket.
    What is the best bet for a 1st timer???

    • For a first visit I would say it is worth the extra £50 to get a silver ticket. The good GA spots fill up really early on race day (a lot people leave the campsites around 5am) and GA is easier once you know your way around.
      I sit in Stowe Silver stands every year. It has great views down Hangar Straight and round to Club. The downside has been you are at the furthest point from the start / finish and a lot of the off track stuff is therefore 25 minutes walk away.Even so there is a small entertainment area at Stowe. However with start / finish moving naybe most off track will move too. Best thing with a grandstand ticket is you can sit in most stands on Friday / Saturday. So you can walk the track Friday / Saturday watching the different sessions from different stands. Then head for your reserved seat at a sensible time on Sunday.

      • I have booked my tickets recently for a silver all weekend pass at stowe so it looks like i’ve made a good choice from the above comments. I have also gone for the camping which i have heard is worth doing for the extra atmospheric enjoyment, has anybody camped up there and know what it’s like?

        • Steven said on 18th February 2011, 13:25

          Which campsite Dan? There’s probably a dozen sites from just a couple of hundred metres away, to a mile and a half away.
          Just don’t go expecting a peaceful quiet nights sleep.

          • Well, now you’re asking! haha it’s the first time i’ve been and i just booked the camping on the Silverstone website when i booked the weekend tickets so i honestly can’t answer that… I did have to choose between “lively camping” or “family camping” no brainer, i’ve been allocated a pitch and it appears to be just southwest of stowe corner but it looked really close to the track on the map…?

          • Well when i booked it i did it all through the silverstone website and selected the “Lively Camping” and it allocated me a pitch on a site very close southwest of Stowe, not sure if they have several that they contract for the event, being a novice i naturally assumed this was just their own site…?

        • Jack said on 14th March 2011, 11:44

          Dan, Yep the site you have booked is Silverstone’s on camping, most the rest are independant and run by the land owners (farmer’s fields, golf courses, cricket clubs anywhere you can pitch a tent there is a campsite.)
          You’ll have a great time where you are and wake up to the sound of race cars being fired up every morning.

  4. Paxjes said on 7th November 2010, 10:36

    I’ll go in 2011 again.
    2010 was my first time and it was excellent. I went by myself and i enjoyed every minute of the 3 days. I had 3 day GA tickets and stayed in the campsite. I watched the practice from a couple of different stands and the race from becketts. It’s a shame that the 2011 tickets don’t have roving gradstand access for the practice sessions.

    • Steven said on 17th February 2011, 19:52

      Who said that the tickets do not allow you to pick your own grandstands on Friday and Saturday? Silverstones website says that it is still allowable.

  5. Rob Knight said on 5th December 2010, 17:05

    I’ve got a grandstand seat opposite the new pit straight, I sat there this year where it was general admission. I’m going for all three days, costing me £305 so i’ll be sleeping in the car at the Park & Ride site to keep costs down! Really looking forward to it though, going to be a great three days!

    • Julie said on 2nd August 2011, 11:43

      Hi, just wondering if you have any feedback on the international pit straight grandstand. Can you see into the pit lane at low level or do you need to go higher? Was it worth it?

  6. PaxJes (@paxjes) said on 30th December 2010, 21:57

    I just bought my ticket. General Admission + camping. It’ll be great!

  7. morleyfanatic (@morleyfanatic) said on 21st January 2011, 12:42

    We are on Village A this year…bought the tickets at the circuit last year and paid the same as we paid last year for upgraded tickets…I CANNOT wait! I didnt think I could get more excited about a season as I did last year…until now! Bring it on!!!

  8. BennyWeaver said on 24th January 2011, 20:46

    I went last year and had Platinum weekend tickets and camped with Camping F1. I watch FP1 from the pit straight, FP2 from Becketts, FP3 from Copse Corner, Qualifying from Pit Straight and the race from Luffield B. Was an amazing weekend and Cmaping F1 were a decent enough host. Good entertainment and somewhere to sleep.

