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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. Neil Jones said on 22nd October 2010, 19:46

    I am planning to visit Monaco 2011 for the first time with my seven-year-old son and wonder whether anyone has any advice. I’m relaxed about how we get there although probably flying to Nice by easyJet from Edinburgh is the quickest.

    What’s the cheapest place to buy tickets?

    • Hi Neil. I’ve been to quite a few Grand Prix and I always use Bookf1.com They are an English based company and are the cheapest I can find on the net. Tickets always arrive in plenty of time…no problems. For Monaco I would suggest a Stand ticket rather than General Admission. The General admission area..’the hill’ would not be a great place for a 7 year old. Hotels in Nice are good with a 20 min train ride into Monaco…Enjoy

    • carlos said on 5th May 2011, 15:58


      My friend and i are going for the first time to F1 in monaco, we have bougth tickets to sector rocher, can anyone give me some tips regarding stands seating toilets´, can i bring my own drinks when can we get in on sunday ect…???

  2. Hi Neil. I’ve been to quite a few Grand Prix and I always use Bookf1.com They are an English based company and are the cheapest I can find on the net. Tickets always arrive in plenty of time…no problems. For Monaco I would suggest a Stand ticket rather than General Admission. The General admission area..’the hill’ would not be a great place for a 7 year old. Hotels in Nice are good with a 20 min train ride into Monaco…Enjoy

  3. veronica said on 16th November 2010, 20:41

    Hi there! i’m planning to buy f1 tickets for 2010 in monaco as a surprise for my boyfriend. i have no idea which will be the best ticket to buy. I’ll really appreciate any help/tips on how to go about it. Thank you

  4. Cheryl said on 17th November 2010, 11:15

    Hi Veronica Do you mean tickets for 2011? I surprised my husband and took him to the Monaco grand prix this year he loved it. I booked V stand for the Saturday qualifying this is the nearest stand to the track, Jenson and Lewis were slowing down in front of us(all cars slow down here ready to build up speed) as they could see the British and Welsh flag. On race day we sat at T Higher. My husband wouldn’t sit there again as the cars were so fast you don’t really see them,I loved it because I got to see all the drivers and celebrities as well as what was going on in the pits. Next year my husband would like to sit at V for both races but I quite fancy sitting at M. We flew to Nice and stayed in Menton which was great as we caught the train everyday which took 10 mins to Monaco and the train was always empty. The platform was quiet compared to the one opposite where the trains were packed heading for Nice.

    • veronica said on 17th November 2010, 11:34

      Hi Cheryl. Yes i meant buying tickets for 2011 in monaco. Thanks for your little tip with the stand. can i ask you, where did you buy the tickets from? and is Menton, a place or the name of a hotel? did you get a good price for it? how long in advance did you book? and how much pocket money do you think i’ll need? Thanks again

  5. Hi Veronica. Menton is the name of a place. It was where the Grimaldi family lived before Monaco.Menton is about four train stops after Monaco and takes about 10 mins. It’s much cheaper than staying in Monaco and far quieter on the train.it’s the opposite side to Nice. You need to book you hotel and flights straight away. I have just booked my flight tickets. I booked my hotel in September for 420 Euros for 4 nights. How many days are you planning? You can book your tickets with bookf1.com or Formula1monaco.com click on them and look at the views and seating plans. Lots of reviews said how expensive Monaco is but we found a bakery on the way to the track and bought fresh rolls and baguettes every morning, there is a local market at the bottom of the castle that sells local produce. At this square are reasonable cafes and bars where we paid 30 euros for a huge pizza, bowl of chips a beer, coke and coffee! Cafe de Paris up on Casino Square is a fortune..don’t go there unless you are loaded…but good for celeb spotting! I could tell you lots more like where to get the bus from the airport to the train station etc. you are welcome to ask me more questions

  6. stephanie isherwood said on 27th November 2010, 22:56

    I went in 2010 and booked through an F1 tour company but in 2011 I’m just doing it myself as it’s so easy.

