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Bargwanna calls Moffat “a complete moron” after crash

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    Keith Collantine

    Another one for the “if only F1 drivers gave more quotes like this” collection. Jason Bargwanna on James Moffat after their crash at Sandown last weekend:

    “The guy’s a complete moron and needs to be sent home. The damage he’s done to our car is ridiculous and he needs to be penalised massively.”

    It’s not very clear from the video what happened:


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Bargs is over-reacting. He was off-line going into the Dandedong Esses, got tagged when he moved over, and threw a hissy fit when the inevitable happened. Moffat probably could have given him a bit more room, but I don’t think either was more responsible for the other.



    Bargwanna is a driver well past his not so high prime anyway. As you can see in the video, visibility was dreadful. Although I am not a fan, Moffat is in his rookie year and made a small mistake. He has a future in the sport though I don;t believe he will be a champion

    It is good to see drivers being able to speak their mind, Dumbrells comments on van Gisbergan were another example…although it always seems to be drivers who are on the way out.



    Bit harsh considering how diabolical the conditions were. Just have a look at the standing water on the apex as the leaders go through 5sec into the video.

    On another note, judging by the picture of Bargwanna on the wall in the garage it looks like Brad Jones is missing out. He could fit heaps of sponsors logos on Barg’s forehead.



    I think this guy has a temper. I remember watching something on the news about 10 years ago about a big crash at Phillip Island where a white Valvoline Holden car flipped at the start – and I think it was Bargwanna. They showed him afterwards having a go at the driver he thought caused the accident and it was quite aggressive. If it wasn’t actually him, I apologise, but I’m sure someone on here might know and be able to correct me.

    Glad there’s none of this hot-headed and aggressive nonsense in F1. Apart from Maldonado in Spa, of course. ;)



    Great quote, but I don’t think either can really be criticised…

    For Moffat, he has the weather and inexperience to excuse him.
    For Bargwanna, he just got taken out of the race and it was 100% the other guys fault.



    Yeah that was him @damonsmedley but he certainly was entitled to go off:

    Also, I think I’ve never seen Brad Jones happy, he’s always manages to put a negative spin on everything!



    Takes one to know one….. Time to hang up the boots Jason



    That would make him (Moffat) a ” chip of the old block” then.



    Had to just throw this one in here:

    Not really clear what happened, nice quote though. Heard worse in F1 to be honest!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Jason Bargwanna has been voted (equal) “dirtiest driver” of 2011 by the other drivers on the grid:

    Who is the dirtiest driver in 2011?
    Bargwanna = 21%
    Van Gisbergen = 21%
    T. Kelly = 14%
    No comment = 11%
    Moffat = 7%
    Others = 26%

    He’s also been voted the worst driver of 2011:

    Who was the worst driver in 2011?
    Bargwanna = 29%
    Reindler = 14%
    No comment = 14%
    Fiore = 11%
    T. Kelly = 7%
    Others = 25%

    Fabian Coulthard (Bundaberg Rum) has moved from Walkinshaw Performance to Brad Jones Racing, taking the car (Jana Living) currently occupied by Bargwanna. There is no word yet on where Bargwanna might go.



    I hope he doesn’t get a seat, there are so many good young guys and I don’t think Bargawanna has what it takes anymore.

    @prisoner-monkeys is there anything known whether Brad Jones will stay with three cars nxt year and if so who will be driving it??


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Please forgive me in advance, @silverkeg – this might get a little complex.

    V8 Supercar teams have the right to race through a Racing Entitlement Contract (REC). An REC guarnatees a grid place under a particular racing number. The total number of RECs is controlled by V8 Supercars Australia (VESA). VESA mediate all transactions of RECs – anyone who wants to buy and sell must do so through them. They also have the power to make more RECs available and expand the grid, or repossess RECs (as happened with the IntaRacing farce a few years ago) at will.

    Brad Jones Racing will continue to run three cars. BJR itself only has two cars, but the third – Britek (the #21 Fair Dinkum entry driven by Karl Reindler) – is run as a satellite team. It shares facilities with BJR and receives technical support, but the management (driver selection, securing sponsors) is run by someone else. In this case, Jason Bright. There is currently no word on who might drive the Britek car; Karl Reindler and Fair Dinkum have been linked to a move to Kelly Racing, replacing David Reynolds in the #16 Stratco car, who is expected to move to another team.

    There are a few known moves elsewhere, though. Paul Morris Motorsports (#39 Supercheap Auto and #49 VIP Petfoods) is believed to be disbanding. One of their Racing Entitlement Contracts and their two Commodores are expected to go to Tekno Autosports (Jonathon Webb, #19 Mother Energy). The other REC – probably Steve Owen – is believe to be going to Dick Johnson Racing, along with Tekno’s current Falcon. DJR is also expected to for an alliance with Triple F Racing (Dean Fiore, #12 WesTrac) and become a four-car team. This is because the current #18 REC (James Moffat) is being leased from Charlie Schwerkolt, who had a falling out with Dick Johnson in the middle of 2010. Schwerkolt owns the #18 REC, but will leave at the end of 2012.

    And that’s without taking into account number changes. An REC is registered in a particular number, but that number can be changed and the registered number is put aside. If DJR acquire the Triple F and Paul Morris RECs, they will likely change the nubmers (so too Tekno Autosports) because the current PMM numbers are significant to Morris himself.



    @prisoner-monkeys I understand all the REC stuff, I just refer to all alianced teams as one.

    I decided to start a new topic for all this because the off-season in V8 Supercars always seems to be a bit messy and hard to follow. You seem to have a good handle on it all though.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Right, well, I wasn’t sure whether you followed V8 Supercars that closely, or if you’re even Australian (or a New Zealander).

    Believe me, I wish I didn’t have as extensive a grasp on it as I do. I finished university a month ago, and right now, I’m waiting for the semester to end (other commitments have kept me here). It’s been pretty darn boring, particularly over the past few days since most people have left and I’ve been stuck in a kind of limbo.

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