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@-messaging, user names and display names

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    Keith Collantine

    As you may know, you can now alert people to comments you’ve mentioned them in by referring to them in this way: @keithcollantine

    However your name can appear in two different ways on the site which has caused some confusion.

    When you register for the site, you have to pick a username which, for obvious reasons, needs to be unique. It also cannot be changed and there are restrictions on which characters you can use.

    However can also configure a different name to display in your interactions on the site. These can include characters such as capital letters and spaces. For example, my username is keithcollantine, but it displays as Keith Collantine.

    When you @-message someone, you need to use their original, unique username.

    I appreciate this isn’t entirely intuitive and I’ll explore ways to make this clearer in future. However I see a lot of people are already using the @-messages without difficulty so this should also help others understand how they work.

    Here’s a quick tip on how to make sure you’re using the right name when @-messaging someone: Hover over their name and you’ll see the link to their user profile in your browser. This is always in the form http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/members/username/ – simply use the ‘username’ portion after the ‘@’ symbol.



    Good idea for this group Keith.

    It does take a short while to get used to get the username, but it works great when you get it!



    It’s taking me a while to get used to it, isn’t it @bascb ;) Twitter has the pre-emptive drop down list which I think would be perfect for here but I appreciate that’s a big ask @ KeithCollantine



    That’s what I thought. Thanks for the explanation @keithcollantine! :P Is there any way the original, unique usernames can be changed in the future? I noticed people such as @aus_steve (iamsa8) have very different usernames now, and to newer members who never saw their original name, that could be confusing.


    Tommo N7

    I made a new account, as my account I had for a year was @spursfan39 but for the last few weeks I’ve been displaying it as TommoTHFC, and it would just be confusing if anyone tried to reply to me.


    Keith Collantine

    I’m working on a change for the next version to help with this area.



    @-username is a great feature but it is not being utilized properly and it can be improved a lot.

    My suggestion is please implement the following:

    Upon selecting a reply button of ones post, make the @username appear automatically in the window. That is, the @username would be written automatically and would be the name of user under which the reply button of the post was selected. This should be default. If the user then wishes to change or delete that, it is easy to do.

    But, you’ve said that people use it without difficulty. However, i don’t think that is true. I find it extremely time consuming and indeed difficult to click on everyone’s name so that I can then find exactly what their @username is, so that I can “then” copy and past the frigging thing and then finally continue with the message. This is difficult because every page i click on takes about 20+secs to load up. Anyway, I’ve already made the suggestion above once before.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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