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Comment moderation and trolling

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    To be honest I didn’t really mean you (Keith) do it. I’m sure there will be folks out there willing to spend time moderating posts if you assign them an account capable of doing it.



    I think it might be worth to consider getting a few people to act as extra moderators @keithcollantine, although it’ll be a pain to pick them and make sure they keep to a standard.



    Maybe something like the Youtube’s Flag feature.
    I don’t know if I understand completely how it works there, but if you made something like that, where people can flag a comment if they think that it is spam, trolling etc. and maybe write an explanation on why they think it is.
    Which then sends the comment to moderation and blocks it.
    Of cause one guy who flags it shouldn’t send it there, but lets say, 10 users on the site Flag it then it automatically gets removed and send to moderation.
    By only letting users flag comments you would be able to see who did it.
    That way, if you see a comment in moderation that isn’t justified getting there, you could then see who flagged it, and then send them a warning by email with the guidelines for flagging, and if they keep flagging comments unjustified, remove the feature from their user/IP, whatever, or just ban them.
    I understand that you all ready have to go through a gazillion comments every day, and it must at times be a super tiring part of running a site like this but you could, like others have said. Recruit co-mods to help ease the job of running the site, so you can focus more on writing the articles.
    I am sure that, there would be plenty of qualified and trustworthy volunteers out there who would be happy to help running this site.



    Perhaps you could work with your web developer keith to add buttons to your moderating side of things and when you delete these comments it send and automatic email to the user in question, that way you only ever have to write the email once! You could perhaps have a three strikes and out policy for pessitant serious offenders but make it all automated within your brilliant site, so you don’t have to spend as much time dealing with it.

    Of course, not everything deserves a ban or warning, but if f1f automatically sent somebody an email explaining that their comment had been moderated and gave a spectrum of reasons why it may have been moderated, I think most would accept that.

    Of course you’d get the occasional reply to these emails but not as many posts on the site going “where has my post gone?”.



    I’ve been visiting this site daily for years now but still rarely post as I get so much from just reading everyone’s comments. I’ve noticed some increase in the types of comments you’ve mentioned but not enough to put me off, and I’m quite snotty about that sort of thing. Now you’ve raised it as an issue it may make some of your regulars more alert to it and then you’d likely get the feedback on individuals that may need action without the need for setting up a rating type system. I guess that’s the kind of thing you’d want-us to self-moderate? Still love the site, it’s the only one that’s stayed as part of my homepages since I found it…



    I dont know how possible it is in WordPress, but Ive seen it done in Drupal

    Allow each comment to have a button labled “Abuse”. This button is only available to logged in users, who can only use it 1x per comment. When a comment reaches a threshold of “abuse votes”, it is automatically removed.

    With this, the community does a bit of self-regulation, offloading the burden from Keith. Keith can then sort through the “voted abuse” comments and re-add something if he feels the community has abused the “abuse” button



    Having skim-read many of the replies to the Hamilton/Penality thread, I’d simply say the best way is to disable comments being posted by anyone who hasn’t signed up to the website with a username, a profile picture, some basic information, and have validated their email address.

    Because it seems the vast majority of the trolling comes from the white silhouettes on a grey background, wandering in, spewing a puddle of bile onto the floor, and running out again.


    Stephen Jones

    “Because it seems the vast majority of the trolling comes from the white silhouettes on a grey background, wandering in, spewing a puddle of bile onto the floor, and running out again.”

    this.. definitely this



    the trouble with the youtube style flagging is if 10 people just dont like Alonso they could dislike a fine post about him.
    and itd unfairly dissapear.


    “the trouble with the youtube style flagging is if 10 people just dont like Alonso they could dislike a fine post about him. and itd unfairly dissapear.”

    if there were 2 buttons, a ‘Report Abuse’ button and a ‘Like’ button, a distinction can be made between Trolling posts and just plain unpopular points of view. Abusive comments can be weeded out using one of the many good ideas posted previously while unpopular comments can be cause for more discussion (which is part of the reason we all come here). I firmly believe that our community here can self-regulate a moderating function such as this.



    You could also implement a review system where anything that is flagged gets checked. If it’s absolutely fine and just flagged for saying good things about Alonso, the people who flagged it get warning and repeated offences result in an IP ban.



    joshgeake and BasCB made good points. Hiring people or assigning someone from the F1fanatic team to deal with bad comments. But that might take up time, so any personal abuse such as race, ethnicity… on readers and members should be deleted immediately. And the guy who said the comment cant sign in his account for some time (your choice, depends on how serious).

    Whatever way you choose to deal with comments, make it simple.



    I am a member of a group, on a completely different subject, that has been running since May 1999, our experience is that Like/Dislike buttons don’t work. The most effective solution we have found is one red x, that when pressed opens up a comment box that has to be completed with the reason why.

    The ability to delete ones own posts can also be a problem, in that trolls can make a post which is read by serveral people, but is deleted before the moderator can react.

    We have also had problems with volunteer moderators, and it has almost been as much work supervising the moderators as doing it yourself.



    An extraordinarily hard problem and to allow the users to police themselves can have unintended consequences. This is Keith’s website, he can run it however he so desires, the rest of us are just tagging along. If a comment is made that doesn’t pass muster there’s nothing required by Keith to delete it in regard to the user involved, for some it will hopefully cause a pause and reflection, for others they’ll storm off angry at the world, good riddance. Note: Keith does include his email address if you wish to discuss your sudden deletion. These sites take a lot of time and effort and the better ones usually shut down over time when the owner decides it’s no longer worth the aggravation of dealing with the unwashed masses, i.e., us. Personally I enjoy most the in depth analysis Keith provides and I wish there was more of it. If he could spend less time policing and more time in the depths of F1, the happier I’d be.
    One of the other sites I frequent, not related to F1 at all, has ‘guest’ moderators with the ability to delete and banish, as this site grows that’s one possibility. Note: I’d be terrible at this, I cannot differentiate between a ‘fan gush’ and a ‘fan bash’ for the life of me.


    Keith Collantine

    Thanks for the suggestions so far guys, a few quick responses from me:

    A lot of people already seen the problem with the YouTube style of moderation by vote.

    Also allowing users to edit and delete their own comments can create a gigantic headache for moderation (and other technical problems besides, which is why we don’t have it at the moment).

    Recruiting more moderators is on the ‘to-do’ list.

    Restricting non-logged-in users is a double-edged sword. Having a low barrier to participation makes it easier for the good guys as well as the trolls.

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