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Codemasters’ F1 Online Open Beta

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    I’m sure most of you are aware that Codemasters are working on a free browser-based F1 game and now they have released an open bèta so people can try it out and they don’t have to pay anyone for testing.

    You can try it here: https://f1onlinethegame.com/

    I only did the test at the beginning so far and it seems alright for if you have nothing to do in a computer class or if you have a tablet or smartphone, which I don’t. I picked up the mouse steering much quicker than I thought I would.


    Bradley Downton

    I’m quite fond of this game to be honest. I like the whole idea of setting up and building your won team. I feel however the game would be better without having to drive. Instead hiring drivers and having a youth academy type thing etc etc


    Lt Alfred

    I’d prefer a kind of team principle position as well, rather than driver/team owner. Would also be better for people with poor computers, I could race fine for early beta testing but the last few times i’ve tried my computer has been ridiculously slow to the extent that it’s impossible to race :/



    It can be really boring after level 10, you race your *** off for money, you dont have sponsors, you have to work for your every cent in the game, whitch is a nice idea, but takes forever to gather the money and build a race HQ or any stage2 building. Clearly the aim of the game was to make you addicted, so you would buy CM points to develop your team faster, but I dont know what will happen if you reach the end of the developement line.

    The best thing in the game is time trials, there are no stupid kids to ramm you off the track, but you can still compete with other guys around the world.

    The biggest problem is, you cant really achieve anything with the game, you cant have the best team, as there is no clear point system, just the time trial leaderboard. If you have time and the connection speed, try the game. For me the project has been a big disappointment (so far).



    @bag0 If you need quick cash, race for the official F1 teams, and the money you make there can be transferred to the team you’re developing. You win MUCH more than doing quick races within the team building section.
    The only problem like others have mentioned is just like in many other online racing games. Ppl just ram into you to pass you. Many Maldonado’s out there.



    The management system is great and it’s the reason why I wanted to play the game. The driving section on the other hand is very poor. Point and click, top down perspective… what awful controls.



    for some reason i can only do the first test drive everytime i try and create my own team it flashes something up and then goes back to the page, am i doing something wrond?

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