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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 6

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    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @astevo1989 @mcwoblin

    Here we go guys.. just two events to go.

    @dazzaarcher could potentially win the title tonight. @astevo1989 is out there to stop him after the disappointment of failing to make the Korean GP. Will nerves get the better of DazzaArcher? Will Astevo’s connection hold up? Join us to find out.

    There is currently a 33.5pt gap between both drivers. The magic number (taking into account daz’s 11 point drop score) is 26.5 .

    Therefore astevo1989 needs to score 7 points more than dazzaarcher to take the fight to the final event next week. .

    @dazzaarcher will win the title in the feature race if:

    – Daz wins the feature race.
    – Daz finishes 2nd and astevo finishes 4th or lower
    – Daz finishes 3rd and astevo finishes 6th or lower
    – Daz finishes 4th and astevo finishes 7th or lower
    – Daz finishes 5th and astevo finishes 8th or lower
    – Daz finishes 6th and astevo finishes 9th or lower
    – Daz finishes 7th and astevo retires.

    There are also dozens of permutations for the sprint race. Obviously this will affected by the first feature race so I’ll update everyone in the lobby in between both races.

    The return of @mcwoblin also turns up the heat for the battle for 3rd. @mrgrieves (y2j) has the position with maddog @ljkobrien (Alfred) mcwoblin and @jonny705 ready to pounce.

    Let us know if you can’t make it!

    Abu Dhabi


    Lt Alfred

    Hey guys sorry about this, might be 15-20 minutes late, you mind hanging on a little? Hopefully I can get there sooner



    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @astevo1989 @mcwoblin

    Y2J v ASTEVO
    MS20 V NHC

    Final round tonight guys! Still plenty to play for! 2nd to 6th separated by just 14 points! Let me know if u can’t make it!

    British GP Results

    Race 1:
    1. Daz
    2. Alfred
    3. JonBoy
    4. Y2j
    5. Ms20
    6. Astevo
    7. MadDog
    8. ImidazoleNHC
    9. VChain
    DNF. Mcwoblin

    Race 2:
    1. Alfred
    2. JonBoy
    3. Y2J
    4. Astevo
    5. Daz
    6. Ms20
    7. Vchain
    8. MadDog
    DNF. ImidazoleNHC

    Standings after 18 races including dropped score:

    * non mover
    ^ moved up
    ! Moved down

    1. * DazzaArcher – 199pts
    2. ^ Y2j – 152.5
    3. ! Astevo – 149.5
    4. * MadDog – 141
    5. ^ Lt Alfred – 140
    6. * JonBoy – 138.5
    5. ! McWoblin – 121
    8. * Vitreous Chain – 103
    9. * ImidazoleNHC – 60.5
    10. * Ms20 – 56

    Dropped scores:
    MadDog 8
    Daz 11
    VChain 5
    Y2j 2
    Everyone else 0

    Team standings after 18 races (all points counts – no drop scores):

    1. Double D – 364.5pts
    2. AlLoy – 289
    3. McImidazoblin – 181.5
    4. ChainMark – 164
    5. Astevo’s One Man Army – 149.5
    6. Jonny Herbert – 138.5

    Credit totals after nine rounds follow below (Change from previous round in brackets):

    Ms20: 0 (5+3 reduction for third penalty)
    ImidazoleNHC: 1 (1)
    MadDog: 2 (1)
    Alfred: 2 (5)
    Dazzaarcher: 2 (4)
    Jonny: 4 (2)
    Vchain: 4 (2)
    Astevo: 5 (2)
    Mcwoblin: 5 (1)
    Y2j: 5 (4)

    Penalty totals after 18 races (actual penalties in brackets):

    ViterousChain – 5 (R1 feature, R2 sprint, R8 feature, R9 Sprintx2)
    MadDogMolloy – 3 (R1 sprint, R4 sprint, R7 sprint)
    Ms20 – 3 (R1 feature, R1 sprint, R9 Sprint)
    Dazzaarcher – 2 (R2 sprint, R4 feature)
    ImidazoleNHC – 2(R4 feature, R8 feature)
    Y2J – 2 (R1 sprint, R6 Sprint)

    @ms20 unfortunately the penalty in the last race was your third. Therefore you have received a 3 credit reduction.

    @mrgrieves @lint101 @dazzaarcher and @vitreouschain are one penalty away from a 3 credit reduction. You all need to ensure you leave enough credits in case you receive another penalty in these final rounds tonight.



    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @astevo1989 @mcwoblin

    Having thought about it, I think it wouldn’t be fair for any driver who gets a third penalty to be deducted credits at the final round therefore taking them into minus credits and deducted points. You can’t plan for these penalties and wouldn’t want everyone to keep credits aside just in case…

    Therefore if you get a third penalty tonight, you will be deducted 3 credits from next seasons total. It won’t affect your championship points position. Please feel free to select the best team for the number of points available!



    Was just going to say, one penalty for any of those four would have been seriously harsh lol.


