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F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship 2011


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    Bradley Downton

    Hi Guys.

    So, I know it’s a long long time until F1 2011 is out but i thought as we have had such great success with the 2010 championships we would continue more of these with the 2011 game. However although we have three tiers for these Championships (discluding the Xbox one), I feel it could have been better structured. So I have written this now before anyone else could start one just to get a decent structure across. I was thinking we could again have 3 divisions (or more if more guys join) but we should have them interlinking. I.e. In the top flight (F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship 2011) the 3 lowest drivers at the end of a season will drop into the next division, whereas the 3 top drivers in the 2nd Division (F1F Formula Two PS3 World Championship 2011) will move up into the top division. In the point of a tie there will be a shoot-out. This theme will continue down through all the championships. What do you think guys?

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    I don’t think we need to worry about such problems so far in advance. Codemasters won’t release F1 2011 until at least Spa. AT LEAST. Anthony Davidson posted on his Twitter page “Good day at Codemasters yesterday. Lots of topics covered for F1 2011. Exciting stuff!” Not that long ago (A month yesterday) So it will be a while :/ Unless there lazy and just copy over the game and just paint it differently, which is a shame as it needs some work :/

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    Well there going to need to incorporate movable rear wings and KERS so it will be interesting although not very hard to implement. Don’t forget this was Codies first attempt and I would say it was a pretty damn good one.

    Good ideas though, problem is what about step in drivers? If a player drops out of the championship does he get automatically replaced by someone else and does that person get the previous entries points?

    But I would definitely put my name down in advance but like TrueF1Grit said it won’t be until Fall at least before this is released.

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    I’d Also like to register in advance. :)

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    The relegation/promotion system sounds good

    Before then, maybe we could have some ‘pre-qualifying’ races between the Junior and Collantine series, to more accurately divide the two tiers based on performance.

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    Bradley Downton

    NEW POSTS!!!

    Ok, so bit more information:

    About the championship and the promotion/relegation system:http://f1fanatic.wikia.com/wiki/F1F_Formula_One_PS3_World_Championship

    The F1 1st Season Page, (with race dates [subject to change]):


    Current Entries:






    olliekart (PSN Name??)

    RIISE (PSN Name??)

    djdaveyp87 (PSN Name??)


    EDIT: THIS WILL NOW BE DONE ON F1 2010, if you have any further questions i will be more than happy to oblige but if you read both of the above pages, most of it should becomce clear.

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    I’d like to enter as well. PSN name colinff.

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    Just a Small suggestion could u place brazil in calendar

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    PSN: djdaveyp85

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    I’ll have a bash too

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    i think we should leave a space for JT19

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    @f199player I agree with you he worked hard running the championship.

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    Nic Morley

    Can I enter to, if so can I have Renault!?

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    Oh dear! There are way too many threads about F1 2010 now. Can’t we just have the Collantine Cup for those of us who registered nearly a year ago, the Junior Championship for those who didn’t quite get in quick enough and then the Xbox championships? There seems to be plenty of free seats every time – and I can’t see there being a shortage any time soon. :)

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