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2013 BTCC drivers and teams

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    Also announced today was the extention of the ITV contract to 2017. with much the same level of coverage as now

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    James Cole splits with Team HARD. with immediate effect.

    Seems interesting as Cole has a competition to win a drive in his BTCC car at the end of the year? guess that wont happen now.

    Not seen the news else where yet though.

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    I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that, good to see he’s planning on coming back in 2014 though. HARD down to 2 cars now until/if Howard Fuller and Robb Holland show up.

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    Tony has been making comments about dusting off his racesuit so maybe he will step in again for now?

    I was thinking the other day that the Insignias aren’t showing the same pace as the Passat has been

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    Times from the first day of the Dunlop tyre test at Snetterton today.

    1. Sam Tordoff – MG 1:57.134
    2. Jason Plato – MG 1:57.806
    3. Andrew Jordan – Pirtek-Honda 1:58.322
    4. Tom Onslow-Cole – HARD-Volkswagen 1:59.243
    5. Colin Turkington – Ebay-BMW 1:59.710
    6. Nick Tandy – Addison Lee Motorbase-Ford 1:59.800
    7. Jack Goff – HARD-Vauxhall 1:59.887
    8. Ollie Jackson – Speedworks-Toyota 2:00.014
    9. Rob Collard – Ebay-BMW 2:00.018
    10. Mat Jackson – Airwaves-Ford 2:00.140
    11. Frank Wrathall – Dynojet-Toyota 2:00.491
    12. Daniel Welch – Welch-Proton 2:00.728
    13. Liam Griffin – Addison Lee Motorbase-Ford 2:00.828 (JST)
    14. Mike Jordan – Pirtek-Honda 2:00.843
    15. Will Bratt – Rob Austin-Audi 2:01.060
    16. Aron Smith – Airwaves-Ford 2:01.202
    17. Nick Foster – Ebay-BMW 2:01.549
    18. David Nye – Welch-Ford 2:02.700 (JST)
    19. Robb Holland – HARD-Vauxhall 2:02.965
    20. Ian Loggie – Speedworks-Toyota 2:06.038

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    All the times for the second day of the tyre test.

    1. Jason Plato – MG 1:57.248
    2. Sam Tordoff – MG 1:57.722
    3. Jack Goff – HARD-Vauxhall 1:57.789
    4. Rob Collard – Ebay-BMW 1:57.845
    5. Aron Smith – Airwaves-Ford 1:57.949
    6. Colin Turkington – Ebay-BMW 1:57.982
    7. Andrew Jordan – Pirtek-Honda 1:58.118
    8. Mat Jackson – Airwaves-Ford 1:58.240
    9. Nick Tandy – Addison Lee Motorbase-Ford 1:58.479
    10. Mike Jordan – Pirtek-Honda 1:58.601
    11. Tom Onslow-Cole – HARD-Volkswagen 1:58.728
    12. Frank Wrathalll – Dynojet-Toyota 1:58.912
    13. Ollie Jackson – Speedworks-Toyotoa 1:58.932
    14. Daniel Welch – Welch-Proton 1:59.401
    15. Jeff Smith – Pirtek-Honda 1:59.627
    16. Will Bratt – Rob Austin-Audi 2:00.225
    17. Nick Foster – Ebay-BMW 2:00.399
    18. Warren Scott – HARD-Vauxhall 2:00.560
    19. Rob Austin – Rob Austin-Audi 2:01.239
    20. David Nye – Welch-Ford 2:01.826 (JST)
    21. Joe Girling – HARD-Vauxhall 2:02.345
    22. Richard Hawken – Speedworks-Toyota 2:04.096

    Some drivers ran in different cars throughout the day so I’ve taken their best times.

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    James Kaye will compete in the S2000 Civic for AMD-Tuning for the remainder of the season.
    The VW Golf was damaged at Donnington and never regained its (lack of) speed.

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    Keith Collantine

    No AMD at Rockingham:

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    How is replacing the quicker Civic with the dog-slow Golf good news?
    Unless they bring an NGTC next year they may as well not bother running.

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    Iestyn Davies

    In slightly off-topic news, I saw the Andrew Jordan Honda Civic on the M53 the other week, which I thought was random in that there was no action that I know of at Oulton Park (closest circuit?) at the time. I didn’t know that the cars are driven around in everyday life, either? I notice that he has won half the races either side of me seeing the car on the motorway, though! Looks like he is going to win the championship… I need to start watching BTCC again!

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    Bradley Downton

    They’re not allowed to drive the race cars on the road.

    Or do you mean it was in the truck/trailer?

    The only other explanation is someone has forked out a ton of money to get their road-worthy Honda Civic liveried up like Andrew Jordan’s.

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    Eurotech do have a display car which is a road legal previous-gen Civic in the Pirtek livery, it could have been that but I don’t know why it would be on the M53?

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