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Australian V8 at COTA some thoughts

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    I wasn’t there in person, watched it on Fox Sports Speed channel.
    First off I have to say the broadcast was done in an excellent manner.
    They of course made comparisons to NASCAR while explaining the cars and such, but they didn’t dumb it down or anything and made it seem interesting. I think any NASCAR fan or lover of motorsports would have had their interest piqued in the lead up to the first race.

    Secondly, during one of the races (out of the confusing multiple format, get to that in a moment) the broadcaster started showing on board close up shots of one of the drivers feet and the absolute magical dance he was doing with the pedals. Next, the Aussie commentator said they were going to follow that car for a full onboard lap and to “turn up the volume on the television”. The commentator shut his mouth, I cranked the TV to almost max, and what followed was darn near motorsport perfection! OMG the sound the sound the sound. Plus, the driver banging through the quickshifter, jumping curbs, wrestling the wheel. It was fantastic. The network cycled through the different on board shots during the lap as well, on the dash, over the shoulder, and footwell shots. My hat is off to the FOX Speed producer who let this roll.

    Now for the bad.
    I have watched V8 Supercar footage of course being a motorsports fan. Stuff on youtube. The mighty Bathurst circuit, that loon drifting after his win last year! checking out the new AMG entry etc.
    But, living in the states and not realizing they are now showing all the races here on TV I had never watched a full race. So, I had never seen their pitstop procedure.
    As I was watching I got excited because they were ducking into the pits en masse. I then became confused because it seemed as if all the cars had stopped in the pitlane and also there were pit/team personal calmly walking across the pitlane. Why was this? What was happening.
    Well, I came to find out the cars were actually moving, at a whopping 40kmh per hour!!!!!!!! A whopping 24.85 MPH!!!!!!!!
    And THEN, after pulling away from their pits there is to be no “burning of rubber”, in fact there was a team that got penalized for the briefest of burn out.
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????
    Sure, lets keep the pits safe, but this is ridiculous. Absurd. Laughable.
    I GUARANTEE the average NASCAR fan who might have gotten a bit interested in Aussie V8’s will be forever lost once they see that.

    And then the race format. It confused the heck out of me. It was like four races of 100kms each? Or something like that? Made absolutely no sense. The drivers on the podium after the first race couldn’t swig their champers because they had to get back in the car.

    There seemed like there could be such promise. The cars are loud, the racing is rubbing motto applies, the ad verts and liveries are bold and obnoxious (interesting the similarities between Aussie’s and Americans preferences and personalities. Got Jack Daniels or Jim Beam anyone?).

    Was really interesting all and all and if those figures were correct, 68,000 is a pretty darn good turnout for this event. With a few changes I think these Supercars could really catch on in the ole US of A.

    Or not.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    With regards to the pitstops, they’re a necessary evil. Some of our circuits – namely Barbagallo, Symmons Plains and Homebush Bay – have very tight pit lanes and very cramped pit boxes. It might look like a joke on the super-wide lane in Austin, but back home the pit crews come very close to standing in the lane.



    @prisoner-monkeys Ahhhhhhhh, thank you. There had to be some sort of near logical reason for the turtles pace in the pitlane. I can get that. Maybe it should be a by the circuit type limit? That would get confusing I guess with the pit limiters and rules and such. Sigh, if any series needs wheel spinning sideways out of the pits action it’s this one!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Actually, it’s a hangover from the old Canberra circuit. The pits were notorious for being very narrow with a high-speed approach. The old speed limit was 60km/h, but it was revised to 40. The race was removedf from the calendar two years later, but the speed limit remained.



    I’m pretty sure Speed channel didn’t actually have anything to do with the production (well might have provided the production trucks & camera crew) as it was pretty much the standard Channel 7 broadcast from what I could tell (based off of watching the Channel 7 broadcast on streams for most rounds), they had the Aussie on-screen sponsorship and stuff that when they did Bathurst a few years back and had a Speed specific feed wasn’t shown.

    And yup we do get all the races (save for Melbourne) on TV here on Speed Channel, however they are shown on a few week delay & are heavily edited to fit into the allotted timeslot. Also I have no idea how that is going to change when Speed becomes FOXSports 1 in a few weeks.



    I think a bit needs to be done when the V8 Supercar series goes abroad. In Abu Dhabi in 2012 the races were split into 3 sprint races, each of 12 laps (or roughly 30 minutes). I got the sense that this fantastic series was selling itself very short. It isn’t like the Porsche Supercup: A one make support series, with grids filled mostly gentlemen racers, happy to be on the F1 bill , trying not to get in the way or ruin anything for the F1 guys. The Aussie V8’s are loud and brash, the drivers and racing are top quality, they should have demanded more track time to give themselves a fair shot at marketing themselves to a new audience. As there were no other support races they should have got it too, it would have made the build up to the GP even better.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think the problem with the race format in Austin was that the organisers wanted to be able to say they had four races on over the weekend instead of two, even if the two races would both have been twice as long as the four individual races they used.

    For next year, I think they should do 250km on the short circuit, and 250km on the long.



    i reckon they shouldn’t use the National Circuit Route At all
    It cuts out 2 Overtaking Opportunities, T11 & T12 on the regular layout, and I found the racing a bit boring in some parts.
    And the Points System for the 4 races I also didnt like. They should stick with 1 Saturday Race and 1 Sunday Race so everybody knows the System off by heart, instead of confusing it for viewers (including myself)



    I actually though the National Circuit provided better racing then similar cars (Grand-Am GT) on the GP Circuit.

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