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Lotus T128 (LMP2, not F1) revealed

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    Keith Collantine


    Lotus have revealed the first images of its forthcoming LMP2 racer which will be available for customers to purchase to compete in the World Endurance Championship and related endurance racing series:

    This being Lotus, they obviously had to screw up the name, so here it is: T128.

    Yes, they’ve given it the same name as the Lotus T128 which raced in F1 last year.

    Stop the madness!


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    It Lotus not owned by sensible (within reason) people again yet?

    Design looks fairly… conservative.


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    It’s a project run by Kodewa (Colin Kolles’ company) and they probably still have a right to use the Lotus name on a LMP2 car for the moment.


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    Oh dear, just when we thought “Lotus v Lotus” was over they go and give the LMP2 car a silly name. Poor form.

    The car seems to be a carbon copy (though a lot less refined at this stage) of the Audi R18.


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    A big screw up there by Lotus. What’s so hard about giving it another name? The Colin, perhaps?


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    Oh my… cant they come up with something that at least makes sense?
    Isn’t the point of those boring number names that it will be easier to distinguish which car is which and what came before and what came after?
    Something like LM01 maybe? Could make sense..
    But calling it the T128 makes as much sense as calling it the… Lollipop or Karate kid.


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    Keith Collantine


    Looks like they’ve added a hyphen to lessen the potential for confusion. Also some interesting stuff on the car here:


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    English might not be the designer’s first language, but I wonder about the innovation question, did he dodge it, or not really understand what innovation is?

    Will the Lotus T-128 be innovative?
    Yes. The aerodynamics has been particularly carefully designed. The integration of suspension components has also been studied in depth

    Does make me somewhat curious.

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