2011 Italian Grand Prix discussion

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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2011 Italian Grand Prix

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  1. My son and I are going to Monza 2011. We are stating un Desio and are seated in 6c. Would be glad to hear of anyone who has knowledge of either the stand or area we are staying in.

    1. We’ll be in 6c too! Really looking forward to it. I’ll be the one in the McLaren top and my wife will be Ferrari (Button and Alonso) we’ll have the RAF Flag with us too if the Italians let us fly it!

  2. We are planning a boys (men only) trip for the race. i have been to Sepand and Silverstone before. Anyone have some advice on best viewing points , hotels to stay at etc. We are flying in from South Africa

    1. Stay at Bellagio on Lake Como. Its beautiful. About an hours drive to Monza but the traffic can be a bit heavy.We stayed a Hotel Central.Clean ,tidy about 3 Star. 5 minutes from the Lake but no view from the Hotel.

  3. I am planning to go to Monza for the first time in 2011. Want to book soon, any advice? No camping (after Spa 2010, when had horrible time with leaky tent and car broken into in Liege after escaping site on Sunday – race good, though). Want to fly from UK and stay in hotel. Happy with GA if can see some action and get there in time. Is it worth paying more for grandstand tickets???? Can I get on site in time if not camping if have GA ticket? Was at Spa by 7am on race day and had a great view.

    1. Hi Helen

      My son and I are also going to Monza for first time, and like you suffered at the hand of Belguim weather last year whilst camping so are staying in hotel.

      From what I have heard from a colleague who went last year if you stay in Milan which they did it is a real treck to get into the track, by train and then about an hours walk.

      We have booked a hotel in Desio which is only a couple of miles away from Monza and seems to have reasonable transport into the track. The cost was about 520 Eur for a twin room.

      easyJet also have good rates to Milan.

      As far as where to go I would always get a seat, and the tickets are far cheaper than Spa was. I spoke to Monza and they told me stand 6C on the first chicane was the most popular so went with that. This us also where my colleague sat and she thought it was great.

      Hope this helps.

      1. I went to Monza in 2005 and stayed in Milan. The trip to the circuit is pretty bad because of the congestion but it’s worth it to take in a bit of the city in they evenings!!

        I recommend Ristorante Rigolo and a place called Biffi which is in La Galeria. Very nice food and wine!!

        The Cathedral has recently been restored too so should be lovely now.

    2. Should also say if you are going I wouldn’t hang around booking. When I did mine a few weeks ago hotels were already filling up and so were flights.

    3. Milan is a good base. Trains are frequent to the circuit (and I am sure were free on Saturday and Sunday – we stay on Lake Como now so some time since we did the trip from Milan.) Once at the train station there are free buses to the circuit. Be aware however that because the circuit is in the centre of the park, the buses drop off in one area of the park and then it is a walk from there to the track itself. Depending where the seats are (if you go for a grandstand) could take you a while. We buy tickets for the grandstand at the Parabolica and it is a good 20 minute walk from the bus drop off. GA is good – the first year we went we went on GA and walked most of the circuit, however, you need to be very early to get the best views if you want to stay in one spot – the most popular viewing spots soon fill up. Be warned – the toilets at Monza are the worst we have encountered at any circuit!

  4. I went to the Monza 2010 race last year for my birthday, and the experience was fantastic!! We stayed in a hotel just outside of milan – Hotel Adam, this was only 7 stops by metro from Centrale Station where the trains departed to Monza. We each got a 3 day return ticket to Monza for around €15 – fantastic value.

    On arriving at Monza station we opted to take a cab to the circuit at a cost of around €15. There were free shuttle busses running from the station to the park but these took anything upto an hour to get to there due to traffic on the main roads. At the end of the day we chose to walk through the park to the free shuttle busses (20 mins) and got these back to the station at Monza.

    We had only General admission tickets but found there to be a number of spots where small temporary stands had been put up for the use of GA ticket holders. We walked the first two sectors of the lap on the Friday and found a number of locations with excellent views of the track and cars. These free stands did tend to fill up early but we managed to spend the Whole of Sat and Sun in one of these at the Ascari corner – right on the bend, and the view was amazing!!

