Championship calculator

Use the calculator below to work out what each driver’s points score will be depending on where they finish in Abu Dhabi.

Drag the drivers’ names into their finishing positions for the race then hit ‘Calculate’ to work out their scores.

  • Races:

  • 01st
  • 02nd
  • 03rd
  • 04th
  • 05th
  • 06th
  • 07th
  • 08th
  • 09th
  • 10th
  • DNF/S
  • DNF/S
  • DNF/S
  • DNF/S
  • DNF/S
  • WEB
  • ALO
  • VET
  • HAM

DNF/S = Did Not Finish, start or score any points

If two drivers are tied on points the driver who has won the most races is placed ahead. If they have won the same number of races the number of second-placed finishes are used, and so on.

The championship calculator sorts drivers based on their number of first, second, third and fourth place finishes in the event of a tie.

If two drivers have the same number of points as well as first, second, third and fourth place finishes consult the complete 2010 season results to see how many times they have finished in fourth place and other lower positions.

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