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F1 Games

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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

F1 2011 Xbox Championship – Feb ’12

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    Hey Everyone, Wanted to see if anyone would be interested in starting a championship on F1 2011 for Xbox 360.

    Would consist of around 7-10 races, full practice, qualification and race.

    Around 20%-50% race distance. Classic Tracks. Equal Cars.

    Hopefully get at least 8 players before we start.

    Fair, clean racers welcome :-)

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    You might be interested in this

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    I will join for sure, looking forward to it

    GT : Tq RedBull

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    Hey ajokay, the site looks really good, but it looks like the Asia series starting on the 5th is completely full. Also Im not sure how to acually ‘join’ the site? Any more info would be appreciated.

    Nick, great news, if we cant use ajokay’s site above, we will wait for at least 8 people on here and get started!

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    It may be technically completely full, but there are always dropouts and people that can’t make every week.

    There’s a link to the ReallyRubbishRacing forum on the left where you can join up and get to know the other people involved though… it’s all explained there on the front page. Joining the club does mean a way of life though, we’ve got a wiki to keep maintained!

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    A word of warning: ReallyRubbishRacing will take over your life. And you will love it.

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    Hey I’m also definitely up for an xbox 360 championship, I like the idea of starting it from scratch and watching the rivalries develop as the season progresses.

    GT: gameprotage.

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    Denzel Brown

    Completely agree! Join the RRR if you have a Xbox and a decent internet connection cos we dont like lag ;)

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    What do you mean ‘we’ @lewiswdc11 , you’ve only ever been on one race! :p

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    Denzel Brown

    That’s good club spirit @ajokay ;) Yeah I’ve on made 1 race but reading some reports there are some people who have horrendous lag!

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    Depending on race times I’d be up for this… (I’m in AUS)

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    The league i race in finishes this weekend so might well be interested in this one to fill the gap! :)

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    Hey this sounds good. When does it start?

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    If i’m available i’d like to play.

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    Has this begun?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)

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