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    PSN| ellisocg | UK



    Hello I’m new to this site and I actually joined because I’m looking to find people to race against in F1 2011. I just got of like a half hour ago and it boiled down to a destruction derby. I try to pass some guy at the start and I get spun out, people try to overtake me and spear into me, people crash and aim for me getting out of it, I try to overtake and get Schumie chopped…it’s no fun. I’ve been a guest on this site for years well not years, but long enough to discover the sport, become interested in it and become fascinated by it’s rich history. My PSN is JadedWriter. I’m far from the best and I do tend to turn wide at times, but hopefully I’ll get better, but I’m usually not prone to doing a Vettel at Spa 2010.



    PSN: brownyaus I have F1 2011 and GT5 please add me

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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