Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences

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Rubens Barrichello, Honda, Monte-Carlo, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Monte-Carlo street circuit.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

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339 comments on Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences

  1. Hello Ed / Everyone,

    I’ve been on the ACM site today and noticed that you appear to be able to buy/reserve tickets for next years race(2012). I thought the tickets went on sale in November? I thought I’d try my luck, I chose back row seats in K5 (K1,2,3,4,6 back rows showing sold), entered my details and credit card number and got the message ‘your transaction was successful’ and then back to a screen which gave me a reference number and a message ‘ACM is closed for the month of August and will reply in September’. I then went back to the booking screen which shows all available seats and the seats I had entered were now ‘sold’. No money has been taken from my account, but a transaction from Monaco pending, it appears to have reserved the seats. There are stands which appear ‘sold out’ and large areas, which look like corporate/ticket company’s have purchased, showing as sold. Just thought I’d share this, it could be a chance to reserve tickets before they actually go on sale. Has anyone done this before? Please let me know if you are successful.

    Good luck


    • Caroline said on 14th August 2011, 10:23

      Hi Pete

      They have never been on sale this early before, but I have just made a booking as well and as you say, quite a lot of the seats have already been reserved. I am guessing they have decided to release them on sale early. Time will tell!


    • Hi Pete,

      Apologies for missing your query, haven’t logged in for a while. I see you’ve had the answers you need but if I can help at all please ask or PM me.

      All the best

  2. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your reply. It’s the first time we have booked to go to Monaco and were a little apprehensive. I hope other people on the site take advantage and reserve the better seats.

    Which stand have you reserved your seats in? Read that you went last year, any tips?


    • Caroline said on 15th August 2011, 7:50

      Hi Pete

      The web site is usually very good. We have used it for the last 2 years once we found out that you could pick your seats rather than through the agencies where we were not given that option (although it may have changed now.) Only scary bit is that the tickets although it is inferred are sent courier is they come via normal mail.

      We have booked for K1 on Qualifying and K2 on race day as the K1 tickets for race day were only the lower ones.

      Monaco is amazing. The first time we went it felt a little surreal to be stood for the national anthem on the harbour front on race day. I still believe the British has to be the best race for atmosphere purely because of the fans, but Monaco is out there on its own. It is very difficult to describe, you have to experience it. It is the only circuit we have been to where you are so close to the cars.

      Wouldn’t recommend having Fanvision. We have never bothered before, but with the changes in the regs with pit stops etc, decided to go for it so we knew what was happening. For most of the weekend it didn’t work and then the office it had to be returned back to was behind the railway station, which the police had closed off access to so that the station was not clogged up by people going back to their various locations. When we eventually got through the cordons, everyone was complaining about the poor service. We have actually received a refund.

      We stay in Nice and travel in for the 3 days.

      • Hi Caroline,

        Thanks for the information it really sounds amazing, just the thought of it we are already getting excited. Luckily we’ve got a trip booked to Abu Dhabi in November which will take our minds off Monaco for a while. We haven’t booked any seats for qualifying, we are just going to see what’s available on the day. I noticed that the money has been taken from my account, so it looks like the tickets are definitely on sale.

        Thanks again for the advice.

        • Caroline said on 22nd August 2011, 7:24

          Hi Pete

          Yes, I have had the money taken as well. I didn’t get a confirmation number for the booking so dropped them a line and they confirmed they have all the info required.

          Thursay and qualifying tend to be very busy as they are the cheaper of the 2 days so would suggest that if you want to sit somewhere specific would book.

          We are also going to Abu Dhabi in November which we are really looking forward to.


          • Hi Caroline,
            What a small world. We were originally looking to go to India but with the uncertainty we are glad we changed our minds and decided on Abu Dhabi. We are just waiting for the line up of the after race concerts.


  3. John L said on 19th August 2011, 11:51

    Hey All,

    Found this website invaluable when I was booking tickets last year, so have to share my experiences to help those trying to book in 2012 (and beyond).

    I had been to the F1GP in Australia for over 10 years now – so you can imagine how excited I was to be going to Monaco – it was really quite an experience, and one that I will definitely be back for again!

