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A Possible Rating System???

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    Younger Hamii

    Hey Guys,In the Midst of the whole Revamp of the F1Fanatic Website which im finding really welcoming & simply amazing Great Job Keith i really appreciate it.Now moving on to the Topic that’s more relevant,Could we potentially invent a Rating System which means we can Favourite the Comment we like or Like/Disklike Buttons for each Comment.What do you think Guys,Your Opinions matter its just an idea that occured like a day before the revamp




    Not sure I like that idea. It becomes too much like youtube or anything else, and could be prone to becoming more bitchy as it doesn’t promote discussion as much.



    I agree with matt, I’d rather have someone respond saying and explaining why they agree/disagree than some anonymous person rating my comments as good or bad without getting the chance to debate with them.



    Agreed David and Matt.



    I also agree with Matt and David, the last thing I want to see on this website is someone asking for a thumbs up.



    It’s a nice idea in theory. In reality, the “thumbs up” system often doesn’t work too well. The best example of this was one highly rated comment that I noticed on YouTube:

    “Can I get thumbs up for no reason?”

    For sure, F1F community would not fall that low but I still see some risks:

    1) The quality of arguments would often be ignored when rating comments. I guess we all have seen comments on other sites where the arguments are totally rubbish (and which obviously do not belong to “well said” and “funny” categories either) but are still highly rated just because most “evaluators” like the politician / the driver / anyone or anything else that is praised in the comment.
    2) People might start paying more attention to the anticipated popularity of their comments instead of expressing their real opinions
    3) There could be more agressive and radical comments as they are the ones, which attract more attention
    4) It’s definitely easier to put a “+”/”-” than justify and defend your opinion in writing

    These are the reasons why I believe that the quality of the site would suffer if “thumbs up” system was implemented. I believe COTD and the option to reply to the comments is enough. And now we also have the option to write a personal message like “Hey, I love your comment about […], well said.”

    So I agree with matt90, David, ed24f1 and slr :)



    Sorry to see this topic turning into people not agreeing with you @younger-hamii but I must say I am not really a fan of it either.

    Do we really care how many people agree with a certain comment? Or, lets reformulate that “Do we even want to encourage that filling the comments on an article?”

    Many times these +1 etc. comments are made in the heat of a yes/no battle to support one side of the argument. I would rather see people either ignoring obviously foolish comments or showing their opinion to counter them, as @girts writes

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