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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

F1 99 season mode

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    Sorry for being away so long, still havent been too good but feeling better

    1999 Japanese Grand Prix

    With 6 Points separating myself, Hakkinen and Irvine this should be an interesting race.

    Qualifying was very interesting with 20 mins to go Coulthard is on pole and as I go round on my hot lap Michael Schumacher beats his time only to have it taken away by me and on my second flying lap Irvine is on pole only for me to instantly better his time but in the end Hakkinen was on pole followed by me, Irvine, Alesi, Michael and Coulthard.

    The start saw both Ferraris pass me and going into the hairpin Alesi passes me but I get the position back after Spoon and pass Michael into the Chicane, by lap 7 i take the lead and build a gap before my first stop. I pit on lap 17 and Hakkinen passes me as i exit pit lane but I quickly catch up to him in traffic and pass him into turn 1 only for him to duck back under, this goes on for several laps until he pits but before that Irvine retires and is out of the running for 2nd in the championship. After Hakkinen pits my race is largely uneventful and I win the race and 2nd in the championship

    Results 53 laps

    1. Barrichello 1:22:10.070
    2. Coulthard +57.267
    3. Hakkinen +58.828
    4. M Schumacher +1:00.231
    5. Hill +1:13.034
    6. R Schumacher +1:14.341

    Final Championship Results

    1. Coulthard 80
    2. Barrichello 70
    3. Hakkinen 62
    4. Irvine 54
    5. M Schumacher 42
    6. Frentzen 30
    7. R Schumacher 27
    8. Hill 23
    9. Villeneuve 11
    10. Herbert 6
    11. Salo 5
    12. Gene 2
    = Alesi 2
    14. Zanardi 1
    = Fisichella 1

    1. Mclaren 142
    2. Ferrari 99
    3. Stewart 76
    4. Jordan 53
    5. Williams 28
    6. BAR 13
    7. Minardi 2
    = Sauber 2
    9. Benetton 1
    Arrows 0
    Prost 0

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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