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A place to discuss Codemasters’ F1 games, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, iRacing and everything else to do with virtual motorsport.

F1 Fanatic PS3 Classic Championship

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    After the announcement that the new F1 2013 game will include classic cars and classic tracks, I have decided to announce a championship specifically for this sector of the game.
    I expect the game to come out later September and I know it is only mid July but I would like to get a general idea of who would be interested in this.
    I plan on using all of the classic tracks in this game as well as Monza and Spa.
    Other tracks can be discussed and agreed at on a later date.
    I will also allow you to decide if we compete in 80’s spec cars or 90’s, it will be a majority vote.

    At the moment all I ask is you comment if you are interested and then leave a note on 80’s or 90’s spec.

    ME – KAZUKI ARMOS – Classic Edition
    JOEY ZYLA – Classic Edition
    OLI PEACOCK – Standard Edition
    JAMIE FRANKLIN – Classic Edition
    TOM ROBSON – Classic Edition
    HARRY WESTWOOD – Classic Edition
    BRADLEY DOWNTON – Classic Edition
    THEO FA – Classic Edition

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    sounds fun, put me on the tbc list (for now)

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    I’m interested, but would be even more interested if you included Monaco.

    My PSN is joeyz_f1, I’d be willing to sacrifice my place for someone else but if you struggle to get a lot of people I’ll happily join.

    Profile photo of Oli Peacock
    Oli Peacock

    Yes, if the times allow it

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    As long as it doesn’t conflict with the current Championship, then I’d be happy with this :)

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    @jamiefranklinf1 and a note to everybody
    The calendar will be discussed openly in the forum so everybody can have a say on dates and it WILL NOT class with other championships. I will have the final say on dates but the dates chosen will be approved by competitors and discussed.

    Profile photo of Harry Westwood
    Harry Westwood

    @formula-1 count me in! Hell yes I’ve waited a long time for something like this :)

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    Sounds like fun! I’ll have to see if I’ll have the time, but you can put my name down for now.

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    Bradley Downton

    Absolutely up for it :D, obviously no date clashes though :)

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    would have to be 80s cars as not everyone will have the 90s ones. at least initially anyway.

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    @sato113 That is a very good point at it will most likely be 80’s cars, I will see how many people do have the edition with 90’s though, I could maybe do a few extra non championship races.
    Also do you want to join, I wasn’t sure by your post if you did want to or not.

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    @formula-1 So you’re not going to restrict this to people who have F1 2013: Classic Edition? That’s a shame to be honest, this championship has a lot of potential.

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    yeah i’ll join! depends what day of the week its run on. but yeah sound fun.

    btw. i dont believe the DLC is available from release date. i think it’s available to download later on. so perhaps start the champ off with 80s cars and see how it goes.

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    @joeyz-f1 If the majority don’t have the Classic Edition I can’t run on that because I believe that a championship with more people is a lot more fun! However, as I said if there are still some people with the Classic Edition I will organise a small series for a few races in the 90’s spec cars. But as I said if the majority do have the Classic Edition I will most likely run on 90’s spec cars but in that case it would have to be down to a vote.

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    @formula-1 Most of the people I know are either getting the Classic Edition or not getting the game at all.

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