    “itsmitchelltime” gives a number of good points – and I will repeat them:
    1. If you are booking, book via the website, and get Thursday Free. I picked the tickets up from the office on Rue Grimaldi on the Wednesday before and it was quite easy.
    2. If you have tickets, and are walking around on the Friday, take them with you and you get a pit walk. We forgot them, and could only look in the end of the pits.

    As far as accommodation, we were super lucky and had accommodation with a Friend’s family near the Casino. This was awesome as we could go down and have a look at the Casino at night. Seeing Bugatti Veyrons, an Aston Martin One-77, multiple Ferraris and Rolls was a great night time activity.

    The other advantage of staying in Monaco would be the nightlife – where the roads around the harbour become the bars with outdoor bars, bands and DJ’s. I must admit we were out so late on the Thursday night we missed all of the action on the Friday – but we did see the party on the Kingfisher boat – pity there was no talking your way on!!

    I sat in three different spots. Thursday is free seating in the grandstands. We were in stand “B” looking at the Casino. This was good for the screen, and also free Wifi from the Casino.

    On the Saturday we sat in K2 about mid way up. While the Thursday was good, sitting in the harbour area really gives you a sense of what Monaco is all about. As others have mentioned, at the top will let you look over the back to the start / finish straight. Sitting in towards K1 will give you a good view of just after the tunnel, through the chicane, around the harbour and swimming pool, and you lose them in front of the T grandstand. It was also good to have a look at all the parties in the boats when there was no action on the track.

    On Race Day we sat high in Grandstand O. there wasn’t a lot of information on O – so it was a bit of a gamble, but from my point of view it paid off. It was good to have 3 different vantage points. There is a screen on the front of the overpass – handy for knowing what’s going on. In these seats you could basically see where they came around in front of K, around the swimming pool complex, and off around the T grandstand. It was a distance away, but you could also see into the pits. It’ll vary per race, but there were a fair few incidents in front of these grandstands – you never wish harm on anyone, but crashes are always exciting – and this is where Petrov cam to grief against the wall.

    We were lucky that the weather this year was nothing short of spectacular – so sitting in mid 20c temperatures in the sun was amazing (especially knowing it was cold back in Melbourne AUS).

    If you have the option, and the contacts you can get yourself some decent apartment deals. Friends we were staying with scored an apartment with a bit of food and drink for 150 Euros for the Saturday – a great deal considering I’d paid 220 Euros for a grandstand seat! But you have to be in the right place at the right time.

    Monaco is really an amazing place – I went with high expectations, and they were definitely exceeded – but then again, I’m a motorsport nut!

    Oh yeah – Wednesday we caught the public bus from Nice to Monaco (something like 1.50 Euros) and it went down the start / finish straight!

    Go for a walk around on Wednesday – we walked up and down the paddock checking it all out – quite amazing!

    Ask away if you have any questions – as I said at the start, this was such a great help to me – hope this post can help a few others.

  4. Smcg (@) said on 24th August 2011, 8:11

    I need help when it comes to getting tickets/packages to Monaco next year – it’s a present for my partners birthday so we’re looking around for some decent packages. However, my question is have the tickets actually gone on sale yet? There’s nothing about it on, and a few others sites state that tickets haven’t been released yet – but then again I’ve found a couple sites (the most official looking one being proclaiming that they have tickets on sale! Totally confused, and I’d really rather not get scalped – anybody able to help me with this?

    • Caroline said on 24th August 2011, 9:44

      On the official ACM web site they are on sale and Book F1 are also advertising them for sale. This is the first year I am aware of them ever being on sale this early. I checked with ACM that they had received my order and have had confirmation back and the money has been taken.

    • John L said on 24th August 2011, 11:18

      Buy them from this site:

      It’s the official one for Automobile Club de Monaco – and you’re getting them straight from the source. I had no issue last year – and picked up from their office as I booked less than 4 weeks before I was leaving Australia.

      • Smcg (@) said on 24th August 2011, 13:42

        Hi John

        Thanks for that, I tried that website but once I get to the ticket page, it doesnt load it. Tried for a few days now. Any idea? Anybody got any ideas of best places to stay, things to do around the Grand Prix?

