Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

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David Coulthard, Red Bull-Ferrari, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting Silverstone.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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  1. Christian Briddon
    10th July 2008, 22:34

    The seating confused us as well. Looking at the circuit maps it appears as if Pit Straight B is at the fron of the grandstand but it is actually the read covered part.

    The seating has row’s starting with A at the front and as we were on row G and about in the middle I guess they go back to row P, Q or R (or something).

    As for seat numbers, we were sat in seats 86 and 87 and I was exactly opposite Webbers rear wing. The higher number seats were to my left so if I was in seat 95 (guessing) I would be at the fron of his car/back of Kovi’s car.

    Oh yes, and if it rains don’t expect to be dry just because you are in a covered grandstand. The wind blows the rain into the stand and even when it stopped the GP” cars went past, throwing up loads of spray which was then blown directly in to the stand. Not that it really mattered to be honest!! :-) Just still remember to take waterproofs with you just in case!!

    I hope this helps! I spent most of last year trying to work out where our seats were going to be for the same reason as you!


  2. Oh yes, and if it rains don’t expect to be dry just because you are in a covered grandstand. The wind blows the rain into the stand and even when it stopped the GP cars went past, throwing up loads of spray which was then blown directly in to the stand.

    Yeah I can vouch for that. I was there in ’98 and I’m still not completely dry.

  3. Christian Briddon
    10th July 2008, 23:31

    Give me a day or so and I will have some pictures posted on Flickr. It is taking me a while to sort them though as I managed to take 920 over the 3 days!! I have managed to whittle them down to about 200 though. :-)

    I did a panorama of the pit straigh from our seats while it was empty should give you a better idea of what Pit Straight B is like.

    I’ll post the link when the pics are up….

  4. Christian Briddon
    12th July 2008, 13:20

    Hi all,

    I have finally uploaded all my pictures from this years GP. The race day ones are all taken from Pit Straight B.

    I also have a few videos including one of the start from the same seat.

    Enjoy! :-)

  5. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for sharing your photo’s and video of the start! Most impressive! We have also now booked tickets, for GP ’09 and have also gone for Pit Straight B – hubby’s overall choice! – so see you there!! Fingers crossed for better weather!! ;-)

  6. I’m thinking of buying tickets for the 2009 grand prix for ym boyfriend’s birthday, it being the last at silverstone and all that, and am trying to work out which would be best (without costing tooo much!)

    He says the Complex is the best, which I think is in Luffield, correct? The general admission ones are a tempting price, but do you get a good view from where you can sit? Alternatively the bronze luffield ones seem to involve standing, which sounds a bit tiring to me…

    Any advice much appreciated!

  7. Hi Elin – it depends what you’re after:

    The complex (Bridge/Priory/Brooklands/Luffied/Woodcote) is the slowest part of the track. You’ll see more of the cars for a longer amount of time, so in that sense it’s not bad value. And you’ll probably be able to see the pit lane entrance which will give you a good idea who’s pitted and who hasn’t.

    But it’s not a place that sees much overtaking and it’s quite slow so it’s not very spectacular either.

    If you want to sit somewhere where you can see the cars attacking a high-speed corner, try Copse (also, the first corner, which has its advantages) or Becketts (hugely quick). Bridge, at the entrance to the complex, is also good for this, but it’s a bit hard to see from some of the grandstands.

    Or if you’re hoping to see passing, the entry to Stowe, Vale/Club and Abbey are your best bets.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Christian Briddon
    19th September 2008, 9:28

    We always walk around the circuit and sit in every stand so that we know where we would like to sit next year. :-)

    I thought Becketts and Stowe were a bit far from the track and Stowe had a LOT of fencing and lighting poles to block your view.

    We are in Pit Straight B again for 2009 but if not I would be buying tickets for Copse or Luffield.

    Remember also that General Admission tickets are all standing, generally on a grass bank. You have to get to the circuit very early to get a good place to watch the race. If you go for these take some camping chairs with you! In 2007 we had General Admission tickets and watched from Club which was brilliant!

    Whatever tickets you buy you will have a great time!


  9. What are anyones views on seats in Pit Straight A?

  10. Christian Briddon
    6th November 2008, 10:44

    Hi Donna,

    Pit Straight A is great. You will be able to see the start gird although chances are you will be towards the back of the grid.

    You will also be able to see the pits and the podium.

    Hope this helps.


  11. Can anyone tell me if B22-23 would be a good seat to sit in on Pit straight A Grandstand?

  12. marshaled my 1st GP in 08 at Silverstone. I was on the insdie on the straight between Club and Abbey. Was a good view as yuo could see them accelerating out of Club and then the braking into Abbey. We had a couple of GP2 cars hit the Armco by us and could see when Massa span.

