F1 TV audience figures

F1 TV audience figures and ratings by year.

2008 F1 TV audience figures

2007 F1 TV audience figures

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  1. Judson Jones said on 22nd November 2008, 2:20

    The Speed Channel covered Formula One races in the USA for the past several years. Will that change now that the BBC has the television rights now?

  2. hwr149 said on 6th April 2009, 20:28

    I think that BBC is doing a good job. They an actual first class F1 driver, a former team boss and no …… commercials…..
    I think that BBC F1 will become better and better.

  3. john said on 2nd June 2009, 20:37

    I am trying to find out what is the global TV audiance for each F! race, can you help. Thanks

  4. Bigbadderboom said on 5th September 2009, 15:15


    European Grand Prix BBC 4.14million was the last race when posting this
    That gives you the UK Figs, but the global figure on ave is about 600 million, where its popular depends upon which driver is doing well, ie since Schumacher retired German audiences have dropped. But the largest audience I think is China 130 million.
    Stats have peaked at 1Billion plus for a single race.
    I can’t give you a source for these as it’s one of those things that have stuck in my mind, but I read about this somewhere about 6mths ago.

    • Rafael said on 26th October 2009, 16:38

      The number is 600 million average viewers per season, not per race. The Brazilian Grad Prix just had over 70 million viewers. Lady D’s funeral has the record with 2.5 billion viewers so 1 billion viwers for a single F1 race is impossible.

      Leading the field in sports is the FIFA World Cup Final, which attracted more than double the global audience of any other sporting event in 2006. The Italy vs.France match was watched by an average live global audience of 260 million people, with more than 600 million people tuning in to watch at least some part of the match.

  5. Come over here, nice idea, I think

  6. Ayesha Aktar said on 1st July 2010, 9:29

    i loveeeeeeeee you! <3 (L)

  7. John Thorpe said on 19th July 2010, 17:18

    Hi Ayesha did you have any data, I am trying to get any information possible from any source. Thanks

  8. Gordon said on 27th May 2011, 23:19

    Rafael, try looking at Wikipedia – it is as follows:
    “The 2008 season attracted a global audience of 600 million people per race. It is a massive television event; the cumulative television audience was calculated to be 54 billion for the 2001 season, broadcast to two hundred countries”
    That’s 600 million PER RACE. The funeral of a member of the British aristocracy is hardly relevant to most of Asia, South America and many other parts of the world. Please stop thinking that the British are the be all and end all of everything and that football is the “most popular sport in the world”

  9. so… i guess we could all agree the number of people who watch an F1 race is the topic of some argument :-)

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