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F1 2011 season for PS3 and GB drivers only

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    Harry Westwood

    I want to make a racing league where we race all 19 rounds, and i need some comitted, british drivers that are up for it. Max. of sixteen, (first come first served) however we can accomodate a reserve list, you will understand why in a moment. The points are as of 2009, with a few tweaks (only 8 out of 16 score points, but heres how you score)
    Pole Position: 1 point
    Fastest Lap of the race: 1 point
    1st place: 15 points
    2nd place: 10 points
    3rd place: 8 points
    4th place: 6 points
    5th place: 4 points
    6th place: 3 points
    7th place: 2 points
    8th place: 1 point

    if there is a tie on points it will be on highest finish, if tied on that then it’s on amount of times finished 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd, and so on all the way down to sixteenth. If several people havent scored points then they are ranked by highest finish, then same as above.

    The Race would be 30% race distance, with a 15 minute quali session to establish the grid order. i will post all the dates (that will be mutually agreed at the end of one race, everyone should agree for the next) and congratulate winners, and also after every round i will update the table accordingly.

    If you are going to be up to 30 mins late for a race then please notify anyone in the league currently on the active list. If over that by too long then just notify me that you cant race this time round; it’s ok, it happens to all of us sometimes. However if you do not notify anyone, then you will recieve a strike. 3 strikes and a reserve (thats why you can be on the reserve list) will take your place. in the car. the constructor keeps the points but the driver has 0. Sorry it’s the rules. You can practice as much as you like in single-player time trials, which i think some of you might be keen on. If anyone wants something in here altered just post here and i will probably change it.
    And finally, the sims:
    Fuel and Tyre sim: On
    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Damage: On
    Weather Setting: Dynamic (thats right, wet races possible guys!)
    Car Performance: Equal
    please highlight below anything i missed or you guys want changed.

    Also, we have a zero tolerance level for any un-sportsman like behaviour. While the game may punish you on its own, i can calculate time penalties myself afterwards, and add them on too. If you feel you were wronged, then post here and anyone who witnessed it please come forward and say how it looked from your angle. If i decide you were unfairly dealt a time penalty in-game, i can sort that out. If the game black-flags you then i’m sorry but there isn’t anything i can do. And at the first corner of the race i want a clean pack, not lots of speeding into eachother at the start under braking (although i trust that you are all above these childish antics.

    Now then, how to sign up:
    Fill this out appropriately then post it. Once again i say, first come first served. Same with car selection.

    Real name:
    PSN username:
    Car Selection:

    Please note: If the car you want has been selected twice already, you cant have it, sorry. it’s more a cosmetic preference thing anyway. also, if a reserve driver gets to take the seat of one of the excluded drivers (by the way if kicked from the league then you are stripped of your ranking in the WDC but your team can keep it’s constructor’s points. First person to select the team is driver no.1, second is no.2.


    Harry Westwood

    Here’s mine:

    Real Name: Harry Westwood
    PSN Username: Sirspuddington
    Car Selection: HRT

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