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Bahrain Grand Prix start, 2013The Bahrain International Circuit held its inaugural F1 race in 2004. F1’s first venue in the Middle East was built on the site of a former camel farm in the desert south of Manama.

The event attracted international attention in 2011 when it was first postponed, then cancelled following the government’s suppression of pro-democracy protests in February. Formula One’s presence in Bahrain continues to attract criticism.

Bahrain’s grand prix track is typical of most modern circuits, compromising a few long straights and slow corners. In 2010 a longer version of the track was used but it proved unpopular and was dropped after a single race.

For the 2014 race floodlights were installed so the main event could be run at night.

Circuit information

Lap data
Lap length 5.412km (3.363 miles)
Race laps 57
Race distance 308.238km (191.53 miles)
Pole position Left-hand side of the track
Lap record* 1’31.447 (Pedro de la Rosa, 2005)
Fastest lap 1’29.527 (Mark Webber, 2005, fourth practice)
Maximum speed 321kph (199.46 mph)
DRS zone/s (race) Pit straight and third straight
Distance from grid to turn one 380m
Car performance
Full throttle 66%
Longest flat-out section 1205m
Downforce level Medium
Fuel use per lap 1.7kg
Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.054s
2015 prime tyre: Medium (2014: Medium)
2015 option tyre: Soft (2014: Soft)

*Fastest lap set during a Grand Prix

Data sources: FIA, Williams, Mercedes

Bahrain International Circuit track map: 2005-2009, 2012-

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix track map

Bahrain International Circuit aerial map

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