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Pictures: Nissan to race ‘electric DeltaWing’ at Le Mans in 2014

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    I’m sorry to disagree guys, but, how in the world have they managed to make the DeltaWing look even worse?!



    @matt90 I’m not quite sure I get what you mean, the original creator of the DeltaWing Ben Bowlby is involved with this project. So are they really stealing it? I’m confused, feel free to enlighten me…

    @carlitox The canopy doesn’t help its looks to be honest, but judging by some of the pic angles it doesn’t look that hideous. The coupe DeltaWing made by Panoz is an ugly thing though.


    Michel S.

    @specialk69 depends on whether Ben Bowlby signed any of the design patents over to the previous Delta Wing consortium, I suppose. Otherwise, you’re quite right, there have been many cases before of star F1 designers moving to different teams and carrying their design language with them.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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