    Got my tickets again for this year in December. Got Platinum tickets again with race seats on the new pit straight as my only slight upset with last year was missing the podium celebrations. Will defo be watching qualifying from the pit straight too and hitting Becketts and maybe the old pit straight for some of the practices. Books into a nice hotel 8 miles away from the circuit just to add to the comfort this year.

    2010 was epic…………roll on 2011.

    LH for the title…….of course.

  9. This will be my 14th year at Silverstone and it’s a great track. Always really look
    forward to it.

    I would always get a grandstand as you really need to get in the track early to get a good spot GA. I know I’ve done it. Would also recommend camping at either Whittlebury Park (if seats at top of circuit near Copse) or Silverstone (if seats near bottom of track around Stowe).

  10. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 9th February 2011, 20:30

    A couple of us are thinking of going but finding it hard to get information on how to get there in the first place by bus or train!

    • sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 10th February 2011, 0:17

      where are you going from roughly?

    • TrueF1Grit (@truef1grit) said on 10th February 2011, 0:40

      I went with 3 friends in 2010. We took a train (We live a 5 hours drive away from Silverstone, which is a 7 hour train journey) And we had two change overs, with a convenient bus service running from the nearest train station to the centre of Silverstone, which is a 5 minute walk from the Stowe entrance.

      Hope this helped! If you have any more questions just ask!

      • Keirdre said on 10th February 2011, 1:35

        I hadn’t realised it was so easy to get there by public transport. What’s the nearest train station? Northampton? Is it a free shuttle bus? Are there lots of them? Big queues?

      • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 10th February 2011, 7:52

        Cheers! Where were you travelling from?

    • Helen T said on 10th February 2011, 16:47

      You could get a train to Northampton and the get a shuttle bus to the circuit. They go Fri, Sat and Sun from there. I think its stagecoach that put on the buses so you can check their website nearer the time for times and prices. I used to drive to Northampton station and get the bus to the cicuit before I discovered the joys of camping!

  11. Stayed at woodlands and enjoyed the music and the atmospehere on a night time

    As I’m coming again this year I was wondering is woodlands the best place to stay for live music ?

  12. Steven said on 17th February 2011, 16:53

    Staying in a tent from Friday onwards is definitely a more cost effective way than parking at the circuit each day. Has anyone seen the prices? £39 for just Sunday parking. £19 for Saturday. Or three days for £49! What a rip off. Obviously they want us to pay for the new pits as quick as we can.
    All the information is quietly hidden away on the Q&A pages of the website where few will see it until it’s booking time and that total is rising.
    I’ll be pitching my tent there for my 27th consecutive British GP, even though my home is just thirty minutes away. Take in the atmosphere, and save money at the same time.

  13. newnhamlea1 said on 24th February 2011, 23:54

    Heres my conundrum, I want to go to the grand prix, but nobody else will come with me. Do i go on my own? or wait for another year and go with people?

    • Were you planning on going fit whole weekend or just race day?

    • If you’re going for the full weekend, book camping tickets and say hello to any one and you’ll not be on your own for long.

      I go to Silverstone every year and have always met great people both at campsite and at trackside.

      Then you can get home and tell your mates what they missed

      Good luck to you. And if you end up going and book camping tickets through the circuit, let me know.

    • Monkzie said on 7th April 2011, 23:35

      Don’t worry about going on your own – I’m going on my own (my wife REALLY is not interested, but bought me a single grandstand ticket as a birthday present). I’ll still have a great time, and be able to talk about it and show pictures when I get back.

      Plus, I’ll probably exchange a few words with the people sitting around me…

  14. newnhamlea1 said on 25th February 2011, 12:46

    The whole weekend would be my preference, like I did last year, when I dragged my some-what reluctant dad along.

  15. STEPHANIE said on 26th February 2011, 18:37

    Hi Guys,

    I’m taking a coach trip to the gp but have an option to upgrade to Gold with the following options:-

    Woodcote B
    Luffield B
    Village A

    Can anyone tell me where the best vantage point is?


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