  13. I was there for the 2008 GP. Luffield B but had roaming for Friday and Saturday. If I was going to go back I would consider either Luffield A or Pits Straight. Tried most of the Grandstands out over the course of the weekend without trying my seat until Race day and was slightly disappointed as had a significant concrete area ahead of me and the top of the security fence as well as a communications mast with gyropes.

    On the upside, you could see the cars as they come up from Bridge right through to the Pit Straight so got to enjoy Massa’s spins everytime! I think Luffield A would have got a better view of them though!

  14. Brilliant Circuit. Went in Bronze Stand this year so my son could see a bit better. Complete Rip Off. Cost me a hundred quid each and it was scarcely better than a normal admission. Organisers have completely disregarded the fact that without British Fans there would be no worldwide F1 circus. The point of sport is sport… not for corporate sponsors to make money and effectively ignore the real fans. No infield viewing without a corporate pass, too many people to fit in to the venue. Got in and out absolutely no problem. The entry system is fantastic and policed well. This was the only good bit. Rubbish and won’t go to British GP again. Foreign tracks are now better, you can probably see more and they represent better value for money. Oh and the weather was rubbish as well. Only Lewis Hamilton winning could raise our spirits !

  15. HELP!!!!!
    I’ve been bought a general admission ticket for the british grand prix 09 qualifying and race day and cant wait! However, I’ve never been before so would like some advice as to were the best place to watch it from is. I’m camping so will obviously be there really early. Also are you allowed to take in your own chairs? or do you have to stand if you have a general admission ticket? I would be extremely grateful if someone could answer my questions and maybe give me a few tips as its my first time.

    1. You can take in chairs, but the smaller the better (not just because of concerns about obstruction, but because it will be easier to carry). If you can find one of those rucksacks that has an integrated seat, that would be ideal. If you don’t bring a seat, you will be standing. While there are places where it is theoretically possible to sit, it would be on a grass bank and thus only appropriate if it’s sunny, you bring a towel or something like that and you get there extremely early.

      I know from experience that Club’s a good place to go if you have a general admission ticket because you can see a lot of the circuit. That said, if I’ve heard correctly, there are no truly bad places to watch the race from as long as you get there early – it depends on what you want to see (check Keith’s advice a few posts up from this one).

      There are a number of giant screens around the circuit and if your budget doesn’t stretch to a Kangaroo, try to get in viewing range of one.

      Other hints? Take sunscreen and wellington boots – Silverstone can do pretty much anything except snow at this time of year. Bring your own snacks because the catering, although good, is prone to queues and is not cheap.

      Hope you enjoy yourself!

  16. I’m travelling to Silverstone on Sunday 21st from Norwich, allowing 3 hours to get there. When is the best time to arrive at the circuit? We’re parking on site and have allocated grandstand seats, but I still don’t want to miss a thing because of traffic and general not-knowing-where-to go confusions. I’m looking into staying at hotels in Kettering or Bedford and driving a one hour journey on race day morning rather than 3 hours.

    Any help, advice and recommendations are welcome!

    1. I have a few people staying at my place going to Sundays Grand Prix. I still have some more accomodation available, one double and one double on suite. I am based in Towcester.

      1. Hi Grant,

        We may be interesed in your double en suite
        Can u mail me further details to please


  17. Hi Cheryl,

    On race day last year we were staying in Northampton and got up at 05:30, left the hotel at 06:00 and got to Silverstone for about 07:15. If you leave it any later you will get stuck in HUGE amounts of traffic.

    If you get up REALLY early you won’t regret it.


  18. Thanks for the reply Christian. Staying nearby in a hotel is the only way to go then I guess. I don’t fancy leaving Norwich at 3am in the morning….lol.
    I just wanted someone to confirm what I already suspected. So, many thanks!

  19. Hi, going to Silverstone 2009 and as this will be my first want to make the most of it. Flying down to Luton from Glasgow on the Friday night although only going to race day. Thinking of staying in a hotel near the airport so wondering about journey time from there and when to leave, we have tickets for pit straight A. Prob more of a concern after the race, would a half 6 flight be too optimistic? Was going to hire a car but are there any special buses etc put on and if so where can i find out about them? Thanks

  20. Hi,I have bronze tickets in copse A but this is the first Grand Prix I’ve been to! Is it ok to stay in a hotel and get to the track on each day as long as you leave early enough each morning? I’m taking my girlfriend who has always wanted to go (even more than me!) so she would prefer a hotel to camping. Any tips would be appreciated!


    1. If you’ve got a seat booked, yes. If not, you’ll have to get up very early. Arrive at the track at 6am on Sunday morning and you’ll be lucky to get a good spot.

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