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Endurance racing this weekend: Bathurst 12 Hour

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    Hi everyone,

    This weekend is the 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour – Bathurst’s other major event after the 1000 – and you can watch all of the action live over the internet on their website here. At least you can in Australia, I don’t know if it works elsewhere.

    The race starts at 6:15am on Sunday February 9 AEDT, which is 7:15pm on Saturday GMT.

    Something to quench your thirst for motorsport ;)

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    The stream works in the UK too. It’s also on

    Just watched qualifying and the 2 support races (run what you brung production cars and the Radicals) Brilliant action from a beautiful, technical and incredibly unforgiving circuit. The battle between the Holden and the old Celica for the lead in that production race had me on the edge of my seat. And not a DRS or double point in sight.

    Mika Salo is on provisional pole in a Ferrari F458 Italia for the main event, I do believe.

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    Yes, Mika Salo is on Provisional Pole but there is more qualifying on at the moment. I loved the Radical race, missed the Improved Production race. However I’ve just found out you can rewind to any point (!) so I might watch it later ;)

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    What a thrilling way to end the race, you couldn’t bet who was going to win until the final corner.
    Is this the closest the top 4 have ever finished in a Bathurst 12 hours? From what I heard the longest distance between first and second before this race was 6 seconds, and clearly all 4 were over before that.

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    The end of the race really was thrilling, in fact we’ve had quite a few races like that at Bathurst in recent times, particularly the last 2 ‘1000s (2012 and 2013). At the end of the 2012 race, I think I chewed off more finger nail than I had in the whole of my life before. Jamie Whincup – many times Bathurst winner and series champion already – was being hunted down by David Reynolds (going for his first V8 Supercars Podium – let alone a win at Bathurst! And the one I wanted to win…) and for the last 10 laps they were fighting tooth and nail. Reynolds never made a pass, but the intensity was high as both drivers were right on the limit, but with Whincup saving fuel – adding to the drama. It was amazing to watch, and shows how racing can be exciting even when no passes are made (we don’t need DRS and fake passing Bernie…).

    You can watch the end of the race from about 4:24:00 on the video below.

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