Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

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David Coulthard, Red Bull-Ferrari, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting Silverstone.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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569 comments on Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

  1. Tam said on 10th July 2008, 9:38

    Which Grandstand is the best to watch from – we’re thinking of Pit Straight B?

  2. Tam said on 10th July 2008, 10:43

    FAO Christian Briddon – was Pit Stright B worth the extra cash?

  3. Tam said on 10th July 2008, 10:48

    Is Pit Straight B a good Grandstand to watch from Christian B or is Luffield A or Woodcote B better? About the book tickets for 2009 and this being first time to see F1, want to make sure I get the biggest bang for my buck!!

  4. Christian Briddon said on 10th July 2008, 16:42

    Hi all,

    To answer your questions about pit straight b, yes, it it well worth the extra money.

    We watched Friday practice 2 from Luffield A and Qualifying from Luffield B (for a bit of variety) and I was thinking that maybe they were the tickets to have as you see more of the track and more importantly some curves! :-) However, come Sunday we both thought that pit straight B was the best place. We were sat directly opposite Webber’s car and got the full force of the atmosphere!!! We saw the start, the finish and the podium. We also saw the pit stops which was amazing.

    The only bad thing about Pit Straight B was that you just saw the cars drive past rather then doing anything else like turning, but this was not really an issue.

    I have actually just booked tickets for next year this morning and once again gone for Pit Straight B.

    It is well worth the extra!

  5. Tam said on 10th July 2008, 18:38

    Hi Christian,

    Another Q about Pit Straight B – where you were sat, was it right at the back? Only it states it is covered, but the only covered part, looking at the pictures anyway, is right at the back/highest point of that Grandstand? The front section I’m assuming is Pit Straight A? Any idea of seat numbering? Is A down at front and Z at back for example?

  6. Christian Briddon said on 10th July 2008, 22:34

    The seating confused us as well. Looking at the circuit maps it appears as if Pit Straight B is at the fron of the grandstand but it is actually the read covered part.

    The seating has row’s starting with A at the front and as we were on row G and about in the middle I guess they go back to row P, Q or R (or something).

    As for seat numbers, we were sat in seats 86 and 87 and I was exactly opposite Webbers rear wing. The higher number seats were to my left so if I was in seat 95 (guessing) I would be at the fron of his car/back of Kovi’s car.

    Oh yes, and if it rains don’t expect to be dry just because you are in a covered grandstand. The wind blows the rain into the stand and even when it stopped the GP” cars went past, throwing up loads of spray which was then blown directly in to the stand. Not that it really mattered to be honest!! :-) Just still remember to take waterproofs with you just in case!!

    I hope this helps! I spent most of last year trying to work out where our seats were going to be for the same reason as you!


  7. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 10th July 2008, 23:06

    Oh yes, and if it rains don’t expect to be dry just because you are in a covered grandstand. The wind blows the rain into the stand and even when it stopped the GP cars went past, throwing up loads of spray which was then blown directly in to the stand.

    Yeah I can vouch for that. I was there in ’98 and I’m still not completely dry.

  8. Christian Briddon said on 10th July 2008, 23:31

    Give me a day or so and I will have some pictures posted on Flickr. It is taking me a while to sort them though as I managed to take 920 over the 3 days!! I have managed to whittle them down to about 200 though. :-)

    I did a panorama of the pit straigh from our seats while it was empty should give you a better idea of what Pit Straight B is like.

    I’ll post the link when the pics are up….

  9. Christian Briddon said on 12th July 2008, 13:20

    Hi all,

    I have finally uploaded all my pictures from this years GP. The race day ones are all taken from Pit Straight B.

    I also have a few videos including one of the start from the same seat.

    Enjoy! :-)

  10. Tam said on 13th July 2008, 9:21

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for sharing your photo’s and video of the start! Most impressive! We have also now booked tickets, for GP ’09 and have also gone for Pit Straight B – hubby’s overall choice! – so see you there!! Fingers crossed for better weather!! ;-)

  11. I’m thinking of buying tickets for the 2009 grand prix for ym boyfriend’s birthday, it being the last at silverstone and all that, and am trying to work out which would be best (without costing tooo much!)

    He says the Complex is the best, which I think is in Luffield, correct? The general admission ones are a tempting price, but do you get a good view from where you can sit? Alternatively the bronze luffield ones seem to involve standing, which sounds a bit tiring to me…

    Any advice much appreciated!

  12. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 18th September 2008, 16:34

    Hi Elin – it depends what you’re after:

    The complex (Bridge/Priory/Brooklands/Luffied/Woodcote) is the slowest part of the track. You’ll see more of the cars for a longer amount of time, so in that sense it’s not bad value. And you’ll probably be able to see the pit lane entrance which will give you a good idea who’s pitted and who hasn’t.

    But it’s not a place that sees much overtaking and it’s quite slow so it’s not very spectacular either.

    If you want to sit somewhere where you can see the cars attacking a high-speed corner, try Copse (also, the first corner, which has its advantages) or Becketts (hugely quick). Bridge, at the entrance to the complex, is also good for this, but it’s a bit hard to see from some of the grandstands.

    Or if you’re hoping to see passing, the entry to Stowe, Vale/Club and Abbey are your best bets.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Christian Briddon said on 19th September 2008, 9:28

    We always walk around the circuit and sit in every stand so that we know where we would like to sit next year. :-)

    I thought Becketts and Stowe were a bit far from the track and Stowe had a LOT of fencing and lighting poles to block your view.

    We are in Pit Straight B again for 2009 but if not I would be buying tickets for Copse or Luffield.

    Remember also that General Admission tickets are all standing, generally on a grass bank. You have to get to the circuit very early to get a good place to watch the race. If you go for these take some camping chairs with you! In 2007 we had General Admission tickets and watched from Club which was brilliant!

    Whatever tickets you buy you will have a great time!


  14. Donna said on 2nd November 2008, 16:49

    What are anyones views on seats in Pit Straight A?

  15. Christian Briddon said on 6th November 2008, 10:44

    Hi Donna,

    Pit Straight A is great. You will be able to see the start gird although chances are you will be towards the back of the grid.

    You will also be able to see the pits and the podium.

    Hope this helps.