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F1 2013 Split Screen Multiplayer

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    We bought a copy of F1 2013 to replace our flat’s F1 2011 game, and I have to say some things about the split-screen multi are disappointing, and seem a huge step back from 2011.

    1. 2nd player’s custom controls
    If you prefer X and SQUARE to accelerate and brake instead of R2/L2 then you have to pause and reassign the button controls manually every race (the autosave doesn’t save the data). Compared to F1 2011 where you set up player 2’s custom controls on race one and it kept them forever!

    2. Mini championship.
    It was great on F1 2011 being able to select any number of circuits in any order and score points that would tally towards championship. It added extra competitiveness to split-screen multiplayer games so I’m quite aggrieved that they have done away with this set up in favour of a single race.

    Sucks because it’s a cracking game in single player, we’re just not getting the full enjoyment we got out of F1 2011 because of the changes to offline multiplayer. How do other people feel about this, or are my flatmates and I in the minority wanting to play split-screen multi these days?



    I think a lot of that was changed in F1 2012 not 2013.



    Really? I’ve never played 2012 but was so sad when it wasn’t in 2013. :(


    Nic Morley

    I also noticed they got rid of the t cam view in split screen. The only views available now are nose cone and swingman.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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