        • Hi Smcg

          I booked seats on the ACM website 09 August 2012. I was a little apprehensive, until Caroline, who had used the site before, booked tickets and confirmed they were on sale. The site is really easy to use and gives you the option of picking your seat.

          Get on asap to pick the best seats.

    • Sorry all – been travelling a lot and not logged in for a while.

      Hi Smcg,

      Grandstand tickets are on sale now yes, as the other folks have mentioned, unless a different company is adding value for you (transfers, extras, etc.) buy them direct from the ACM.

      Packages are different and you will have lots of options, from the dreadful to the excellent and it really depends what you are looking for. I don’t mean if you’re looking for dreadful or excellent :), I mean be careful you get good value for money and the best available for that money. There are packages with hotel options in Monaco or Nice or the surrounding areas and Nice is less expensive than Monaco but staying in Monaco is more convenient for the GP. There are race viewing options on balconies without hospitality (which brings the cost closer to grandstands but with the benefit of better view & private facilities), balconies with hospitality (open bar, full catering etc.) and yachts in the harbour. There are also lots of iconic/famous locations which aren’t very good for watching the race so it’s easy to be misled.

      Hope that helps, if you have any more questions or I can help further just let me know.

      Best wishes

      • Cathie said on 31st August 2011, 2:40

        Hi there,
        We’re heading over from Canada next year and having only done the Montreal GP we are quite new to things altho my hubby is a diehard fan and always has been. It gets all so overwhelming! There is so much information out there and all these things you commit to get so expensive~you really want to make the right choices! And especially now that the tickets seem to be one sale…the pressure is on. It sounds like K is a good spot to try for? When you buy these hospitality packages does that include your ‘ticket’ – or do you need a ticket when you are on a balcony?
        Do you know how the Hotel Miramar balcony is for viewing? We are hoping to stay in a Monaco apt – despite the high cost it would be nice to be in the action and avoid trains and crowds.
        Anything you can help with is appreciated. I shall continue reading all this great information in the forum!

        • Hi Cathie

          Great to speak with you the other day and I’m glad you got the emails and photos in the end. I don’t think i answered some of the questions in this post in my emails to you though so here goes…

          K is a good spot for grandstands yes. K1 high is best but is sold out.

          The hospitality options I sent you all include viewing from either a private balcony or yacht, etc. so you do not also need a grandstand ticket as you have a pass for a private facility.

          Mirimar get very crowded, in my opinion it is an OK view but nothing more.

          Hope that helps, if there is anything else just email, post or call, you have my 24hour number.

          All the best

  5. Hi Ed,

    Do you know how i could check out these hospitality options,where i would book them. Also on the website within the grandstand K, which the best seats to book?

    Thanks for all your help

    • Hi Sarah

      I can help you with hospitality options, we have access to all of the good locations in Monaco and a selection of private balconies (with and without hospitality), transfers, hotels, yachts, etc. etc. Feel free to email me directly, via or website or call me – if you click on my name it takes you to our website and all of our contact details are there.

      Or post here, happy to help in any way I can.

      The best seats in K are the top row in K1 but they are sold out, from there it’s a personal preference from what’s left. There are currently seats available in the fifth row from the back of K1. There are also top row of K2 available at the moment.

      Fire away if you have any more queries.
      Best wishes

  6. Rachel said on 5th September 2011, 13:02

    Can anyone help!

    Looking at booking Tickets for the next Monaco Grand Prix (Boyfriends 30th) – Wheres better to be K or L? I’ve have narrowed it down to K or L – but open to suggestions

    • Hi Rachel

      Personally I would go for K. If I chose L i would opt for seats at the far right (as you’re seated facing the track) and then you can see into the pits…but I would go for K.

      At the moment there are seats available near the top row in K3 and there are 4 seats left in top row K5.

      Hope that helps, if there is anything else or if you need help with airport/race transfers, hotels, hospitality, parties, etc. let me know.

