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Codemasters F1 2012 Developer Diaries


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    Keith Collantine

    Codemasters have released the first Developer Diary for F1 2012 and confirmed the release date is Setepmber 21st.

    The first video shows the Young Drivers’ Test and Hot Lap features, as well as a revised control system:


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    SO excited. Looks to be a respectable improvement.

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    I’m amped too ! It’s gonna be awesome!

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    It’s taken me a while, but realised not every racing game needs to be realistic.

    I’m interested to try it out, sure, I hope the physics have improved so we can have a better feeling of what the cars doing, but it’s great to see the tests come in, and the flashback will be good for new people to the game. F1 2010 was fantastic in immersing you in the paddock, and I hope this builds on that even more!

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ve never really known why people get all giddy about the Developer Diaries. They never really tell you anything new, and while glimpses of new gameplay footage are always nice, the diaries have become a quick recap of new features rather than offering any kind of insight to the development process.

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    Keith Collantine

    Here’s the latest Development Diary from Codemasters:


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    I’m really not impressed by these developer diaries. When Codemasters started making them in 2010, they were really about how the designers physically made the games. Now they’re just listing the new features of the upcoming game.


    New replay camera angles is good, but what we really need is the ability to save replays and have replays for online races so we can watch back all our championship races from different angles.

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    @magnificent-geoffrey Agreed. Something similar to Forza would be great, where you can switch between cars and camera angles at will. Some of the Forza replays on YouTube are properly epic, if not quite as cinematic as those in Codemasters’ games.

    I’m still not convinced by F1 2012 either. The improvements don’t look big enough, to the point where it’ll probably be a bi-annual purchase for me, like FIFA.

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    Profile photo of Fixy

    I’m actually amazed that they said the replays are going to be great but, after 3 years, there are still no signs of them being savable.
    With all these graphical improvements, I’m gutted the developers can’t even design the three different helmets (Arai, Bell and Schuberth) and instead only have one. It’s a small thing, but that’s exactly it – it costs nothing! And it would add to the realism, which i think is less and less with every new game. F1 2010 was criticised as being too easy anf yet F1 2011 was even easier.

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