    If Easyjet has the best flights for you then just book them directly on their website. Use someone like Expedia for hotels. Nice has the most choise. Just get one within walking distance of the train station and you’re laughing. As for the race tickets I would book them direct from the official site – you can actually pick your seat then too. The T grandstand is great for driver spotting. K gives you a great view of the harbour.

    I saw pretty much everyone in F1 at the race this year

  7. Sorry best price is only http://www.formula1monaco.com because we are making the ticketing system of the Automobile club de Monaco (the organiser)so it is official price and that why we can see in real time the seat left :).
    The other web site coulb be serious one, but they are resealer, travel company … so they always take a margin.
    Best regards

    • Caroline said on 8th January 2011, 16:44

      This is correct, plus if you are going on a 3 day grandstand ticket by buying direct with the organisers Thursday is free if in the same grandstand. Some of the other companies selling tickets do not seem to advise of this and will charge for that day as an extra cost. The tickets are cheaper directly from this site. You can select your grandstand and it will allow you to select your seat, rather than you having no say with the agencies.

    • Yes I agree also I received my tickets 3 weeks ago from this site

    • Dana said on 26th March 2011, 10:47

      I had a problem with the formula1mocao website and I hope someone could help and clear me up on this: I booked 2 seats, but when I wanted to confirm and pay, I had a technical problem with my PC and I was disconnected from the internet. When I connected again to the website, my basket was empty, but the seats appeared as booked. Now, I don’t know whether I lost them and someone else booked them or if I am the one who booked them? If so, how can I order and pay them if they are not in my basket?
      Thank you in advance for any suggestion?

  8. Yes I agree that formula1 monaco is the best to purchase and pick your seats

  9. Michael said on 20th January 2011, 18:03

    I am a first-time attendee in 2011 with a question: Is it worth getting the two-day package versus just going on race day? What are the advantages? Also, is it worth choosing the higher priced “upper” seating in a grandstand versus the lower section? Thank you@

    • stephanie isherwood said on 22nd January 2011, 10:54

      Depends if you want to see qualy I guess.

      I sat in the upper T stand last year for qualy and the race. On the Saturday you got to see a lot more ofr the cars and the drivers walking to and from the pits because there is practice in the morning. On the lower grandstand you can’t see the pits only the track and they come past that section pretty quickly.
      In the K stand if you sit higher up then you have a better view of the cars exiting the tunnel and going through the chicane whereas lower down you can’t see that as the boats in the harbour are in the way but if you were going to do a lower section you would see more in K rather than T

    • Caroline said on 23rd January 2011, 12:27

      If you buy single tickets you have the option to try out a couple of different viewing areas, versus a 2 day where you have to stay in the same grandstand and seat. The first time we went I could only afford to pay for race day tickets. I managed to pick up a bargain just over a week before we were due to go from bookf1.com for T tickets for the Thursday (but wouldn’t recommend you do this in case you cannot get any tickets.) My husband was thrilled as you are directly opposite the pits and on Thursday you don’t have to sit in an allocated seat – saying that those in the know get there early to grab the seats high up (also if the weather is good after so long sat lower down you start to “cook” as you have no shade.) Luckily for us a lot of the fans went for a walk round when the first free practice session finished and we managed to move higher up where there was some shade. We bought tickets from the ticket office at the circuit for Saturday but these are numbered and I imagine the higher ones are first to go. For the race itself I wouldn’t personally sit in the T grandstand (although we meet the same people each year who always sit there and love it) – you only see the cars for a second as it is only a short piece of circuit in front of this grandstand – I think most of the fans who sit here want to see the pit activity as well as the race.

