Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium – spectators’ experiences

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Tell us about your experiences of visiting Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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839 comments on Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium – spectators’ experiences

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  1. congealedmeat (@congealedmeat) said on 10th September 2011, 1:17

    Nick above has pretty much summed up my experiences this year as well. We were in the 3rd row of Grandstand Gold 3 and I was fairly dry, but occasionally not depending on wind.

    If I were to go again I would try to get seats 6-7 rows up and on the far right side if you are facing the grandstand(section D). I was in section A and you could only see the tops of the cars into Radillon.

    That said, watching Eau Rouge from this position was excellent. I don’t know how people settle for General Admission tickets.

    I stayed at a hostel in Liege, but had it not been for a nice American(Dave). My friends and I would have had a rough time making it to and from the track being car-less! I would rent one next time if I go unless Dave is there too!

    If you do stay in Liege getting to the track is pretty simple. Take the train from Liege-Guillemins station to Pepinster and then to Spa. Apparently there are buses at the train station on Saturday and Sunday, but there were none Friday, so we grabbed a 30 euro taxi up to the track for practice.

    I would definitely watch another race at Spa. One of the most beautiful tracks without a doubt.

  2. ShivyF1 (@shivyf1) said on 21st September 2011, 21:47

    Hey everyone,

    This is a fantastic forum, I’m so glad i came across it a few months ago. I booked monaco 2012 with the help of this site, so its invaluable for definate! So I’m a professional photographer, been hitting races F1 and non F1 for the past few years and i want to get Spa under my belt before it becomes extinct! I heard through the grapevine, 2012 could be the final year of it’s current contract. The thought of it also being Schumacher’s final Spa race has kinda got me realizing i just better go in 2012 otherwise I’ll regret it for a very long time!! So as a photographer and being a spectator at silverstone for 4 years now, i do know one thing….u can’t get general admission on raceday, especially if you’re alone. You would literally have to hold your bowels for about 8 hours or you lose your space! So I suppose I wanted to ask people, where are the best place to take photos from on the friday? I’m considering getting grandstadn silver 2 before Eau Rouge for the weekend but walking around for the friday and saturday with the camera and then enjoying the race on sunday. The first 3 corners are literally grandstand central, but most of the circuit is just general admin and I’m expecting amazing backdrops for amazing pictures. Moneys not an issue for me, I looked at Gold Eau rouge, but the stand has pillars which ruin your pictures and like most races, I bet my left leg people stand in the grandstand when the race starts, coz sittings just not enough…!! any help would be most appreciated!


    • congealedmeat (@congealedmeat) said on 23rd September 2011, 1:08


      Your ideas will likely work out great. I’m not sure about photos from Gold 3 though. Check out my video from section A row 3. There is a fence and pillars most of the way up Eau Rouge and you can only see the tops of the cars in Radillon. I checked out the rest of the stand and it didn’t seem to get much better if you go higher either. Why didn’t they build steeper stands??

      They will not allow you to stand up at the front to take photos either, I saw them ushering all kinds of photographers away after less than a minute.

  3. al (@alanr35) said on 30th October 2011, 22:07

    Just booked our 2012 tickets and hopefully our pitch in the elephant campsite. I’m in need of a little guidance from anyone willing to give it….. We plan to truck on home on Sunday, What is the likely hood of getting back to the Eurotunnel for 22.42 departure ?? It means being underway not sat in queues by 7 for a 3 hour journey. Otherwise it means a 01.48 train gulp. so may as well stay camped up Sunday and leave Monday. Thanks and see you there al.

  4. lynseyc (@lynseyc) said on 2nd November 2011, 13:53

    Just booked next years tickets already, it will be the 3rd year at Spa and wouldn’t buy any other tickets than GA.I love this circuit so much that I’m sacrificing Silverstone next year to go as can’t afford both.

    We camped at the Elephant and will be going back there next year, a great campsite with hot showers which are clean along with the toilets which are the cleanest I’ve seen on a campsite. In reply to the post about adding more showers for next year, there are more than enough and the maximum wait was 5 minutes or so on Saturday and Sunday morning. The first year we camped at L’eau Rouge campsite and for me the Elephant wins hands down. The team are so much more friendlier, Michael was really helpful when booking and nothing was too much trouble. We had a electric pitch as I can’t cope with not being able to plug my hairdryer and straightners in for a weekend!

    And to top it all off there’s a fantastic local pub a couple of minutes walk away where it was something like 1.20euro for a bottle of Jupiler.

  5. Catersam said on 15th November 2011, 14:40

    What’s the website for The Elephant? I tried various links and clicking on Michael’s name, but it didn’t seem to lead to the correct site.

    Also, Elephant-regulars, in the mean time could you let me know how much it would be to stay from Thursday night through until Monday morning?


  6. Have booked my tickets for spa for 2012! Treated myself and my Dad to covered Grandstand tickets this year as last time round we fell foul of the Spa weather! It’s such a great track that we decided to try it again. Last time we stayed at a small B&B in nearby Hockai which was a perfect little base but this time we will be camping. I booked the camping at the same time as the tickets. I’m not sure what the track’s campsites are like but hopefully ok. Should’ve looked on here first really as it sounds as though Elephant would have been a good one to try. Definately looking forward to it though. My annual GP visit is the highlight of the year!

  7. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 9th December 2011, 13:50

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