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    I’d like (an option) to be able to set the number of posts per page as 15 is too small. 40 or 50 would do me perfectly :)


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    @pjtierney I found the way to do so!
    For example, to see all posts on one page:
    Open the forum topic you want (eg. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/not-f1/forum/topic/rip-marco-simoncelli/ )
    and add to the end of the url the following: [?topic_page=1&num=x], where x is the number of total posts (visible under the topic name).
    At the time of writing this thread has 47 posts, so the url should read: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/not-f1/forum/topic/rip-marco-simoncelli/?topic_page=1&num=47
    If you don’t want to type in all that text, click on page 2 of the topic, then in the url change the page number to 1 and the posts number to the amount of posts desired.


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    That’ll do :)


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    Magnificent Geoffrey



    I love you for that. Always wanted to increase the number of posts on the page.


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    @magnificent-geoffrey, @pjtierney you’re welcome! I was reading the url and gave it a try!


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    An option to upload a picture in a thread, shown as a thumbnail but enlarges when holding the mouse arrow over it


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    PLEASE OH PLEASE don’t you ever let happen what in the RBR community has happened. Get rid of trolls. after this site, I don’t know where else I could go so hopefully it stays peacefully in here…


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    btw: I hate wars, that’s why I’m saying this in the first place


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    Not sure if anyone has suggested this already, but would it be possible to bring back timestamps on article comments? I can be a bit tricky to track conversations and work out who is replying to what without them. I’m sure they were there before the redesign, but not sure when exactly they disappeared.


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    Another suggestion regarding the scrolling through pictures comments, maybe something like this mock up could be done where the photo gallery is enlarged and overlaid upon the article. Might also speed up the next image loading time.

    Here’s an example on a website in use or its info page on WordPress


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    What about an F1F podcast? I would love to listen to Keith discussing the F1 news with a couple of other clever F1 Fanatics. Maybe that’s something to consider for the future.


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    @stretch That’s what I was trying to hint at a few pages back, but I didn’t explain myself very well!


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    Can I just say – I like the podcast idea from @girts

    Also; I tried to open a NASCAR thread about an hour ago due to the Kyle Busch thingamajig. I don’t actually follow NASCAR all that much; so I just joined the NASCAR group; started the thread; and left. Would it be possible in the future to kind of open new thread creations to anyone; rather than the user having to be a member of a particular group to open a thread about it?


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    Keith Collantine


    Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone.

    If you have an idea for something new you don’t have to post it in this thread – just start a new topic in this forum. That will certainly make it easier for be to follow and respond to everyone’s suggestions:

    F1 Fanatic site development Forum

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