    Having watched the race and a Ferrari win – we were welcomed onto the track and we managed to walk the final sector of the lap and catch the end of the celebrations on the pit straight.

    Overall it was a fantastic experience and I am in the process of booking for the 2011 race – I could not recomend the experience enough – the atmosphere, weather, track and location etc were all perfect and made for a fantastic F1 weekend.

    1. HELLO Simon,

      What time did you have to get to the track in order to snag those seats?

      Do you know what time the track opens and are there lines etc.

      This will be our first visit yo Monza and we can afford only the GA.


  5. hello people

    thinking of going to monza,could anyone tell which airport in milan would be better to fly in to..im flying from dublin..but it could the case my pal who works in holland will go and hes got their by train before.so might fly to holland stay at his get the train down to milin see the race and fly home to ireland and back the start which airport is best not sure about camping lol sounds mad i know,

    ps oh i was sick for 2 weeks after spa last year need a dry weekend


    1. If you can fly from Dublin into it, Linate is the best if you are staying in Milan – it is about 10-15 minutes from what I can remember to the main train station in Milan. Malpensa is about an hour out and I think, although not sure, that Bergamo is about the same distance.

  6. Hi. Like many we were spa faithful until 2010 when we went to Monza. We stayed at the holiday inn outside milan and it was terrible travelling in and out, about 2.5 hours each way each day between taxi, underground and train then walk. The event was brilliant though and we are booked to go back this year but a little differently.

    Upon return we immediately booked at the hotel BB in Monza which is only 2.5 km away so hopefully makes the whole travel thing easier and fits our budget. 6 of us sharing 3 twin rooms

    Depending on where you are staying obviously helps for the airport choice but Linate is the closest airport to the track. Malpensa is better connected for transfers but if you are heading in the direction of Monza for accommodation then Linate is best. We are in Scotland and easy jet only do malpensa but the times are poor so this year for less than easy jet we are flying KLM from edinburgh via Amsterdam to linate. We leave Thursday morning at 6am and hope to be at the track for the pit lane access on thursday afternoon

    Last year we were in Roggia which was good but took the opportunity of free seating friday to try some other stands and this year we are going into 8A which is in our budget with good views

    For me Monza was such a better experience than spa which I’d been to the previous 4 years. The sunshine, the fans, the track. The only real downside was the transport staying 25km from the track on the wrong side of Milan so hopefully we have fixed that this year

    Cant wait and hope all those going for the first time enjoy it


    1. Hi Jason

      I think I have booked the same B&B as you in Monza. Hotel Milano on Via Lario? We are arriving late Thursday evening and looking at the info I think the best thing is to walk to the circuit – Google maps reckons on nearly an hour’s walk?
      If you see 2 British women looking lost at breakfast, then it’s probably us!


  7. Me and 3 mates have chosen monza this year for our first F1 experience, booked up for Bergamo airport and a hotel outside the airport. Going to jump the train into monza.

    Were going to be in GA so anyone who can recommend the best spots to stand or where all the brits congregate would be great.

    Cant wait to get into the atmosphere!

  8. Hi everyone,

    Another Monza goer here! We are staying in Monza itself at the AS Hotel because I thought it would be easier that Milan.

    I’ve heard it can be a bit of nightmare to get to the circuit though, even staying in Monza.

    Anyone got any experience actually staying in Monza?

  9. I caught a bus to the track from monza in 2009, but walked back because it was too hard to find another bus. it took just as long – about half an hour if i remember, because the traffic is so clogged up. The train back to milan (for anyone who needs it) is hectic, you just have to force your way on, or hope that it wont be long until another one. but on the bright side, it’s so busy that they can’t check ticket so good luck ;)

    1. oh yeah, and just follow the crowd, they all know where they’re going so you shouldn’t get lost

      1. Tom do you recomend staying at Monza or in Milan?

  10. Prima Variente B is my favorite location trackside, and i will again be there this year.Never had much traffic trouble travelling [driving in to the circuit] from Bergamo, but maybe I have been lucky. Walking through the park is recommended.

