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    Today CM announced that there will be one last wave of invite, where everybody gets invited, who signed up.

    Closed Beta Update

    Since moving to a 24/7 Closed Beta testing schedule last week, we’re now incredibly excited to inform you that to everyone who has not yet been invited to the Closed Beta will be getting an invitation this week!

    As long as you’ve signed up to the Closed Beta by the end of today, you will be granted access to the Closed Beta starting tomorrow. Many of you may even get access before the end of the day!

    We look forward to seeing you in-game!

    See you soon in the game :)



    I got invited and spent about 2 hours with it last night, loading times were painfully slow and i kept getting kicked out of the game lobby with time out issues, is any one else having these issues?



    Maybe you have low bw connection, I tried it with 2Mbps DSL and 5Mbps DSL too, and the loading time was reasonable. Each circuit is about 20-50 Mb and when you play them first you have to download them, so your loading time will be longer, but only for the first times on those circuits, on the same PC (If you clear the unity and browser cache you might need to download them again). Another thing that might be interesting the game uses up to 900Mb memory so you would need at least 2Gb, 4 is better cuz you can avoid trashing.



    Closed Beta Ends Tuesday 19th June.
    CM did not say when will the Open Beta start, but all data will be wiped at the end of Closed Beta.
    Hopefully there will be mutch more players and teams.

    Open Beta started :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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