Hungaroring – spectators’ experiences

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Jenson Button, Honda, Hungaroring, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Hungaroring.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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46 comments on Hungaroring – spectators’ experiences

  1. Anybody going to the Hungarian grand prix this year who is thinking of driving from uk and wants to split the cost? My son and I have tickets but we’re on a tight budget…..p.s… we live in mid-France…

  2. Steven said on 16th February 2011, 23:10

    has camping been free in previous years but they are charging this year??

  3. Mark said on 5th May 2011, 12:14

    thanks for all the info above, can anyone advise if they think its possible to leave the track straight after the end of the race (about 4pm i think) and make it to Keleti Train station in time to get a 19.55 train??? and best way to get there, i.e train, taxi or bus quickest. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • You should be ok, its not that far and the circuit empties pretty quickly.

      Prebook an official cab, they have a sticker on their windscreen giving them a fast pass through “Bernie Avenue”, this saved about 45 minutes each morning when we went.

      Have fun!

      • Mark said on 5th May 2011, 14:12

        thanks for the extremely quick response and advice! time to book tickets, train & hotel!!

  4. Andrea said on 15th May 2011, 15:51

    travelling to budapest with my boyfriend in 2011 for grand prix!! can’t wait its our first one!! from reading I gather taxi is the best mode of transport but could anyone tell me how much this would cost for just two of us? is there anyone staying in the city also who would like to share a taxi with us??

    • Erika said on 9th July 2011, 10:41

      From any point of Budapest it cost 9.900 Ft/car ( about 40 eur) the company name is Taxi4

    • Thomas said on 10th July 2011, 5:36

      Hi, Saw your post. I’m staying at the Hilton and would be happy to split the cost. I’m going as a single. I’m currently in the UKand will be in Budapest on the 28th. PS I’m from the US

  5. Laura said on 1st July 2011, 22:26

    Thinking to to surprise my boyfriend with F1 tickets /Hungaroring/. Can anyone suggest which seats give the best/most exciting view of the race? ?Many thanks.

    • vv said on 2nd July 2011, 9:35
      info, circuit map, tickets
      The best grandstands: Gold & Silver

    • Maciek said on 2nd July 2011, 9:39

      hey Laura,

      Can’t help you with seats/views, but since I just came back from visiting Budapest yesterday morning, I have two suggestions: if you’re looking for a place to stay, look up the ‘Jimi Hendrix Guesthouse'; my friend and I had a double room w/own bathroom for 2 nights for a grand total of 48 euros; super nice management, walking distance to Danube views, etc, etc. Second suggestion is, if you have even half a day in the city you have to spend a couple of hours in one of the city’s thermal bath complexes – fantastic. Anyhoo, just sharing, hope someone can help you out for the seats.

    • Andrea said on 4th July 2011, 12:01

      according to many reports, the track is in a bowl shape meaning that no matter where u sit u have a good view with the aid of binoculars. i bought silver 8 as they were quite cheap and appartently u can see quite a lot of the track from there as well as the two bends the stand is situated on. hope this helps!!

  6. Paul said on 18th July 2011, 13:08

    Just booked tickets to f1 Hungary in a bit of a rush! I’m staying in the pest side of city ( mercure hotel) and would be happy to split taxi fare email me directly if you want I’m traveling alone so can fit atleast two more in cab

  7. Stuart said on 20th July 2011, 18:29

    Does anyone know about traffic to the Hungaroring on the Thursday? I’m going for the pit walkabout then camping for the weekend. Is it worth getting an official taxi, or will traffic not be too bad?

  8. Erika said on 20th July 2011, 20:30

    you can find information about the public transport here:

  9. Alex said on 26th July 2011, 21:20

    Is there free Internet wireless at the track?

    I was thinking of ways of improving the racing experience and knowing track position and timing should be a good place to start.

  10. Vicente said on 28th July 2011, 10:51

    If u go by car, u need to pay parking?? I can fit 4 people if u need a ride

  11. Thomas said on 28th July 2011, 11:52

    I have a parking pass. Need transport from the Hilton in Pest

  12. Vicente said on 30th July 2011, 12:13

    As soon I find my ticket i will contact the people that need a ride

  13. Linda C said on 17th September 2011, 22:59


    I’m planning on going to Hungary next year but I want to book my tickets soon to get the discount prices. Anyone know if is a reputable website to buy tickets from?

    Thanks in advance :)

  14. Hello everyone!

    I just ordered two tickets to the f1 race next year. I’m seated at the supergold grandstand.
    My question is, am i allowed to also enter the general admission if I would like to do that?

    Thank you

  15. I hope they are ok Linda as I’ve just ordered too. I think its the same website i bought Hungaroring tickets for a few years ago. They have sent me emails since I went to the Grand Prix there in 09 so It’ll be fine.

    Ordered a package that allows me to sit at different Grandstands on different days. We have the Super Gold Stand on Sunday so we can see the pits & grid. It’ll be good to see the cars from vantage points on other days.

    Don’t worry Johan as Grandstand seats allows you General Admission access. Indeed the highlight of Grand Prix weekends for me is Fridays and Saturdays when we have an opportunity to walk around the track and watch the cars from a few different vantage points. The Hungaroring is a natural bowl and offers fantastic vantage points although maybe the crowd stewards can be a bit pedantic. We (me and the Mrs) plan to do a bit of walking round the track on Fridays and Saturday mixed with some viewing from our seats. On Sunday its too busy usually to walk the track so we’ll take our seat in the stand.