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Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 to use V4 engine

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    Keith Collantine

    Autocar have discovered Porsche’s 919 Hybrid LMP1 car which Mark Webber will race this year will use a V4 engine with a single turbocharger:

    The engine is a turbocharged 16-valve 2.0-litre direct-injection engine and has an unusually wide V angle, although the exact figure remains unknown. Unlike Audi’s LMP1 car, the turbocharger is not electric.

    Porsche’s Volkswagen Group stablemate Audi use a V6 turbodiesel in their R18 etron quattro.



    That is an extremely interesting solution for Porsche. I can’t remember any car that used an engine with such a configuration, either in motorsport or just for road use. And based on the article, due to the inherent difficulties of such a desing, it’ll be intriguing to see wether or not the Porsche powertrain will be as competitive as those of the competition. It just adds to the spectacular technical diversity in the world of the endurance racing, a thing I thouroughly enjoy!



    Apparently the Lancia Fulvia used V4 engines (and that had success in rallying as well as being a lovely road car). That’s the only decent car I could see though. A very interesting choice by Porsche.



    I think F1 initially planned to use V4s for this year, before going for the V6s.



    The F1 plan initially was for inline 4s, but teams objected because an inline engine doesn’t make a good stressed member, so they’d have to invest in RnD to develop engine cradles.

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