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    1999 Austrian Grand Prix

    Note* Michael Schumacher has been replaced by Mika Salo

    Qualifying was very close as 0.004 separated Me on pole from second placed Coulthard

    At the Start Coulthard took the lead as Irvine had a look but I held him off. Fisichella has received a Stop/Go Penalty for a Jump Start, but as the lap went on I passed DC into the A1 corner. I needed to pull away quickly but for most of the race I was suffering massive understeer and very shortly came under attack by DC but Hakkinen took the pair of us at turn 2, however my exit was good and I able to retake the lead quickly and lead until lap 24 when I made my first stop. I rejoined in 10th just behind Alesi, I passed him at the top of the hill but he fought back and repassed me at the Powerhorse turn. Alesi pitted on lap 36 and I pitted on lap 48 from 7th. I rejoined 9th, just ahead of Alesi, but just as the battle was about to begin Alesi pulled into the pits to retire. After a few lonely laps Hakkinen and Irvine retired from 2nd and 3rd and ahead Villeneuve retired, so I found my self in 6th and with 1 world championship point. Lap 65 I receive a Stop/Go penalty for ignoring the Blue flags but I was Miles ahead of 7th placed driver so there was no change in position at the end

    71 laps

    1. Coulthard 1:20:03.075
    2. Hill +16.939
    3. Frentzen +33.296
    4. R Schumacher +34.351
    5. Salo +51.232
    6. Barrichello +1 lap

    Drivers Championship
    1. Coulthard 44 points
    2. Hakkinen 40 points
    3. M Schumacher 29 points
    4. Barrichello 25 points
    5. Irvine 24 points
    6. Frentzen 21 points



    Why has Schumacher been replaced?




    He broke his leg at Silverstone in real life and was replaced by Salo for several races. The game follows this.



    Oh I see. Is the crash in game?




    1999 German Grand Prix

    Long story short (because their isn’t that much to write about really). On pole, dropped to 3rd before the first chicane, got the lead back going in the stadium, Lap 27 I hit the back of my team mate as I was lapping him, pitted for a new nose and came out in the lead (I was a lap ahead of 2nd place). I won :)

    Results 45 Laps:
    1. Barrichello 01:03:42.841
    2. Hakkinen +1 Lap
    3. Coulthard +1 Lap
    4. Irvine +1 Lap
    5. Frentzen +1 Lap
    6. Hill +1 Lap

    Drivers Championship

    1. Coulthard 48 points
    2. Hakkinen 46 points
    3. Barrichello 35 points
    4. M Schumacher 29 points
    5. Irvine 27 points
    6. Frentzen 23 points



    1999 Hungarian Grand Prix

    Irvine was on pole by two tenths from me, Hakkinen, Ralf, Salo, Fisichella and DC. The main surprises was Takagi in 9th and the Jordan’s in 14th and 15th. I surprisingly took the lead at the start and kept a lead of 13-15 seconds until we got nearer the pit stops when they took 3 seconds a lap from my lead and now the group of 3 are on my tail. Hakkinen gets me off guard at turn 2 and takes the lead but I fight back and go to repass at turn 5 and I hit Hakkinen in the sidepod and I lose momentum and drop to 4th. Pitstop on lap 39 and I come out just behind Hakkinen, Next lap DC and Irvine pit, I jumped Irvine as DC and Mika go side by side and I try to go through but it doesn’t work and Irvine repasses me, Hakkinen retires as 1st, 2nd and 3rd go 3 wide in turn 1 and I manage to pass Irvine and then I pass DC into turn 5 but I run Slightly wide and DC is leading again until the pit straight when I repass for the lead. Lap 49 I forgot to turn into the first corner and DC leads but as I rejoin a Sauber hits my front right wheel causing damage, this made the car hard to control, which lead to an accidental short cut (and penalty). After the penalty I rejoined 6th but ahead Hill retired and I went on to finish 5th.

    Results 77 laps:
    1. Irvine 1:23:04.575
    2. Coulthard +2.547
    3. R Schumacher +34.207
    4. Frentzen +34.955
    5. Barrichello +1:02.591
    6. Salo +1 lap

    1. Coulthard 54 points
    2. Hakkinen 46 points
    3. Irvine and Barrichello 37 points
    5. M Schumacher 29 points
    6. Frentzen 26 points



    Video Highlights from Belgium

    44 Laps
    1. Irvine 1:11:32.130
    2. Coulthard +1.343
    3. Hill +17.756
    4. R Schumacher +21.389
    5. Barrichello +51.313
    6. Frentzen +1:12.719

    I forgot to record the world championship results, will update from Italy



    Video HighLights from Italy

    nothing much happened until a late Safety car 2 laps from the end.

    Race result in the video
    Drivers Championship
    1. Coulthard 64 points
    2. Hakkinen 52 points
    3. Irvine 50 points
    4. Barrichello 49 points
    5. M Schumacher 29 points
    6. Frentzen 27 points

    Everyone from Schumacher down cannot win the world championship



    Quick Result from Nurbergring

    (Race finished behind the Safety car)
    Results 67 Laps
    1. Barrichello 1:19:04.713
    2. Coulthard +36.323
    3. Irvine +37.191
    4. Hill +1 Lap
    5. R Schumacher +1 Lap
    6. Alesi +2 Laps

    Drivers Championship
    1. Coulthard 70 points
    2. Barrichello 59 points
    3. Irvine 54 points
    4. Hakkinen 52 points
    5. M Schumacher 29 points
    6. Frentzen 27 points

    Mclaren Won The Constructors Championship



    Sorry for being gone so long, ive have not been at all well.
    First ever malaysian gp results
    1. M Schumacher 1:24:10.660
    2. Hakkinen +2.590
    3. Coulthard +2.993
    4. Frentzen +16.778
    5. R Schumacher +24.414
    6. Barrichello +1:28.426

    Drivers championship
    1. Coulthard 74
    2. Barrichello 60
    3. Hakkinen 58
    4. Irvine 54
    5. M Schumacher 39
    6. Frentzen 30

    Coulthard wins the driver championship with one round remaining


    Piotr Koteryl

    A close-ish finish at the end. Thank you for these – I have just been reading through them, and it makes entertaining reading.
    I hope you’re fully recovered from whatever it is that you were suffering from.



    can you tell me more about this game? I dont think we had this available to us in the U.S. Is this on PC? Looks great for being from 99 especially, even has a pace car.



    Cool thread! Hope you’re doing okay, @f199player


    Since f199player hasn’t replied, I’ll give it a go. From the looks of things, this is Formula One 99 released on the first Playstation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formula_One_99 I’m not sure if it was released in the US, I’ve seen some American style covers online, though. (European releases had the Playstation logo placed horizontally on the bottom, US releases vertically on the left side of the box.)

    EU: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197373-formula-one-99/images/box-88289
    US: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197373-formula-one-99/images/box-50287

    Depending on where you are, you might be able to legally find a ROM for a Playstation One emulator.

    I had this game on the Playstation, but much preferred F1 97 or EA’s F1 2000. Both F1 1998 and 1999 were pretty hard to drive as a kid and as the wikipedia article mentions, the AI would suddenly pick up on you despite the game being in easy and being 20 seconds in front. (I also had the mentioned Newman-Haas racing game, which was even more special, the AI would actually drive through walls on roadcourses!



    hey thanks for the info and link! that cover looks vaguely familiar. I definitely played EA f12000 and absolutely loved it. nothing got close to that game for me until the recent codemasters efforts.
    anybody remember the f1 game for sega genesis cd??

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