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    Here it is @scribe, Moto GP


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    GT Racing please. I appreciate there is an Endurance Racing group already, and that the GT’s get lumped in with the LMP’s at the higher profile events, and sometimes have endurance events of their own such as the Spa 24 hours, but the World GT1 and European GT3/GT championships certainly aren’t endurance. Maybe the Japanese Super GT could also fit into this group?

    I need somewhere to talk about the GT championships, ya see!


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    Is it possible to have a group for Pre-Season Testing in Barcelona/Jerez?

    There is hardly any info regarding this anywhere on the net.



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    Keith Collantine


    @nickynoonoo That’ll be covered on the site as usual. The lack of information will most likely be down to the fact that the season hasn’t finished yet!


    I don’t know if, when a person gets the “Comment of the Day” (COTD) You send a notification telling you that. Well my comments haven’t been awarded (yet I hope) but for the chosen ones, I don’t know if you send a message or something.
    Another point is that below our avatar pic, or somewhere near our names, should be a little flag of our countries (or to have that as an option you can enable / disable) Great page Keith I hope you can at least read my humble opinion.


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    Keith Collantine


    With the motor racing season coming back to life, it’s time to get some new groups up and running.

    What series do you follow that doesn’t have an F1 Fanatic Group – and needs one? GT1? Formula Renault 3.5? Tibetan lawnmower racing? Speak up…


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    GT racing in general please! Seeing as the GT1 and GT3 championships are effectively merging this year, it might be a good time to start. It’ll be a good place to talk about the Japanese Super GT and the endurance GT classes in general.


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    Keith Collantine


    Two new groups set up today:

    Formula Renault 3.5
    GT Racing

    Keep your suggestions coming!


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    I realise it’s probably rather niche, even for this site, but how about a group for Formula Nippon, as it’s currently lumped into Off Topic despite featuring several drivers who appear in other series such as Le Mans.

    Failing that, how about a group for Japanese motorsport, which could encompass Formula Nippon, @ajokay ‘s suggestion of Japanese Super GT, drifting, etc.


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    I don’t kow much about Super GT, but would follow any discussion on it with interest, so I’d back that.


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    How about a interests out-side motor racing group?


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    Anyone else interested in Superbikes and Motocross?

    @realracer I don’t see why anyone would want to discuss anything other than motorsport here, with such a myriad of forums about all kinds of topics available on the internet.


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    @realracer, we already have an Off-Topic group.


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    There are so many games (e.g. guess the classic car, helmet quiz, who am I? etc) taking place on the forum right now, I find they’re clogging up the place somewhat. So, how about making a “Forum Games” group?

    As a moderator, I have to spend a lot of time looking at all the game posts, which very rarely need any attention, and that might cause me to miss the more serious discussions which I should be looking at. That’s not the only reason I think it would be a good idea, though. It would keep the rest of the forum tidier and it would help users, particularly new ones, to find proper discussion in the groups they look at without having half a dozen game threads on the list.

    I’m not against the games at all, I just think they might be better served in their own group. I’ve seen it work on other forums.


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    @estesark : That’s a good idea. ”F1 quizzes” could be its name.

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