World Endurance Championship

2012 World Endurance Championship round four: Silverstone

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    Keith Collantine

    Over two months have passed since the Le Mans 24 Hours, now the World Endurance Championship cars are about to resume action at Silverstone.

    it kicks off a busy period for the championship with five races in the next two months including Interlagos and Fuji.

    It will mark the second contest between Audi and Toyota and hopefully this one will go down to the chequered flag following Toyota’s double retirement at Le Mans.

    Here in the UK the six-hour race is live in full on @motorstv with coverage starting at 11:30am, race start at noon. It looks like the final hour or so is also live on Eurosport.

    If there’s enough people watching it I’d be happy to run F1 Fanatic Live during the race so we can share it together. Do let me know if you’re interested.

    F1 Fanatic Live will be running already for that evening’s IndyCar race at 9:30pm so the two fit quite nicely together.



    I would, but I’ll be at the circuit! Looking very much forward to it.

    I’ve found a spotters guide here by the brilliant Andy Blackmore.

    Shame to see only 1 Toyota racing, but after Le Mans it’s hardly a surprise. No Quick Nick in the Rebellion either. Having Tonio Luizzi to make up for it is not quite the same.



    I’m well pumped for this race. I reckon it could go down to the wire. 6 hour sprint race. Now that would be something.

    If you run f1flive then I’ll probably tune in :)



    What is the classification now?



    Brilliant weekend spent at Silverstone. Well well well worth the £30 ticket price (plus £25 for camping). It’s hard to buy tickets to any out-and-about activity for £30 nowadays, let alone a full weekend of endurance racing with near-enough unrestricted grandstand & paddock access and pit walk.

    I’ll have a few photos at some point soon. The whole experience was great, the circuit had plenty of people but wasn’t crowded (plenty of elbow and leg room), the racing was top-notch, the weather was mostly good, and I got to meet Martin Brundle, which was worth the trip alone!

    One thing I would say is that the next step of Silverstone’s grand plan really does need to include better access to the new paddock area. There are only 2 entrences to the infield in the south half of the circuit, and that includes a long walk round to the Hangar Straight bridge (from which point you have to walk all the way round the north end of the Stowe circuit to reach the Wing), or you have to treck all the way through the old paddock and along the thin sliver of land between Becketts and the new Arena loop. Both of these are now a long way from where the main fan areas of the circuit are (from Club up to Luffield).

    There really needs to be a couple of bridges or tunnels allowing access to the southern infield at Club/Vale and/or Abbey.

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