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F1F GT5 24 Laps of Le Mans (Sat. 11 June)

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    Think youve got skills? Think you have what it takes to tackle the gruelling challenge of the Le Mans 24 Hours? Dont actually have that much free time, or energy drinks, to do so? Well this, my friend, is a race for YOU.

    I am inviting you all to enter the 1st Annual F1Fanatic Gran Turismo 5 24 Laps of Le Mans. If you have a PS3, a copy of GT5 and a broadband internet connection, you are invited to participate in a one-off endurance mega-challenge extravaganza. Taking place mere hours before the start of the real life 24 Hours race, this event is designed to provide you with a fun and exciting taste of one of the worlds greatest racing events.

    First and foremost, this race is being organised for FUN. Yes, go as hard and as fast as you possibly can, but the main purpose of this event is not to see who will win, but who will finish. 24 Laps of Le Mans is a long race (Approx. 1hr 45m 2hr 00m) so drive carefully and remember, the winner wont be the fastest driver, but the driver who makes the least mistakes. Those that enter and successfully complete all 24 laps will receive a special commemorative graphic thingy for their Gravatars, as well as having their username bestowed on the F1F GT5 Wall of Fame (the whiteboard hanging up in my bedroom). Basically, if youre a serious sim-racer, youre more than welcome to join in, but dont expect this to be an iRacing-level realistic event. Saying that, however, I expect all of those who do enter to race fairly, to adhere to standard online racing etiquette and to compete in a friendly manner.

    Interested? Awesome. Here are the details…


    The F1F GT5 Le Mans 24 Laps will begin on Saturday, 11 June at 12:00pm British Summer Time (11:00am GMT). This time does not clash with the actual Le Mans 24 Hours, nor any of the Canadian Grand Prix sessions.

    To see what time the race will begin in your time zone, CLICK HERE.


    The race will take place in my own private GT5 online lounge which is only accessible by those on my PSN friendslist. You will need to add me as a friend first in order to join the room and compete.


    All cars, aside from Formula cars and the X2010, are allowed. However, there will be a 700pp limit in force. All cars that are above 700pp can have power limitations placed on them and/or ballast added to enable them to meet the 700pp limit. Likewise, all vehicles that are below 700pp in stock form can be tuned up to 700pp.

    There can only be one of each type of vehicle entered. If someone else has already stated that they will race in a Tesla Roadster 09, you are not allowed to use a Tesla Roadster 09 yourself.


    The race will be run on the Change Time/Change Weather 2009 version of Le Mans, so prepare for the possibility of wet running and make sure that your car has working headlights and that youre familiar with how to operate them.

    The lobby settings for the race will be as follows:

    Skid Recovery: Allowed

    Active Steering: Allowed

    Driving Line: Allowed

    TCS: Allowed

    ABS: Allowed

    ASM: Allowed

    Tire Wear & Fuel Simulation: On

    Grip Reduction; Rain & Track Edge: Low

    Penalties: Off

    Damage: Light

    Boost: Low (This will ensure the race remains exciting and fun for all participants)

    There will be no tyre restrictions, Racing tyres are allowed.

    The race will begin from a Standing Start.

    As GT5s qualifying system is so messed up, there wont be any official qualifying session held and the grid will be decided by random. However, because its an Endurance race and Boost is enabled, starting grid position is really not that important.


    There will be a maximum of 16 entries allowed. I will offer places to the first 15 users who state their interest by beginning their post with Me please! and then stating their PSN username.

    EG: Me please! (Docretes)

    More details will be posted nearer the day of the race. If you do wish to race on Saturday, make sure to follow this thread to remain up to date.



    Me please! (d_smed2311)

    Looks like this could have done with some proper organisation and planning. ;)


    Dan Thorn

    Argh, wish I could, but I’m at ajokay’s that weekend. I would take the game with me, but installing the game on to a new system takes freakin’ ages and I don’t think it’s fair to anyone! Next year though…


    Dan Thorn

    Ahhhhh sod it. Put me down as provisional and I’ll let you know the day before if I can’t do it so someone else can take my place.

    Me please! (DanThorn)



    I would if I could but I can’t.

    Apparently Dan’s going to drive all the way to my house, hijack my PS3, and have a go.

    Quite what he’s offering me in return though, I don’t know.


    Dan Thorn

    My sheer presence alone is enough reward…



    Lol you should make it a 24 hour race, just make players park on the side of the track for sleep. I dont have a ps3 so I wont be in it but that would be a interesting race lol


    Stephen Jones

    pick me! (iamsa8)

    collantine cup 1.5 yeehaa!



    Me please olliekart


    Nic Morley

    Me please! :D “RoboCAT99”


    Entries so far:

    Magnificent Geoffrey (Docretes)

    Damon Smedley (d_smed2311)

    Dan Thorn (DanThorn)

    AUS_Steve (iamsa8)

    olliekart (olliekart)

    RoboCAT (RoboCAT99)

    I think I better say at this stage, please don’t post what car you want until Thursday at the earliest. That’ll give everyone time to sort out what car they want to use.


    Dan Thorn

    Thursday at the earliest? And there I was rushing myself with testing to get prime pick…


    Actually, forget about the Thursday rule. I can see it causing more harm than good. If you want to post which car you want to use, go ahead.

    When you do post the car you want to enter, please use the car’s full name as it appears in the Garage.

    And while you may change the car you choose to enter, you must state what car you want to use instead and which car you are giving up. The deadline for car selection is Friday 21:01GMT. Whatever car you’ve chosen by that point, you’re stuck with it.



    If only we could do driver changes. RoboCAT and myself could enter as Team Van Diemen or Team Tassie! But I’m worried he, being a Hobartian, may have frozen to death by Saturday…


    OK, I’m going to be the first one to throw my hat into the ring.

    I plan to enter the Mazda 787B Stealth Model – downtuned to meet 700PP.

    This means the non-stealth Mazda 787B Race Car ’91 (available from the Mazda dealership), is still free to be used by anyone.

    Press release to follow soon…

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