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F1 drivers and teams


Lewis Hamiltonbiography
Nico Rosbergbiography
Bradley Lord – Mercedes motorsport communications
Petronas Motorsport
Paddy Lowe
James Vowles – Chief strategist
Neal Johnson – Graphics technician
Paul Harris – Chief garage technician
Richard Wilshire – Simulator operator
Barton Crewes – Graduate engineer
Mike Caulfield
Tom Batch – Systems engineer

Red Bull

Red Bull
Daniel Ricciardobiography
Daniil Kvyatbiography
Sebastien Buemibiography
Red Bull F1 Spy
Red Bull Shop
Will Courtenay – Strategist
GianPiero Lambiase – Race engineer
Ed Aylwin – Technician
Lee Stevenson – Mechanic
Stu Jones – Composites technician
Gareth Rees-Levins – Mechanic
Sam O’Keefe – Red Bull Technology team member
Mark Simpson – Team member
Gavin Ward – Performance engineer
Karin Fink – Infiniti PR account director
Nikki Vasiliadis
Jon Gates
Mike Worley
Michael Manning
Blake Hinsey – Performance engineer
Renault Sport F1


Jenson Buttonbiography
Fernando Alonsobiography
Kevin Magnussenbiography
Stoffel Vandorne
Oliver Turvey
Eric Boullier – Racing director
Dave Robson – Jenson Button’s race engineer
Michael Collier – Jenson Button’s physiotherapist
McLaren eShop
Rory Clements – Mechanic
Tom Briggs – Tyre technician
Warwick Pugh – Car support team leader
Marc Cox – Mechanic
Thomas Pattison – Team member
Peter Wright – Garage support
Stephanie – Race team IT
Sam Dryden – Mechanic on Jenson Button’s car
Richard Collier
Will Joseph – Performance engineer
Filippo Sapia – Systems engineer
Benjamin Hebbourn
Giuseppe Marciante – Race team mechanic
James Colwell – Mechanic
Danny – Trainee mechanic
Clare Stubberfield – Race and test co-ordinator
Giovanni Banzola
Sam Kuflik
Jules Gough – Jenson Button’a PA
Poole Mulucky
Giuseppe Marciante
Silvia Hoffer Frangipane – PR officer
James – Trackside aerodynamicist
Vicko – Marketing
Kieran Byrne
Adrian Wybrott

Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso
Max Verstappenbiography
Carlos Sainz Jnr
Marco Matassa – Race engineer for Carlos Sainz Jnr
Rene Derlot
Xevi Pujolar – Senior race engineer
K Longsausage – Trackside aerodynamicist
Ricardo Penteando – Team support leader (Renault Sport F1)


Romain Grosjeanbiography
Pastor Maldonadobiography
Marco Sorensen
Charles Picbiography
Nico Prost
Alan Permane – Trackside operations director
Paul Seaby – Team manager
Ciaron Pilbeam
Rene Dias Torcato – Engineer
Julien Simon-Chautemps – Performance engineer
Phil Kennard – Commercial manager
Ayao Komatsu – Race engineer
James Robinson – Commercial co-ordinator
Mabel Dautzenberg – Marketing co-ordinator
Andy Stobart – PR officer


Graeme Lowdon – CEO
Mark Hutcheson – Race engineer
Dave Greenwood – Chief race engineer
Dave O’Neill – Team manager
Tracy Novak
Luca Colajanni
Sam Rosa – Event manager
Gemma Lawrence – Controls engineer
Paul Andrews – Graphic designer
Rory Currin – Graphic designer
Mark Hendy – Interim finance director
Elissa Middleton – Partner manager
Georgina Fell – Head of events
Richard Robertson

F1 tracks and races

Australian Grand Prix
Laura McLachlan – Media Manager at the Australian Grand Prix Corporation
Bahrain International Circuit
Circuit de Catalunya
Jaypee Sports International
Sameer Gaur – MD and CEO, Jaypee Sports International
Indian Grand Prix
Sepang International Circuit
British Racing Drivers’ Club
Singapore Grand Prix
Yas Marina Circuit
Mark Hughes – Runs operations at Yas Marina Circuit
Circuit of the Americas
Sochi Autodrom
Valencia Ricardo Tormo
Pablo Pernia – Valencia Circuit press officer
New Jersey F1 track

Other F1 accounts

TSL Timing – Timing services for F1 test sessions
Rachael Furn – Timekeeper
CSC Inside Track
Emma Bortnik
Emma Buxton
Bob Constanduros
Mark Gallagher – Ex-Cosworth and Jordan
Flavio Briatore – Ex-Benetton and Renault
Alastair Caldwell – Ex-McLaren
Chris Gregory – F1 technician
Marc Priestley – Ex-McLaren mechanic
John Sertori – Commentator
Ron Howard – Director of Rush
1 (film)
F1 in Schools
Formula 1 Game
Johnny Herbert Karting
Norman Howell – FIA director of communications
Alan van der Merwe
Tom Foy – Press officer
Gary Hartstein – Ex-FIA medical delegate
Ryan McMullan
Pirelli Media
Pirelli Sport
Paul Hembery – Pirelli motorsport director
Mario Isola – Pirelli racing manager
Manish Pandey – Senna film writer
Asif Kapadia – Senna film director
Sidhu and Simon
Infiniti GP
Total F1
Amber Lounge
F1 Rocks
F1 Rocks Afterparty
Juan M Rodriguez – Ex-HRT
Maria Serrat – Ex-HRT
Dan Kidner – Cameraman
Escuderia Telmex – Mexican project which helped get Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez into F1
Adrian Fernandez – Sergio Perez’s manager, former CART racer
Cameron Kelleher
Petri Lehikoinen – Sports performance coach
Kenny Handkammer
Joan Villadelprat