  11. I went to Monza with a group (about 15 people) for several years (2007-2008-2009). We stayed at the campingsite (CAMPEGGIO DELL’AUTODROMO) at the Variante di Biassono / Prima Variante. A little bit crowded during the GrandPrix weekend, but there’s no place better than looking at the races from the top of our camper (10 meters from the track). See for pictures my website (www.formulanimal-pivs.com). Maybe we will be there this year again……….

    Greetz from Holland

  12. I plan on going with a fellow F1 Fanatic, MattHT and another mate. We are staying in a hostel between the circuit and Milan.

    If anyone fancies a meet-up, get in touch!

    I’ll be getting a F1 Fanatic T-shirt ;)

    1. In case anyone is thinking of going there a bit last minute like, GA tickets seem to be quite affordable at 117 EUR for the weekend! http://euro.wwte7.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=tsdt&stat=5&flgc=0&loid=180012&ofid=13720&sdat=9/9/2011&edat=11/9/2011&wtid=28&mdpcid=wwte.eu.333-30007.promo&eapid=333-30007

      I am even a bit tempted to go, but probably won’t manage that this year.

    2. Andrew, Are you still planning to go to Monza with your mates? I could not find a hostel and am still searching around for accomodations. Which one are you staying at?

      It would be great to meet up at the track. Are you going to go to the F1 Rocks concert at all?

  13. Exciting stuff…even though it’s 6 months away! Tweet me @andrewdtanner if you wanna meet up or contact me here.

  14. hey, i’ve been looking at tickets and stand 6a is 100 quid cheaper than 6b but theyre right next to each other on the circuit. has anyone been that could say whether it’s worth the extra 100 to go to 6b rather than 6a (cant afford 6c and quite fancy a view of the 1st chicane). from what i can tell its a better view of the chicane but not by much and finding photos from these stands is a nightmare!!

  15. Iain,

    I’m not sure but I don’t think 6a will give you a view of first chicane. I think this stand gives view of main straight. I have booked 6c and I phoned Monza before booking and they tell me that’s the one to be in? We will see. If you are going for 6b I would ask to be seated at right hand side of stand. That should get you on right side for the corner.

    Good luck with whatever you book. I’ve never been to Monza before so it’s a bit of a lottery knowing what to go for.

  16. Hi

    Im heading to Milan and the Italian GP this year while in Europe. I will be by myself so any suggestions for an Aussie chick would be great. I have accommodation booked in Milan already, but any other details I should know???

    Im lucky enought to follow this up with the Singapore GP on the way home, so both Monza and a Night Race for my first overseas GPs, so very excited about this.


    1. Hi :)

      Where are you staying if you don’t mind my asking? We’re still looking for somewhere and places seem to be going pretty quick! Hope to get something booked early next week.

      We’re happy to meet up with folk, a little Italian F1 Fanatic meet-up would be fantastic. Should be plenty for everyone to do in Milan.

      Sounds great about Singapore too!

  17. mates and myself arent staying in milan but well be heading there straight after qualifying so if anyone fancies a get together then were all for it!

  18. Hey

    Hi Matt, yeah got a backpacker style B & B place at the Monza end of Milan, apparently its 500m from the hottest bars/clubs . . oh and shopping. A single bedroom is around 40 Euro a night. Its called Pophouse, check it out on Hostelworld.com . It looks clean, has a good rating and only has a small intake of clients.

    Yeah Liam and Matt definately keen if anyone wants to meet up. Ill be in Milan for a week and have planned a day trip to Maranello the week after the GP is anyone is interested also.

    1. Just had a look but it’s out of rooms I can afford (with 2 mates) for the dates i’ll be there.

      Won’t be able to make Maranello but there is a grid walk on Thursday I plan on attending :)

  19. Sorry I meant Andrew, should not have conversations at work and type at the same time :-)

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