      We have always watched the race from grandstand K, upper seats. Depending where you sit determines how good a view you get. Too low down, you cannot see as much as the higher seats due to the barriers blocking your view of the cars as they come underneath the grandstand if you are lower down. We have also found that the seats in grandstand K in the first block (eg as the grandstand starts) has quite a good view – we were able to see the cars (although only the top of them) as they go up the hill from the start line; coming out of the tunnel, through the chicane, down to the harbour and then through until they turn by the swimming pool. The problem is that unless you book early with the direct site (I booked out tickets in December) that this is the first part of the grandstand to sell out.

  10. Top-notch post. We have been looking for this tips.

  11. Jackie said on 20th February 2011, 15:09

    Planning to fly back after the race from Nice at 9pm.
    How long is it likely to take to get the train back to the airport?

    • The train journey is a matter of minutes, and it is very well organised. You will have plenty of time.

    • Do make sure to buy tickets in advance though, as the queues at Nice station are pretty awful, specially on race day.

  12. webber (@) said on 25th February 2011, 14:28

    Awesome website. Can somebody please tell me what time you need to leave Nice on the Sunday to get the track. I know the race is not on until the arvo some time but i would like to get there early to watch the support races. I have a ticket booked in the k stand and I read that the train is the best method plus stops right near this stand…apparently?

    • Caroline said on 25th February 2011, 17:08

      Depends if you want to do it in style or not. The train is the cheapest option but it gets very busy. When we have caught the train we have always left early in the morning, eg around about 08.30 but you need to be aware that there will be queues to buy the train tickets unless you have bought them on Saturday. Also bear in mind that there is not as much to see on race day as qualifying or Thursday and the grandstands get unbearably hot (as long is it doesn’t rain!) Might regret this next bit (don’t want everyone doing it!) but there is a boat which leaves from Nice harbour which goes into Fontevielle which is a short walk into Monaco town – about 10 mins, quite a lot more expensive than the train but a less expensive option than the helicopter but a buzz from doing it as the harbour is at the side of where the helicopters land. You can book which time boat you want to come back on if you do the return rather than having to wait to get on a train back to Nice.

  13. Nikhil said on 26th February 2011, 2:55

    That’s a great idea of the boat to Fontevielle, I am going first time to Nice and Monaco and also my first time at any F1, pls give me some more info on the boat in and out of Monaco as I am with family this might be good idea if not xpensive.

  14. webber (@) said on 26th February 2011, 8:04

    Thanks Caroline, don’t mind spending the day in the sun 39 degs here today so can’t be that bad there. Thanks for the tip on the boat ride sounds good. How often does both the train and boat run on Sunday’s? Also if I were to hang around Monaco late after the race is it still easy to get back to Nice?

    • Caroline said on 26th February 2011, 15:45

      To be honest I am not sure about the train times back. When we booked to go to Monaco the first time, we were speaking to someone who recommended the boat back if we wanted to be back in Nice at a reasonable time and avoid the chaos which always ensues after any race when everyone is trying to make their way back at the same time. As such we have never caught the train back on race day, only on the Thursday and Saturday and because we have spent some time there have always come back around 6 ish. The train service is quite frequent, just make sure you get on a train that is stopping in Nice as not all the trains do and others stop at every station on the way back. Also make sure you have your train ticket – security is very tight at Monaco station.

      From what I can recall the boats have a couple of options out and back, but the first boat back is around 4.00 pm which is extremely tight – if you get it wrong you miss the end of the race. The one after is around 5.30 pm – not sure if there are other boat services which pick up later. If you are staying in a hotel some of them offer taxi services and you can opt for a late pick up. We did that last year on qualifying and were picked up from by the casino at around 9.00 pm.

      Hope that helps a little.

  15. stephanie isherwood said on 26th February 2011, 13:01

    When I went last year I bought tickets on the Thursday for the train for all 4 days so I didn’t have to queue. There are plenty of timetables to pick up for the train times. Last train back from Monaco to Nice is around half 11 I think although this may be different on race day.
    After the race last year I was being collected at Nice station at 9pm and I remember having plenty of time in Monaco to have a meal and do some driver spotting before catching the train.

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