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    Keith Collantine

    @us_peter, @pjtierney, @verstappen, @joac21

    A few more changes have just been made aimed at fixing the following:

    Images appearing out-of-proportion in some browsers

    Particularly in galleries:


    And on individual image pages:


    Too-narrow formatting on mobile devices

    The comment area, reply area and footer should now appear wider on mobile devices.

    Minor style fixes

    F1 Fanatic Live and other pages have had improvements and fixes.


    Keith Collantine

    @pja That’s fixed

    @brawngp @jonnyw360f1 To clarify, there is no mobile site any more – the site has a single theme and this adapts based on the width of your screen.

    Previously we had a script which attempted to work out what hardware or browser you were using and serve a different version of the site accordingly. This proved too complicated and tie-consuming to maintain, particularly with the enormous proliferation of mobile devices being used to access the site of late.

    Keep the feedback coming everyone!



    @keithcollantine it’s better now. I saw elements of the fix earlier this week, probably as part of testing (double menu on top of the page, good resizing of comments, better, less stretched pictures – but they disappeared again) so if something is missing, I’ll get back here.



    @keithcollantine, the image stretching seems fixed for me, and the comments on mobile are now much better. They’re still pretty narrow with lots of text wrapping on the deepest level of nesting, but at least they’re visible which they weren’t before.

    Major props for making all these fixes/tweaks/improvements in the middle of the hectic first race weekend of the year! I better make a donation again, it’s been too long since I last did.



    Something I noticed today during f1fantic live for qualifying was the list of recently active members names should be in the bottom right but was appearing over the comments. I was on IE9 but changed to chrome which fixed the problem. Chrome also didn’t have the problem I previously mentioned about the large black area at the top of the page.




    Comments on the preview article are very narrow: MRSF’s reply on à reply is about one word width. Also at the top of the page there’s only one collumn of menu-items, as was the case before the fix, @keithcollantine


    Keith Collantine

    @us_peter That’s very kind, thanks! Last night was a late one. Still more to be done, will pick this up again after the race.



    The menu bar doesn’t look right in a narrow browser window (around 800 pixels width or less). Here’s a screenshot:


    Even though I have a widescreen monitor on my laptop, I often have two windows open at the same time when F1 is on – one for video, another for live timing and this website. That’s why I’ve noticed it.



    Keith –
    Sent you a problem report the other day about commenting on F1F-Live.
    Or what I thought was a problem – I sussed it out, and figured out what confused me…

    Apparently, unlike last year, you can’t use your main F1F login to comment – it won’t allow it. I had to additionally log in via my Twitter name before comments were accepted. Apparently it only accepts comments from registered users of the 4 choices.

    That’s not a problem… but it would be very nice to have that emphasized up-front on the F1F-Live link page (preferably in bold.)
    Otherwise, someone like me, who hadn’t ever used any of those 4 choices until recently (Twitter) will be permanently locked out of commenting. (And, like me, remain totally confused and frustrated until they hopefully figure things out on their own.)


    Keith Collantine

    @kremer I would very much like to allow users to log into F1 Fanatic Live with their F1 Fanatic account, but it’s not something we can offer at the moment or ever have offered before.

    There is a message next to the comment form which explains what type of account you need to use to log in.


    Keith Collantine

    I’ve just applied several updates to the site which should improve the following:

    * Behaviour and appearance of header and main menu across different screen sizes, especially mobile devices
    * More space for threaded comments when viewed on mobile devices
    * Several performance tweaks to reduce page load times

    As ever if you’ve noticed any problems recently do let me know, including as much detail as possible including your device and browser.



    Hi Keith, this may not be relevant but I am using a very slow connection at the moment and I have noticed that whenever I write a reply I have to wait for a dozen or so ad. sites to be looked for, found, connected to, and downloaded from, I am glad you have these advertisers but wonder if your webmaster could program the site so only the text needs refreshing and the ads. remain in the memory. Thanks for listening and all your good work.


    Keith Collantine

    A minor improvement but one I know many of you were keen to see: You can now jump straight to the last page of a topic from forum index pages. Enjoy!


    Thank you Based Keith!



    Thank you! Really pleased with that change, it’s worth whole seconds – not just a few tenths!

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