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    Keith Collantine


    I’m pleased to say comments on the main site have been re-enabled and the forum has been opened once again.

    The forum is running on entirely new software and as you can see there are still some parts of functionality missing. I intend to address as soon as possible as well as some of the display problems on the main site.

    I am very sorry for the inconvenience this has presented over the past week, however it was imperative the work on this was completed before the start of the new season.


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    Max Jacobson


    It is looking in general very fresh and refined, definitely a good improvement to the site and worth the disruption (which of course was no problem at all)!


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    I like the new wysiswyg in the comments :)

    And it looks far better in Chrome now…


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    Magnificent Geoffrey


    Formatting buttons in the forum are

    • such


    • godsend



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    Bradley Downton


    @keithcollantine – Just to inform you whenever I post it takes me back to the first page of the topic. Also I appear to have lost the ability to moderate topics (edit responses, delete, change titles etc) despite the fact I’m still listed as a moderator. Is this because we’ve lost that power now or does it just need updating?


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    All the forums are still dead for me.


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    So, do the forums no longer have group tabs, and instead everything is all just in one? It just seems like if I’m trying to find a particular topic, it would be more difficult as there’s more to scroll through. So, before it was all located in the Groups section, which has the topic tab, and then all the posts in the topic. The topic tab is gone? So now all posts are located in the same place which seems a little backwards.

    Other than that, everything does look a lot better, if not a little awkward (though it seems like it should be better with time). It’s just that first point that seems a little off.


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    Great to see its back up and has the format buttons working!


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    Anyway how are the number of edits/post(s) limited? By limiting the time in which one can be made?


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    The forum posts themselves look great, nice and clean and the edit functions work well. The list of forums looks a little confusing, though that could just be my work pc (and IE 11 generally).


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    how do you log in from your mobile devce? log in seems to have disappeared!


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    Force Maikel


    Looks great Keith! Great Job, I didn’t mind the old forum but a fresh start can sometimes end up being a great decision.


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    Keith Collantine


    @bradley13 Can you email me about thid please? Ta.

    @philereid The forums are back in their group tabs now as planned!


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    Well played Keith. Have to admit, now that’s sorted, everything is perfect. Very much liking this.


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    @keithcollantine I cant find where you make a new thread on my tablet in the forums because I found a video I wanted to post on it. Is this one of the things that is missing that will come soon for me and any other tablet users?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)

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