    Lt Alfred


    I’m gonna start posting on forums to try to recruit for next season, are there any links you want me to include like the rules page or anything else (I dunno if you want me to link to this site with all the penalty complaint of this season)?



    @ljkobrien sounds awesome! you could redirect them to here I suppose…

    Perhaps it might be be best to hold off just for a bit though. Reason being that we’re not starting again for at least three weeks and any newcomers may forget about us in the meantime. Up to you though.

    Perhaps we should even move this league to somewhere like Facebook? (could create a private sub group for penalty appeals on there). This site has been really glitchy recently and I can’t even get on the forum sometimes. Plus the forums are running dry .. The ps3 doesn’t even seem to have a league anymore…

    Besides, moving the league would be a good test bed for when we eventually roll out our ps4 championship.


    Lt Alfred

    Alright I’ll hold off for a while. Once we’ve got something else sorted, here or elsewhere, I’ll look for some new recruits!


    Lt Alfred

    Dunno about anyone else but I’m getting F1FXC withdrawals. Any word on the next season start date @maddogmolloy?



    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @astevo1989 @mcwoblin

    Canadian GP Results

    Race 1:
    1. Astevo
    2. JonBoy
    3. VChain
    4. Y2j
    5. MadDog
    6. Alfred
    7. ImidazoleNHC
    8. DazzaArcher
    9. Ms20

    Race 2:
    1. Y2J
    2. Astevo
    3. Alfred
    4. JonBoy
    5. Chain
    6. Ms20
    7. Dazzaarcher
    8. MadDog
    DNF. ImidazoleNHC

    Final Championship Standings including dropped score:

    * non mover
    ^ moved up
    ! Moved down

    1. * DazzaArcher – 210pts
    2. ^ Astevo – 183.5
    3. ! Y2j – 177
    4. ^ Lt Alfred – 155.5
    5. ^ JonBoy – 162.5
    6. ! MadDog – 153
    7. * McWoblin – 121
    8. * Vitreous Chain – 113
    9. * ImidazoleNHC – 66.5
    10. * Ms20 – 62

    Dropped scores:
    MadDog 8
    Daz 7
    VChain 5
    Y2j 2
    Everyone else 0

    Final Team standings (all points counts – no drop scores):

    1. Double D – 396pts
    2. AlLoy – 317.5
    3. ChainMark – 190
    4. McImidazoblin – 187.5
    5. Astevo’s One Man Army – 183.5
    6. Jonny Herbert – 162.5

    Credit totals after final round (Change from previous round in brackets):

    Ms20: 0 (0)
    ImidazoleNHC: 0 (1)
    MadDog: 0 (2)
    Alfred: 0 (2)
    Dazzaarcher: 1 (1)
    Jonny: 0 (4)
    Vchain: -1 (5)
    Astevo: 0 (5)
    Mcwoblin: 2 (3 for third absent race)
    Y2j: 0 (5)

    Penalty totals after final round (actual penalties in brackets):

    ViterousChain – 6 (R1 feature, R2 sprint, R8 feature, R9 Sprintx2, R10 feature)
    MadDogMolloy – 4 (R1 sprint, R4 sprint, R7 sprint, R10 feature)
    Ms20 – 3 (R1 feature, R1 sprint, R9 Sprint)
    Dazzaarcher – 2 (R2 sprint, R4 feature)
    ImidazoleNHC – 2(R4 feature, R8 feature)
    Y2J – 2 (R1 sprint, R6 Sprint)

    @vitreouschain unfortunately the penalty in the last race was your third in a row. Therefore you will receive a 3 credit reduction for the following season. You have also been deducted 10 points from this season’s standings for finishing with -1 credit

    Astevo – 5 (4 feature, 1 sprint)
    Alfred – 5 (2f, 3s)
    Dazzaarcher – 3 (2f)
    Mcwoblin – 2 (1f, 1s)
    MadDog – 2 (2s)
    Y2J – 2 (2s)
    Jonny – 1 (1s)

    Astevo – 4
    Dazzaarcher – 2
    ImidazoleNHC – 1
    Y2J – 1
    VChain – 1
    Alfred -1

    @ljkobrien probably be early-mid June… Depends when I can get around to sorting it out. Any more thoughts on the facebook thing? What does everyone else think?

    In addition, what did you guys like or dislike about this season? What could be improved for next season?


    Lt Alfred

    I’m all for the facebook group, if we make a private one it can give us a place to discuss penalties and the like away from the public forum.



    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101

    Hi Everyone!

    Let me introduce.. the new home of the Championship:


    I thought it was about time to change – Its a work in progress but let me know what you think!

    @ljkobrien I looked into facebook but thought creating a new forum might be a better idea!


    Lt Alfred

    If anyone is still in two minds about rejoining the league, or anyone is still debating joining for the first time, most people have now moved to the new forum which is up and running smoothly. The new features that were added last season have been fine tuned and the seventh season looks set to be the best yet.


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