Albert Park, Melbourne – spectators’ experiences

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Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Melbourne Park in Australia.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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46 comments on “Albert Park, Melbourne – spectators’ experiences”

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  1. I went to Oz for a 4 week holiday which turned into 6 weeks cos I got ‘volcanoed’. My brother who I was staying with had already bought 3 day pass tickets and as I remember it these cost him 84 AUS Dollars apiece. Getting there was a breeze, train from Riddells Creek into Southern Cross station and then used Melbournes excellent trams which went direct to gates 1 or 2. I stood at turn 4 where there was raised platforms to aid viewing and had a brilliant time with burger vans and beer tents within a stones throw although I took my own grub and plenty of water. We could see turn 3 as well and also a fair way after turn 4. There was one of those huge TV screens about 100 feet from us so we could watch that in the boring bits, I bought a set of ear defenders which also served as an FM radio which I could tune in to the TV or track commentary, or any thing else for that matter for a reasonable $50. There were loads of support races, the classic cars were numerous and excellent. Having been made partially disabled by a recent RTA I was pleased to see that a separate small grandstand area had been set up in a good spot if I had wanted it. I’ve been to Silverstone a few times (92 was the best) but I have to say that overall it was the best of all times.

  2. Magnificent Geoffrey
    17th November 2010, 4:02

    Just booked my 4-day Jones stand tickets for 2011. Anyone else going to be there and fancy meeting up for a pint?

  3. stephanie isherwood
    21st December 2010, 22:18

    have been in 2000, 01, 04 and 06. First bit of advice I would give is if you are coming from the UK like me don’t do it just for the week (like I did in 2000 and 2006) it’s exhausting!
    Doing the race independantly is dead easy. Flights to Melbourne and a hotel in either St Kilda (walking distance from the circuit) or the city (free tram ride) I’ve always sat in the Fangio stand which has been great for getting views of the pits and the podium. Also if you have a grandstand ticket you can get access up to the paddock entrance. Great for driver spotting and autographs

  4. Hey,

    At 23, the Australian grand prix in 2012 will be my first race. Am ridiculously excited I can tell you!! However, heading out to Australia from the UK is also quite nerve wracking! Funny how the old confidence goes once you’ve pushed the confirm button. Anyway… Having booked my ticket already my question is really to do with getting to see the drivers around the circuit. I’ve been reading a lot of your replies so far and I can’t tell whether it’s worth queuing at the autograph stage, or waiting somewhere else like the driver entrance? Maybe a combination of both? Having studied law for the last five years, I’m quite patient either way, I just fancied getting a bit of inside info on my chances.

    I’ve also seen that in past years fans have arranged meet ups. Anyone planning sommething similar next year?

    Any information would really help. Thanking you in advance :D :D

    1. Hi Becky, I’m from the UK too. Though I’ve been living in Melbourne since I went to the 2010 Grand Prix! I went on a general admission, as there are quite a few great places to watch the race, but next year I’m planning to get a multi-stand ticket. I’d be up for a meet up :D

    2. Hi Becky! Seems like we share a few things in common. I’m nearly 23 and have also studied law for five years, and 2012 will be my first grand prix as well. I’m from Sydney and will be flying down with a friend. Not sure about other fan meet ups, but you’re welcome to join us!

      I’m waiting for the autograph stage schedule before I decide, but I think we’ll be lining up anyway.

      1. Hi Liciti,

        What are the chances of that? Have you done a postgraduate degree too? Or is the normal law degree five years in Australia? Do you have an email address and/or facebook page? I got my ticket through the post this morning, it was all rather exciting.

        Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hi all,
    I attended the Aus GP 2011.
    Ive been to Silverstone before but the whole idea of a street circuit was so atmospheric. Being so close to the cars is unbelievable.
    I went for all 4 days, thurs-sun. Thursday was abit of a novelty day, I went in mainly to pick my spot for the race as I only bought General Admission tickets, which to be honest are ample. The V8’s were on the track on thursday along with a few other demos. Thats led to an obsession with the V8’s! Stunning cars. The Autograph stage was a bit of a joke, the queue’s were huge. Im a McLaren fan and I stood through 4 other teams drivers coming out, and still wasnt anywhere near the stage.
    Friday – I got here early to get my spot for FP1. Sitting just on the exit of T2 on the inside of the track theres a bit of a hill and there was some concrete ‘stands’ at the top of the hill. Was a good place to watch them come through T1 and through T2, and you can also see down the following straight. After nipping out for lunch with some friends I was dropped off at the other side of the circuit and then I experienced the fast T11. Wow, it is definatly worth going to this spot to feel the cars at almost full cornering speed. I then made my way back round the track going the wrong way, T11-T3. Worth a walk round here, again The V8’s were on and some fantastic racing.
    Sat – Arriving early again to get my spot for FP3 and QF, I sat again just on the exit of T2, I have to say I did enjoy it here. Big screen right infront of me, cars zooming past metres from me, brilliant. I sat on the concrete stand again, enjoyed the day massively.
    Sun – arriving mega early, and to get a good spot I would advise this if you are planning to go general admission! I was there at 8am. About 8 people infront of me. Now the thing that really peeved me was when more people came they made there own queues, and started pushing through. So being 9th in the queue i ended up being 30th. Hate arrogance. So if you do get there early and dont want to lose your spot, dont pitch up your camp chairs as you stand at a disadvantage when people push through and you have to pack it up! And on that subject, taking a camp chair is a great idea. I was visiting family in melbourne so luckily they had some i could borrow, if your going on a hol and dont have them, its not a issue but it just means standing! suppose most of the people were sat on the grass, its up to you!
    I didnt get to my beloved spot on the sunday due to arrogant people! but I did get on the front row right next to the exit kerb of T2. And wow, the noise of 24 cars going past at the start, I think my ear drums burst, no lie!! And on that note, take some ear plugs, I couldnt hear out of my left ear for 3 days after! I knew the cars were loud, but underestimated how close i was going to be!!
    Overall a brilliant track, one of my favs and when we do go back down under this will sure be on the ‘to do’ list again!!

    A few other things to note, I stayed at the familys home in murrumbeena, and getting to the circuit was simple, train into southern cross and free tram down to the circuit. You dont have to stay in the centre of melbourne as the public transport system is fantastic here!

  6. Hey everyone, I’m surprising my boyfriend with tickets to Melbourne (we’re from Brisbane) and tickets to the GP 2012! He is a big fan and will really enjoy this. So what I’m looking for is advice on the best tickets to get. I can’t afford a four day ticket or anything. My choices are:

    ONE DAY GRANDSTAND (seating only available at Schumacher stand)
    -is this a good position?


    GENERAL ADMISSION (which according to alot of people here is almost as good)
    – But is it really? I don’t want to worry about not seeing anything.. and do you ge tto see the race or just the cars whiz past?

    Appreciate any help as I have no idea what’s best really! Thanks~

    1. Hi Nina,
      I think with it being a street circuit its the closest you will get to the cars, and you can get to places where on purpose built tracks its hard to.
      Personally, Id go general admission, I sat just on the exit of turn 2 and I saw the cars for a good 5 seconds, braking into turn 1, and then accelerating through turn 2.
      It would, however, get there really early, and get to the front near the fencing and set up there for the day.
      The plus of sitting where I did was there was a big screen opposite so you could see what was going on around the circuit too. Also take a pocket radio as they have a fm station at the track with commentary and info.
      With regards to the cars just whizzing past, I guess the answer is yes. Its F1, the cars are the fastest on earth! but to be honest, the main reason people go is for the atmosphere, for the sound, to witness the speed, and to be honest with you, going away from the track after any race leaves you feeling great.
      Having said that, if you cant get there early enough, I was there at 8am last year!!, the beauty of a grandstand ticket is you can turn up 10 mins before the race and get straight to your seat. Theres plenty on throughout the day to keep you occupied.
      Its up to you!
      Hope this helps.

      Any Q’s ill be happy to answer!

  7. Hey Nina,

    I’d go General Admission. Friday is pretty empty and the last time I went you could sneak into a stand without anyone kicking up a fuss. It was a while ago, so don’t take that to the bank.

    If Turn 5 is open again, sit there for the race, but the beauty of GA is being able to sit in a few different spots. Inside of 6 is good, too but of course there’s a huge area between 2 and 3 and out the back of the circuit. I think GA is better value than the stands, especially as most of the areas have screens now

    1. Hey zerogee, thanks for you reply! Such a big help and I am starting to think that GA is a good way to go. We were only thinking of going in on the Sunday and obviously it will be a busy day. Is GA still better option for the Sunday? And any other tips like get in early on the day? (I assume!) THanks again

  8. I am thinking of buying a 4 day grandstand ticket – What is the best Grandstand to sit in for race day (Sunday)?

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