Former F1 drivers

Former F1 teams

USF1 Team

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

F1 Fanatic has three Twitter accounts you can follow:

  • F1 Fanatic – The main F1 Fanatic account with breaking news and more
  • F1 Fanatic Live – Live updates during all F1 race weekend and test sessions
  • F1 Fanatic Update – New articles only: Get a Tweet when something new is published on F1 Fanatic

You can also follow F1 Fanatic editor Keith Collantine on Twitter.

To find F1 Fanatics on Twitter see this forum thread:

F1 media

Other racing series

Separate list for GP2, IndyCar and World Touring Car Championship teams and drivers can be found here:

Here are the official accounts of selected other racing series:

Auto GP
British F3
European F3 Open
Formula Ford
World Endurance Championship
World Series by Renault (including Formula Renault 3.5)

If you follow series other than Formula 1 remember to join the dedicated F1 Fanatic groups and forums for each of them.

How to get started on Twitter

You can get your free Twitter account at www.twitter.com. You can then follow the growing number of F1 drivers, teams and other personalities on Twitter.

If you’ve found a real F1 or other motor racing person or team on Twitter, please post details in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Are they real?

There are many fake F1 Twitter accounts. The ones that admit they are fakers are easy to spot and often very entertaining (like fakemarkwebber and fakemaxmosley).

But there are also some people pretending to run official accounts for drivers or teams. Here is a list of several prominent false accounts identified in early 2012.

If you’ve found a real F1 or other motor racing person or team on Twitter, please post details in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

270 comments on “F1 Twitter directory”

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  1. @vuvuzelaf1renko
    8th September 2010, 22:19

    @BrendonHartley for the GP2

  2. Luciano Borsato
    14th September 2010, 14:26

    Keith, how about Peter Windsor here? http://twitter.com/peterdwindsor


  3. How about tyre manufacturers?

    Andy Stobart, Bridgestone F1 press officer – http://twitter.com/andystobart

    Pirelli – http://twitter.com/Pirelli_Media

  4. http://twitter.com/LewisHamiltonF1

    Is this a fake,.. quite surprised as there are family pics on there! Don’t want to intrude if someone is actually selling him out x

    1. Yes it is fake.

    1. Thanks for that one cholle.

  5. Andy Soucek does not belong to Virgin Racing anymore.

  6. Hi Keith !
    I have a suggestion for your F1 Twitter directory.

    @GregoryHainesF1 http://twitter.com/#!/GregoryHainesF1
    GPUpdate.net F1 editor – English news and video voiceovers

    I recomend all to follow him, he is a very nice guy
    and got a lot of good news about F1/Motorsport.

    Kind regards,

    1. Yup. He is recommended

  7. Just noticed something odd Keith, @Forza_Felipe appears to be active again and the profile now says that its Massa’s personal account. Might be worth looking in to.

    1. It’s an odd one because as I understand it was set up for him while he was in hospital to update people on his progress, so it was given ‘verified’ status, but he didn’t use it after he left hospital. Whether it’s now him posting on it I don’t know but the fact his background image appears to by copy-pasted from the “F1 2010” computer game leaves me suspicious. One to keep an eye on.

      1. Yeah, thats what confused me too because it doesn’t look very convincing ,but if its not him then I’m not sure who it could be, given that the account was set up by friends.

      2. If I remember correctly, it’s Felipe’s brother Dudu Massa who was handling this account before. Maybe it’s still his brother tweeting there?

  8. http://twitter.com/Jules_Bianchi

    Jules Bianchi
    James Allen confirmed on his Twitter account

  9. http://twitter.com/alanvdm

    Alan van der Merwe – the medical car driver

  10. @iamlewis4real is Hamilton according to @TheFifthDriver.

    1. Just added it :-)

  11. Indian GP official accnt @IndianGP

  12. Cristophe Malbranque – twitter.com/F1AlaUne

    Kubica – twitter.com/realrobkubica

    1. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that ‘Kubica’ account is legit, have you?

  13. @Mallesh
    The @IndianGP account is not the official account.

    I confirmed with the Jaypee guys and they referred me to @JPSIsports

    1. Thanks again Ubaid, added to the list.

  14. Connor Mcdonagh
    13th November 2010, 18:42

    i believe that forza_felipe is felipe massa himself

  15. for spanish media you shoud incude @AlejandroBurger from Venezuela, he’s very good and even more now with Pastor Maldonado in F1 for next year!

  16. Jaime Alguersuari’s just changed his Twitter username from @JAIMEALGUERSUAR to @SQUIRE3. Kid’s having too much fun, methinks!

  17. Jenson has renamed his to @JensonButton

    do you think we should have a page where f1fanatic’s users can share their twitter accounts?

    1. and Alguersuari’s is now @Squire3

  18. Not really sure if it’s 100% confirmed, but a posted photo suggests so.

    Mario Andretti is apparently now on Twitter.


  19. Sergio Perez twitter account is http://twitter.com/checoperez17
    please change it

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