Derek Daly

When your career as a racing driver is best remembered for the few seconds that you got your job spectacularly wrong you know you have image problems. Such is the case for Derek Daly, who is most famous for his genre-defining first corner crash at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1980. That was during his first full year of Formula One and he showed himself to be a talented hard charger.

Driving for March in 1981 was always going to be a thankless task but he showed well enough to be drafted into Williams in 1982 after Carlos Reutemann retired. He partnered Keke Rosberg, who had risen from similarly inauspicious backgrounds yet was champion that year. Daly moved stateside for 1983 and had some success in Indy Cars before becoming a commentator for ESPN.

(nb. For the die-hards, he is not to be confused with the Formula Ford perennial of the same name.)

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