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Bathurst 2012 – the 50th Anniversary of The Great Race

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    Keith Collantine

    Awesome finish!



    what an epic last lap and a classic Holden v Ford duel, credits to whincup and reynolds for keeping the battle clean.
    i cant imagine if it was Hamilton and Maldonado battling there, it will end in tears i guess



    What an amazing finish, one of the best Motorsport finishes in the world ever i think. The prestige of the event, 50 years of the greatest Australian sporting event and the race that stops the nation. To have such a classic rivalry of Ford vs Holden come to a head at the final time that they will do battle one on one at Bathurst. Also for many years Holden has been the bigger corporate company and and the teams have been well supported and have been dominant, and ever since the years of Dick Johnson, through to Glenn Seton and then Stone brothers racing, ford have always been the under dogs. In the Australian demeanor we have always liked an underdog, so to see one of the smaller teams form ford (Rod Nash Racing) take it up to the might of the teamvodafone holdens that have dominated for years, combined with the extremely intense battle in the closing stages, means that it is one of the greatest finishes ever at Bathurst and therefore one of Australia’s best sporting moments


    Matt Clark

    Well said Baldry.


    Mark Hitchcock

    I was fully expecting Reynolds to just stuff it down the inside at the last corner and hope for the best. What did he have to lose?



    I was hoping Reynolds would too, maybe at Forrest Elbow, but he could never get it out of the dipper quick enough.
    Whincup has since stated that he nearly went off at the last corner, apparently he had the rears locked up and only just hung onto it. What a shame.


    Keith Collantine

    Got five hours to spare? Watch the full race here:

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