      When you’ve decided don’t forget to leave a note here letting others know why you chose where you did :)

      Best wishes

  7. Hey everyone,

    Well I’ve been looking through endless videos and people experiences. So I’ve sorted out most of my stuff, I have a room in Nice, only problem is, I’ve had about 5 friends drop out last minute, you try going to the Monaco GP alone with a camera the size of a desk! so if anyones thinking of going to the race, but has a friend circle like mine which basically isn’t interested, lemme know, maybe we can meet up there!


    • Hi Shivy

      I’m sure you’ll make plenty of friends on the yacht and terrace :)

      Look forward to meeting you.

      All the best

  8. jackie said on 6th September 2011, 8:17

    my husband and i live in adelaide…

    and we are going to monaco in 2012…can you tell us please when is the best time to buy tickets and from where..


    • Hi Jackie


      It depends what you are looking for. If you are simply looking for the cheapest grandstand tickets and to organise everything else yourself (hotels, transfers, extras, etc.) then direct from the Automobile Club de Monaco is cheapest at

      If you are looking for someone to help with grandstand tickets + hotel + transfers + extras etc. and to take all of the work out of pulling together the different elements; or if you are looking for hospitality on a yacht, private terrace, with an F1 team, etc. etc. then I can help.

      In terms of the best time to buy, the sooner you buy the better the locations you will get…particularly with grandstands but also with terraces or yachts.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any queries or if I can help further.

      Best wishes

  9. Hi

    Does anyone have any experience with buying tickets from I looked on the site Ed recommended but they have sold out of the tickets I would like whereas Gootickets still have them!


    • Hi Tina

      I had never heard of Gootickets before so had a look at the site and it is a new site and name for global grand prix, platinum group.

      Where exactly is it you would like to be that the ACM cannot offer you but goo can?

      Best regards

      • Hi Ed

        It is Grandstand O (lower) for the Sunday that ACM do not have any availablity for.


  10. I understand Tina, that wouldn’t be my first choice personally but if that is where you want to be I don’t think you will have a problem with Global GP/Goo.

    Have you considered one of the K stands or T (high), there is still availability in T1 & T2 and you will see into the pits? Just a thought.

    Good luck and have a fantastic time when you’re there, if I can help with anything else please don’t hesitate.

    All the best

  11. Wonder if anyone can help. This year I sat in ‘V’ for the race but that stand is not showing on the SCM website for next year. It is on the list of grandstands giving the price but not on the interactive map.

    Does anyone know why?

  12. How odd. It’s there now. I swear it wasn’t there before

  13. Miruna said on 9th September 2011, 14:03

    Hello Ed,

    Please tell me if in front of K1 is any fence or something like that. Because I would like to buy tickets for K1 low, level E, and I want to know if the view it’s ok.


    • Hi Miruna

      There is not a fence as such but if you go to the website shows you photographs from each grandstand.

      Anything else just ask.

      Best wishes

  14. After endless days reading blogs,researching sites and comparing prices and feeling VERY confused, I happened along to this site which is a treaure trove of valuable information! Finding Ed on here was the bonus as he really helped make sense of the Monaco venue. So much so, we decided to take advantage of some of great offers they offer at Fugare 1 and are now counting the days to our Thursday viewing from a yacht and weekend viewing from their private balconies with full hospitality! Ed’s honesty and genuine interest in the sport helped clinch it for us. We’re also looking forward to being in Nice and using Fugare’s shuttle services to keep it nice and easy. Way too many options out there and most of the places I followed up with didn’t answer or didn’t have current sites. It is a milestone birthday for my hubby and we wanted to make it special and we are sure it will be now! Good luck to everyone finding what they are looking for.

    • Wow!

      Thanks for the testimonial Cathie, really appreciate you taking the time and for the very kind words. Happy to help and looking forward to meeting you and Steve in Monaco next year – I’m sure you will love all three different viewing locations you’ve gone for.

      Best wishes

  15. Hi Ed,

    Can you tell me which K tickets have better view (1-8) if I buy K lower.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Miruna

      I don’t think there is a great deal of difference. From the acm website for Sunday you can buy row 1 on the left facing the track so you’re closer to tabac or row 8 on the right. If it was me personally and I had to choose out of those two options I would go for row 1 left.

      But…you can still buy tickets in rows m, n, o, p in K2 and i would (again personally) probably chose there rather than the other two options.